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  1. slpdave

    RPM's go up when A/C kicks in.

    I am suspecting that my IAC is bad. My Ex had 144800 miles on it, and believe it or not it is %99 factory. Transmission and IAC and the entire front end is still working acceptable so I haven't changed anything yet. The IAC was not allowing the EX to start so I did what I always do and clean...
  2. slpdave

    RPM's go up when A/C kicks in.

    My Ex started doing this exact thing, but it only does it whent the temp outside has been over 100 degrees Farenheight. We have been above average in temp for the last couple of days here in East TN and I noticed this when I was driving when it was over 100, but not when it was in the mid 90's...
  3. slpdave

    Got another one

    did your sport have the SOHC engine or OHV. OHV's don't have the HP the SOHC's do (from what I have read anyway, once again correct me if I am wrong) also to clarify an earlier post in this thread. The solenoids have a tendancy to go out and cause transmission failure, I feel lucky to have...
  4. slpdave

    Got another one

    The trannies (at least from what I've read, correct me if I am wrong) are computer controlled with solenoids(basically an electronic switch thingy), when the solenoids fail the tranny doesn't know how or when to shift. My 2000xlt is doing it with 2nd gear now, I don't have the extra cash to...
  5. slpdave

    rough idle, dies, rev to 2500rpm's and all O.K.

    All is good in the world of my Explorer cleaning the IAC did the trick. Thanks again jtsmith.
  6. slpdave

    Help pls!!!! Truck wont start

    I agree completely with the replace the cables. My wife's Infiniti QX4 did this exact thing....$5 worth of cable and $4 worth of new ends and it has started fine and ran fine since.
  7. slpdave

    rough idle, dies, rev to 2500rpm's and all O.K.

    jtsmith, thank you. I pulled the IAC and it was stuck. I moved the plunger to break it free and used some carb and choke cleaner on it. as of right now, the rough idle has gone away and it seems fine. I will repost tomorrow after it sits all night to see if this was definetely a clean to...
  8. slpdave

    rough idle, dies, rev to 2500rpm's and all O.K.

    I checked the IAC like 3 weeks ago during an oil change, I have had to clean it periodically to keep it working. I will recheck it tomorrow, since I checked it before it started doing this I didn't think about it. Thanks for the instant reply
  9. slpdave

    rough idle, dies, rev to 2500rpm's and all O.K.

    Well I don't really know how to put this into a short title. starting last week I started having a strange problem. 1) When I first start the engine (4.0SOHC) it will not idle with out me reving the engine to over 2500rpm's. After like 20seconds of reving it runs fine. 2) if I take my...
  10. slpdave

    drivers side door

    Sounds like something is loose, I also would take the passenger door off and check linkages.
  11. slpdave

    I almost made it

    I am trying for 150000 before my first major repair. I have done some minor stuff, but the tranny is starting to go south. O/D light flashing but upon shut down/restart it goes away and runs fine. I have 144000 on the ticker as of this morning, so if I can get 150000 I will be happy. If...
  12. slpdave

    mysterious noise

    No it doesn't, it shifts normally. My transmission is having problems (2nd gear has problems syncing according to my transmission guy). But when it does this I do not get any transmission error codes (O/D Off light flashing). In retrospect, the sound I get is the same sound my Chevy Silverado...
  13. slpdave

    mysterious noise

    My 2000xlt does something sorta-like that. I live at the bottom of a big hill, when I have to drive up the hill (taking my daughter to school is an example of why I go up it BTW the hill is names suicide hill and is great for sledding). I believe what happens to me is predetonation on the...
  14. slpdave

    Driver seat frame broken...

    My 2000xlt had the recliner bolt break, I understand about trying to drive with it like that. As far as the bolt, I fixed it myself in about 30minutes. I unclipped the J clips at the bottom of the back and pulled the fabric up enough to get too the broken bolt. I took the broken bolt to the...
  15. slpdave

    96XLT 4x4 Rubbing sound from right rear wheel

    I had a simular thing happen when I had to use the spare on vacation, after few miles there was a rubbing sound when I turned the wheel to the right but it was from the front. On inspection it turned out to be the suspension being in a bind because of the spare that was put on the right front...
  16. slpdave

    Problems with the A/C

    It's low on freon or other coolants if the compressor is cycling a lot. Mine did this and was leaking a fair amount. Fortunately I have a neighbor who is a commercial heating and air guy, he found a bad schrader valve on the high pressure side (I think) the replacement was found at the...
  17. slpdave

    I'd like to disspell a rumor

    I thought I was wrong once but I was actually mistaken. LOL.
  18. slpdave

    Bought DiRT...Can't play!

