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  1. Ruddy

    Looking for PCM Repair/Refurbish. Any Good Experiences Lately?
  2. Ruddy

    2010 Mountaineer A/C Compressor will not engage.

    I had opposite problem. PCM was triggering compressor on/off very quickly rocking the motor and even the body. In a desperation test I poured cool water over the PCM and it would stop the behavior every time. Since you have a V6 it will be easier to find a replacement PCM. If you want it fixed...
  3. Ruddy

    trying to replace my rear liftgate glass

    if you drive to Sacramento I will give you one!
  4. Ruddy

    4th Gen Winter photo contest

    Wow, thank you!
  5. Ruddy

    Manual AC Blend Door Actuator Help

    when I had mine apart it looked like a grey vacuum hose went to a controller and that went to the blend door. Maybe vacuum problem
  6. Ruddy

    Exhaust dimension comparison - 4.0L vs 4.6L

    in your pictures it shows the V8 has 2 mufflers, but the V6 has the resonator
  7. Ruddy

    Looking for PCM Repair/Refurbish. Any Good Experiences Lately?

    Myself and marvelousbison gave you 2 vendors that worked for us and key programing. A vendor selling you a different PCM should change the VIN to match your vehicle. Pretty sure the mileage is kept in the display. I got a different PCM and the mileage did not change.
  8. Ruddy

    Location of A/C drain 2010 V8 4wd

    Thanks to previous post I found my AC drain which is a rectangular plastic box left center above 6r80 shifter bracket. With the V8 at least this cannot be seen or accesed from the engine bay. Just a share for future searches.
  9. Ruddy

    Service RSC Now + Code P0117

    RSC might be rolled into an ABS fuse. I looked at my wiring book and did not see a fuse or a ground with ABS and ECT together or close. Same for pin in the PCM connector which I attached. ECT is pin 18 (V6 engine)in the C175E connector which is the bottom one looking at the PCM. Coincidently...
  10. Ruddy

    Service RSC Now + Code P0117

    check your various ills and see if they use the same fuse/relay. I had some illogical symptoms and it turned out to be a fuse that was not super tight in the connectors. It would only happen on bumpy roads. I found the fuse that had the unrelated symptoms going through it, started the engine...
  11. Ruddy

    4th Gen Winter photo contest

    Previous March snow in the Sierra's. 2010 government purchased XLT 4.6L 4x4 Oxford white
  12. Ruddy

    2010 Mountaineer A/C Compressor will not engage.

    Those gauges don't show negative. You can get a basic reading on the low side without starting engine. Just need to know the temp inside the engine area and read a table you can find on the Internet. I believe shops add nitrogen and dye to pressure test. If good they evacuate and add freon. Too...
  13. Ruddy

    2010 Mountaineer A/C Compressor will not engage.

    with Forscan and a OBD reader like this you should be able to do some of those test or at least see the values it refers to things like ACP_PRESS. Forscan also has its's own A/C test that goes through the components
  14. Ruddy

    Wanted: 2010 Mountaineer Climate Control A/C Wiring schematic

    Note C175B C175E at the PCM side are actually different connectors
  15. Ruddy

    2010 Mountaineer A/C Compressor will not engage.

    I couldn't find the article about bypassing jumping on newer cars. Attached is wiring, parts involved, on sequence and pinpoint test for Pressure Transducer
  16. Ruddy

    2010 Mountaineer A/C Compressor will not engage.

    did the JY pressure switches work? I don't think you can jump those connectors like the older cars. These models have some computer logic that infers the info from pressure switches. I'll see if I can find something in my wiring book to copy
  17. Ruddy

    Rough idle - at a loss

    I don't know about the popping, but our 2009 Escape v6 had jumping rpm rough idle. I cleaned the throttle body too, but ended up buying a new one and problem solved. It does have 260,000 miles on it though!
  18. Ruddy


    If The AC still blows cold through one vent somewhere, then it is not an AC problem. It would be an issue with the various flapper door controllers that respond to control changes you make on your dash. Assuming you have automatic climate control, the computer is involved with that so a scanner...
  19. Ruddy

    Solved Finally found a good PCM repair company

    Took 5 companies, but Keyworks in Richmond VA. (Keyworks: Mail-in Keys and Ecu Repair services) came through. Found him through this video: Can see he has great skills and test equipment including Ford connectors. I had taken the PCM case top off myself, but saw no physical damage. I knew from...
  20. Ruddy

    blend door actuator

    I noticed on mine when i hit the gas it switches from face level vents to defrost. Thought it was a vacuum drop/leak, but tested all lines and vacuum is good and lines have no leaks. Maybe defroster door for me, but since it's winter not so critical
  21. Ruddy

