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    2011-2014 Ford coolant fans

    i have a 2011 ex and I replaced it twice so far with less than 50k. i bought it in 2013. Every summer I had to replace coolant fans. First time was under warranty. 2nd time I had to pay 100 bucks. I'll see how it goes this summer. Between coolant fans, water leaks, and paint starting to rust. Im...
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    Water Leak 3rd row water leak from seatbelt area. It happened 3-4 months ago with the drivers side 3rd row. had it fixed, now it started leaking again except its coming from passenger side. sucks! at least i didnt have to pay to fix it yet. I got rear ended last...
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    Paint Issues - Non Hood

    i have about 3 or 4 small dots of rust coming in right above windshield. had ford take pictures of it to see if its covered under warranty. it wasnt, i have a 2011 ex with 50k miles on it. they said the extended warranty will cover it only if it has a rust hole going through suv. about the time...
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    Chrome Wheel Exchange?

    yeah, black chrome wheels look sick
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    RetroFitted Headlights - need your opinion

    example pics
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    RetroFitted Headlights - need your opinion

    is it possible to buy the amber reflectors that are used in the police explorers? the amber reflector is cut out in front.
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    Expedition grille for Explorer

    2016 interior looks great. not digging the exterior. i hate the new grille and the daytime driving lamps.
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    Drew's Custom Headlight Build

    looks great. cant wait to see it finished on explorer. what was used to black out amber reflector?
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    Halo Headlight/Fog idea

    @ bosox13, should have looked at my post above. the Morimoto xB has white halo rings when turned off and not the yellow.
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    Water Leak

    So I guess I lucked out on the 3rd row water leak. Back in the summer, I was rear ended. So i went back to my collision shop and they fixed it with the ladies insurance that rear ended me. So maybe the seam got a crack from that accident
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    Water Leak

    wtf, now I have a leak in 3rd row coming through where the seatbelt attaches to roof. hopefully this is under warrenty. what else can go wrong with this SUV. already replaced my cooling fan twice and some module that made my touch screen black and unusable. 2011 limited with 30k miles
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    Lights mods!

    looks good, can you give more info on the bumper lights. easy to install? connected to brake lights?
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    Custom head light build

    any night pictures? do they light up the road good
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    Custom head light build

    get it on yet xbreaker?
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    Custom head light build

    cant wait!!! post asap when u have them on
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    Custom head light build

    excited to see what this looks like when completed
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    Aftermarket wheels

    @ craigwfla. i like those rims alot, but agree with amd2800barton that the rims should have been 20"
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    New head lights WOW

    this thread has links to website to purchase them and more.
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    New head lights WOW

    chaz1. please post more pictures. looks nice
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    New head lights WOW

    Sgt1411.. thx. actually found them on ebay, type in ford explorer police headlight. Wish I saw this before I customized my headlights. i really like the cut out look on the amber part. Wanted a switchback running light. white light until you turn blinker on then it goes amber. had that look on...
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    Powder Coating Rims / Wheels

    saw these on ebay. powder coated black chrome
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    New head lights WOW

    so i drove by a municipal car lot and noticed that the explorers all had the amber lens modified. cut out for the blinker part. so i guess somebody is making them that way. samething on this guys website. anybody know where you can get that...
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    New head lights WOW

    anybody have pictures of this headlight installed on ex?
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    New head lights WOW

    here some youtube videos of that explorer with those headlights
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    Window Side Vents / Deflectors

    I use weather tech in channel window deflectors and no problems at all. love them
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    New head lights WOW

    those look really nice
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    Custom Headlights and Fog by RIHIDS

    so this company took the fog light, gutted it and placed a retrofit inside foglight shell. that make sense?
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    Custom Headlights and Fog by RIHIDS

    no, i used morimoto retrofits with HID kit installed in factory foglight housing
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    Custom Headlights and Fog by RIHIDS

    i have factory headlight hids already. just changed it too 5k bulbs.
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    Custom Headlights and Fog by RIHIDS

    I like it that way. If they make clear lenses, maybe I would have chosen that and could have put in some led switchbacks like I had set up in previous car But they dont make clear lenses that i know of.
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    Custom Headlights and Fog by RIHIDS

    im happy with factory HIDs for headlights. put in 5k hids in for a whiter look
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    Custom Headlights and Fog by RIHIDS

    You have to bake the headlights to peel them apart to add halos. then seal them back up Factory fogs are useless i think. never noticed a difference when they were on. Before I had brighter bulbs in there before projectors but the light spread everywhere including oncoming traffic. sucked...
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    Exterior modifications with PICTURES!

    yeah, how did you modify your front amber headlight
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    Custom Headlights and Fog by RIHIDS

    I had customize my headlight and fogs. Installed XB led halos (rings are white colored when turned off), 5000k hids for fogs / headlights, and retrofit projectors for fogs. So now i have hid fog lights that doesnt blind people on road. FaceBook for RIHIDS>>>>...
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    Front and Rear Scuff plates

    can you buy the ones that light up yet?
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    New guy here with 13' Ex Limited on 22's

    looks awesome. goes good with gray ex
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    Foglight Bulb Options

    Whelen Par28 LED Fog Lights has anybody installed these on there explorers. There made for emergency vehicles. but they come in a steady white. also can buy mounting kits that goes with them. just saw a state police vehicle using them as DRL in fogs. here is a bunch of websites to check them...