    The firegl v3100 is a PCI Express video card, It is a DirectX 9 video card. The loose specs on DiRT are a DirectX 9 video card. Give a list of specs on your whole system, it may not be the video card you need. David
  19. slpdave

  20. slpdave

    towing capacity

    tongue weight is around 450lbs for the bumper. I tow a riding mower, trimmer, leaf blower and fuel on a small utility trailer weekly on the bumper with no issues. Be careful, too much weight and you will either bend the bumper or loose your trailer with the bumper going down the road (not...
  21. slpdave

    Towing with the Ex

    I am to towing expert but you are either at or over the maximum towing capabilities of the Ex. Maybe Aldive will chime-in, he tows a jeep on a big trailer with his Ex without any problems. David
  22. slpdave

    Moved to Hot Climate, brakes are making horrible squeaking/squeeling noise....

    Yep, sqealers on the pads going off do what you described. At least they do in my neck of the woods. David
  23. slpdave

    New computer help

    use the old quick and dirty method, copy what you want to a usb drive, then copy off the usb drive to the new machine. David
  24. slpdave

    Door Lock Screwed Up? David
  25. slpdave

    How fast is too fast on a 97 Explorer 4.0

    High speed is not a good idea in an Explorer, they are top heavy vehicles (unless they are modified). Do your self a favor and don't go too fast, if you were to have an accident it would be disasterous. We had a young couple in an Explorer on the interstate in the county that I live in that...
  26. slpdave

    adjust your TPS (another free hp mod)

    Well I guess I'll put my 2 cents in now...maybe after another 60 we'll have a dollar. I just did the TPS mod as stated in this thread. I have not driver the Ex since I just did it. It does Idle much more smoothly, it was starting to idle extremely rough but not die, I had already checked...
  27. slpdave

    Lithium Ion Powered Motorcycle

    Hey try out this website for an all electric drag cycle They claim to be the worlds fastest electric motorcycle. I think they are probably not bending the truth on that. David
  28. slpdave

    My Hydrogen Cell Works

    Check out, I have been following their website for about 2 years now. They have some interesting reading on their version of powering a vehicle by hydrogen. If their claims are true, with couple of solar panels you can power your vehicle basically for free. Only time...
  29. slpdave

    What To Do Next

    I think it might be Cold Air Intake. But I am not sure, just a guess. David
  30. slpdave

    Driver Door Problems

    sounds like you have 2 problems. 1) outer handle flapping - search for something like loose door handle, the outside handles break and cause problems. 2a) the interior handle could be linkages inside the door, there are several pastic clips holding the linkages together. 2b) the...
  31. slpdave

    check your jack before your next trip!

    Thinking really outside the box, could you have an "electrical leak" or bad ground causing the different types of metals in the compartment to react to each other. this can cause corosion which eats the metals where they join. This is problematic in some situations. maybe a little salt air...
  32. slpdave

    Electrical Gremlins

    I'm with budwich, I had window problems until I traced a wire that broke where the wireing goes into the body between the drivers door and the frame. David
  33. slpdave

    Reinstalling front door panel?

    My clips never stayed in the door, they always came off on the panel. I can see how they would stay in the door, it's just never happened to me. Thanks for that reply with that issue I have never had. It's good to get multiple people chiming in. David
  34. slpdave

    High RPM when starting up

    I agree with Booklynbay, sounds like something in the real of idle control is dirty. clean what he said. By the way, cleaning the IAC fixed my Idle problems that weren't related to the intake gasket. David
  35. slpdave

    Reinstalling front door panel?

    slip the top edge of the panel over the edge of the "window slit" in the top of the door (be sure to hook up mirror and master control panel). let the door panel hang. It should at this point be fairly close a little adjusting back and forth and it should line up easily. I have had my panel...
  36. slpdave

    Fuel Filter - please read before it's too late for you...

    O.K. I will play the Devil's Advocate. Will the fuel slow down? I always though when a filter clogs or anything containing fluid clogs, the fluid still flows at the same speed, it just decreases volume. Either way it is a problem to the engine. David
  37. slpdave

    left turn noise weird though!!! help

    if the squeeler is going off on one side, it has been my experience that it only does it when you are not braking, sometimes it does follow a directional turn of the wheel...sometimes not. Check the pads, look for the simple stuff first, if you replace BJ's and other parts and it's the pads...
  38. slpdave

    USB connection computer to computer

    Like he said! Doing ethernet transfers is the way to go. you can use windows explorer to browse between the computers via Network Neighborhood. it is as easy as drag and drop from one computer to the other. David
  39. slpdave

    Air turbulence

    I couldn't feel the wind either, it was just a loud whooshing sound. I figured it was just that the truck was over 20 years old and some seals were worn out until it rained and the headliner got wet. David
  40. slpdave

    Air turbulence

    I had a simular problem on an old truck I had the windshield replaced in. The worker who replaced the busted windshield didn't put the seal around it (He was either being lazy or incompetent). I complained enough until the owner of the company looked at the truck himself. After a couple hours...