    PCM: Removing PC board

    Anybody ever try this? Took my PCM out, separated the belligerent case and find the board is screwed and glued down with something that looks like semi flowable seam sealer. I tried cutting it out as much as I could, but does not budge. Tried heat gun and acetone on scrap bits, nothing. I have...
  22. Ruddy

    PATs immobilizing car after PCM swap

    Glad you had success! I had similar experience that locksmith failed (but still charged). Bought spare key from Bulbs and More )cheaper than locksmith wanted to charge). Used Forscan to program. It actually failed twice at the end, but when i tried the two keys they worked!
  23. Ruddy

    2008 ford explorer EB no crank no start, no communication with PCM?

    In my very clean used 2010 I found these mice chewed ground wires under the battery tray. While bad, that was not what caused my engine to die or go into limp mode. It was a fuse "holder" in the engine fuse box that was just a bit loose. Tightened it up and all fine. I could get engine to die...
  24. Ruddy

    2006 XLT lift gate won't open

    the plastic cover will just pop off using a plastic pry tool all around the edges
  25. Ruddy

    Transmission failure.

    Maybe another pan drop and refill. I looked at this years ago for my 2010. To do a real flush you need factory type equipment to open up thermal valves. There are so many solenoids on the 6R80 that any gummed up stuck/sticky ones will wreck havoc
  26. Ruddy

    No heat/bottom radiator hose not hot

    Might try anyway to disconnect the heater hoses and blow some compressed air or garden hose into one side and see what comes out the other. I had a 2004 Volvo where the PO mixed coolant types and my heater core was packed with some weird goo plugging it all up.
  27. Ruddy

    2007 Explorer XLT 4.6 Cabin Air Filter availability Nobody stocks them it seems

    Crazy as it seems, that generation does not have one
  28. Ruddy

    Need new Intake Manifold V8 (Can't find)

    Would F150 manifolds work?
  29. Ruddy

    Rocking engine fuse box causes engine to die

    Not the mouse wires. Repaired the two wires, hooked everything up and same issues.. Pushed on fuse 42 and engine dies. Removed the fuse box, took the frame and bottom plastic part off and everything looks very clean. found out how to get the terminal out and it looked fine. Plugged in the fuse...
  30. Ruddy

    Rocking engine fuse box causes engine to die

    Yes. My firewall always had a little bit of missing insulation since I bought it but I never thought it went very far.
  31. Ruddy

    Rocking engine fuse box causes engine to die

    Picture looks worse but it was two ground wires one completely severed and the other with half the strands. This fits my M.O. of ground codes on the PCM. Also a purple wire with orange stripe that has some exposed strands
  32. Ruddy

    Rocking engine fuse box causes engine to die

    Well, this could be a problem
  33. Ruddy

    Rocking engine fuse box causes engine to die

    After many months of no PCM issues it went wacky today with wrench light and barely running. Codes showed: Intake Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit (Bank 1) Intake Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit (Bank 2) Purge valve circuit fault IMRC(Intake Manifold Runner Control) Circuit Bank 1 Circuit...
  34. Ruddy

    Door hinge binding and popping when being closed. Is there a fix?

    I read one guy drilled, tapped and added a zerk fitting for greasing it
  35. Ruddy

    How to replace the gear shifter knob - top chrome cover flaking.

    one stop gap is to pop it off and rotate it so the flake edge is not cutting into your skin.
  36. Ruddy

    Mystery Coolant Leak

    I wasn't losing as much as you, but radiator had a constant weep. Heat of the car and air movement would dry it up and I never saw drips on the ground. Could smell it though.
  37. Ruddy

    Explorer 2010 ECM

    here is a summary of my woes: If original computer had no other problems except AC then I would go with that. The chip they replaced could have only failed when hot. Mine would would send an on/off signal to the...
  38. Ruddy

    Explorer 2010 ECM

    This describes the process. The "wait" process worked for me and my 2010. As far as AC, the new PCM solved that.( Before that i replaced the compressor myself) I did send in my PCM to fix ac circuit, but they could not find anything. Proved later...
  39. Ruddy

    Explorer 2010 ECM

    first you have to find one that was made around the same time.(there is a number to base that from), then it has to be a V6 or V8 one, then your need someone to change the VIN number to yours and finally re-program your keys. If you have a switchable OBD reader and Forscan software you can do it...