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    Sirius Satellite Question

    Sirius has three satellites and XM has two. Sirius has announced plans to launch another Satellite in 2008. BTW, the XM satellites are called Rock and Roll. I ran my wire through a rubber grommet in the door jam then up through the fender and up the side of the windshield.
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    Differences between Mustang 4.6 and Explorer 4.6?

    The 93 vs 91 has to do with how your state calculates the octane. Either way it's considered premium unleaded. The 4.6 in the 3rd gen X is the exact same all aluminum motor as the GT 4.6 from 99-04. I even had Ford correct their website as they showed the X having a cast iron block but it...
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    Differences between Mustang 4.6 and Explorer 4.6?

    Well, the only physical difference is the cams then.
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    Differences between Mustang 4.6 and Explorer 4.6?

    Well, I thought it was required on GTs and Cobras? I know the Cobra requires 93 octane. I was under the impression that the GT and Mach 1 also required it. Also, the Mark VIII required 93 octane. Even the Lincoln LS V8 required 93. I know the '05+ Mustang GTs do not require 93 but I was...
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    2005 what springs are recommended?

    BellTech makes 2" drop springs for the 3rd gens.
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    Sirius Satellite Question

    The factory Sirius module is a hideaway tuner. Very much like the optional tuners for Pioneer, Alpine, Eclipse, etc. You can not get these OEM tuners from BB or CC. I mounted my antenna on my roof. My brother works for Sirius and sent me a prototype antenna that is much smaller than the...
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    Differences between Mustang 4.6 and Explorer 4.6?

    It is my understanding that the difference in power is due to different cams and the Mustang running Premium Unleaded. I have JBA headers and a catback and run Premium thanks to my SCT flasher. The intake plenum, intake manifold and internals of the motor are supposed to be interchangeable.
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    Power Upgrades

    Well, AED(Allen Engine Design) is the only bolt-on SC available so far. You can get an intake, headers and exhaust. Also, an SCT XCalibrator 2 would do wonders for you when towing. Also, you have the 4.6 V8. This is the same motor as the '02-'04 Mustang GT. There are many upgrades you...
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    Power Slots

    Well, my '03 came with ceramic from the factory so I used ceramic again after replacing my rotors with slotted ones.
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    Anyone have Satellite Radio?

    Fox is back on Sirius. Nascar is moving to Sirius in 2007. Here is an article about it: Nascar moving to Sirius
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    Lightning Replicas

    Check this out:
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    Bulbs to use with Clear Corners?

    You can get Silverstars for the turn signals. They are chrome'ish when off but light up amber. I have them in mine.
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    Anyone have Satellite Radio?

    While that used to be true about the Sirius units it's not the case anymore. You really should take a look at the current Sirius units. I had XM for over 2 years. I got it right after it came out. I switched to Sirius because XM plays too much b-side and songs I never liked when they were...
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    experience with these black headlights?

    They light up the road exactly the same and you need yellow bulbs for the turn signals to light up yellow. I have the amber Silverstar turn signal bulbs that look silver when not lit. Here is a pic:
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    Cobra R's

    Thanks Drew. It's really coming together.
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    well guys, i failed

    Lots of RainX and reapply often. I never use my wipers for rain. I live in Florida and we have a long rainy season and RainX works wonders.
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    20" Black Rims. What do you think?

    The black could look good with the right mods as Expo5.0 said. You will not need to make any adjustmens to the car for the speedo if you maintain the same overall(outer) diameter with the wheel/tire combo.
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    Big changes

    Well, I thought I'd post some more recent pics: From SlamFest 2005 These were taken at a friends house
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    Who can "chirp" their wheels?

    Well it's a good thing it wasn't on the receipt or you'd have been ripped off. LOL
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    XM Radio

    There are plenty of deals to be had. Of course XM is practically giving their units away right now and Sirius can't keep them on the shelves. Check out
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    XM Radio

    I agree that it's the music that makes it better for me. Sirius has a better Rock selection. Also, as stated in my previous post, when I had XM I was constantly searching for a song I liked. XM has what some call deeper playlists but for me it was just deep doo doo. I didn't like more songs...
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    Who can "chirp" their wheels?

    I can easily lay patch from a stand still without power braking. I also have 20s. My power adding mods are intake, headers, exhaust and SCT flash. I do have a question though. I noticed in your mod list you show "new wires" but our V8 engines don't use spark plug wires. Am I missing something?
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    XM Radio

    I would suggest doing the trial over the internet. Both services offer a free internet trial that allows you to listen to their music channels to see if you like it.
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    XM Radio

    IMO Sirius is better. I've had both. I was constantly channel surfing with XM just to find a song I liked. On Sirius I leave it on 1-2 channels 95% of the time.
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    Cobra R's

    I bought mine used but they are made by Dante I believe. Here is another pic. You can see by this pic how the offset is perfect on these wheels: My ride is perfect so I doubt I'd never go with 22s myself. I am a form follows function kind of guy. It has to work well first.
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    '03 explorer

    The opening is a Double Din though.
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    Ford Axes The Adrenalin and GT!!

    Dodge is bringing back the Challenger to fight the '05 Mustang. The '05 Mustang is the return of the "old mustangs" as it's designed after the '68 Shelby. I am going to miss the LS but the sales just aren't there for them to keep producing it.
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    Bad news

    There is no sense in trying to predict future decisions. I'm saddened by the demise of the ST Adrenaline but the others were expected or previously stated.
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    Ford hurting Financially

    First of all, buying foreign made goods because they are cheaper and "marginally" better is self-defeating. No country can survive forever by importing more than they export. Second, The rumors of Ford or GM going bankrupt are greatly exaggerated. It makes for good news though. Either of...
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    Ford Axes The Adrenalin and GT!!

    GM is going broke much faster than Ford. GM has made cuts. Ford is making these cuts before it's a serious problem. It's already more serious for GM.
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    02 roush x

    Sort of like mine:
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    Bad news
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    02 roush x

    Well, somebody on another site contacted the winning bidder. Apparently the winning bidder contacted Roush to verify the authenticity and was told it was a fake and that they never made a Roush Explorer. The seller gave the guy his deposit back.
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    ebay tails

    Well, I don't have pic of those but I do have a pic of the black and clear tails off of ebay. These pics arent the greatest. I took them at a friends house. I'll be getting some better ones soon.
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    Carbon Fiber hoods

    CF is supposed to have much better strength(not an issue here though). It all depends on the look of the vehicle whether or not it will look good. I've only seen one 2nd gen X with a CF hood and it looked pretty good. It was a monotoned green one. If you have a lot of chrome or bling I...
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    lowered 02

    Probably hitting your bumpstops. Did you trim those? Otherwise I'd say it's the ball joints.
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    High Performance Brake Upgrade???

    I bought slotted and cross drilled rotors from eBay. The quality is outstanding and they haven't rusted at all yet. I also used ceramic pads but the stock pads were already ceramic.
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    will AVIC-D1 fit to Explorer 04?

    Yes. There is no difference in the opening regardless of the existing radio.
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    20" Rims?

    My 20s are barely heavier than the stock wheel/tire combo. They are 4lbs heavier per wheel. I didn't notice any difference with braking. I did get crossdrilled and slotted rotors so if you end up getting heavy wheels and need a little improvment with braking you do have some options.
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    Can any of you audiophiles help me? HELP!!

    For that amount of power a rewire is not necessary. You can get an amp bypass harness. It's just a plug with wire long enough to reach the amp from the radio. It might be just as easy to just run new wire though.