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    Keypad code ignition starter!!! Please look

    we need to add one to my suburban...
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    Thought about fabbing some Heep Style tube fenders.....tell me...

    i dont think he means wider, just tucked in the fender, i like it personally. lets do it!
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    a vid of my 03 cobra

    im going to move it up in front of the bumper this weekend. Your NOS really took you from 546 to 774 rwtq on a 75 shot? that huge! i looking to add nitrous and i was told you can go up to a 100 shot without many mods.. i am only pullied. I want to do all the little things, but i am saving up...
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    a vid of my 03 cobra

    im moving the plate this weekend, and i just added a mach 1 chin and shorty antenna.. blown03, those are some impressive numbers, you must have a stage IV port and a 4lb lower im guessing? thanks for the comments.. i will post more updated pics soon!
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    a vid of my 03 cobra

    whats up all? just got back from bein out to sea, thought i would update my new ride.. heres a vid of my baby... enjoy! ( I couldnt figure out how to embed the streetfire vid, but is someone does feel free to post it please)
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    my re-intro

    sorry for the delay, ive been workin 20 hour days, i will get pics up tomorrow.
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    rockcrawler almost

    welcome to the forum, you might wanna browse the lifted section. there is soo much there, as well as many different ways to go. Establish your budget, or running budget, and mod from that. Otherwise its gonna be one big money pit, that never ends. (even on a budget, once you start, it...
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    my re-intro

    of my cobras engine bay and interior, sure.
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    my re-intro

    thanks, when i got it, it was pretty much stock. mymods include: 2.8" pulley spec 2+ clutch SCT tuner 17" fr500 rims&tires (13" in the back!) tint all the way around (15% all around, 50% on the windshield) pioneer touchscreen deck 12" sub custom box i made tinted tails custom front...
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    my re-intro

    hey guys, ive been gone and lurking for a LONG time, and thought since so much has changed i would reintroduce myself. I got rid of the 98 lifted toy, and purchased a 2003 SVT Cobra, runnin around 500hp to the wheels. this is when i got it: this is my daughter at a get...
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    Prepping for a 3" Body-Lift

    i did mine in a night, shouldnt be too hard, just soak all your bolts in pb blaster overnight
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    '97 V8 D60/70HD swap.....finally

    hey buddy long time no talk, im sooo f'n jealous! i cant wait to get back from deployment, only 9 more months and i will be doing to exact same thing, only with narrowed axles.... and maybe oh maybe a venomous 393 implant... hit me up
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    How to re-stretch carpet

    i know this is a carpet orientated thread, but can you also post about hardwood install, i have my whole downstairs to do.
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    Show off Your Kitchen!

    wow, i forgot about this thread, i have an update, but the pics are at home and i am on duty..... i will try and get them up tomorrow. We went with a white that has a pink tinge, it is what matched our corian the best (i took our sample in) and we are going to paint the doors, and cabinents...
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    Ranger to Explorer Front end swap project

    now you just need a 5.o from an ex to complete the front end!
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    Ranger to Explorer Front end swap project

    your nuts man, i really like your ingenuity, and i like your truck. Good luck
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