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  1. TwoToneX

    2% or 98%

    Wow, me too. A geography major, and I couldn't think of anything...apparently...more exotic than Denmark. Ouch. That's pretty crazy.
  2. TwoToneX

    Spyware/Adware/Trojans I cannot get rid of..

    Webroot Spy Sweeper. If you end up purchasing a subscription for it, they have a threat research team that you can file a report to and they will assist you with getting everything off the system. It's a pretty good program too.
  3. TwoToneX

    IPOD Question -

    i bought a new sony head unit with the aux input in the front, works great for the pod. i've got one of the leather carriers on my ashtray, and a cord running to the ashtray so it's relatively hidden. sounds pretty darn good as far as quality goes, and i used to have a sony HU before, so it...
  4. TwoToneX

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Diff Whack Daddy

    Happy Birthday, hope to see you again on the trails soon!
  5. TwoToneX

    really cool myspace thing

    hah....i'm surprised i got that far without anyone saying anything :D
  6. TwoToneX

    really cool myspace thing

    Your Results: Ford Focus You are a Ford Focus, You are probably a teenage girl, or maybe a teenage guy. You like your cars cute and reliable. wow. i'll be darned.
  7. TwoToneX

    dead hard drive?

    I'm gonna join the party and say that thing is toasted. Good news though is like Howard said, they are getting cheaper and cheaper. Check out and you might be able to snag a pretty good deal on a bigger drive.
  8. TwoToneX

    How's your leather upholstery holding up?

    I bought my '91 about 4 years ago or so, and the seats were already torn on the back and the seat. Those are both the fronts, the backs were fine. They've gotten much worse since.
  9. TwoToneX

    Colorado Run, Anyone?

    yes i do, i know exactly how lucky i am to be in colorado.. i used to live in texas :D
  10. TwoToneX

    Colorado Run, Anyone?

    I'm in. I'm still fixing my junk after Moab, but it shouldn't be too long before it's ready to go. Brian - I would love to go up to the Crested Butte area and wheel up there. My family owns a cabin about 45 minutes or so from Crested Butte (right outside Almont). Might be fun to take a...
  11. TwoToneX

    Photos Moab 2006 Photos

    great...lord knows all we need is another Char :p
  12. TwoToneX

    Moab 2006 Chat Thread

    HEY! I told you you didn't have to follow me Ms. Mustang :p David - I might be interested. Is it in pretty good shape? Mr. Vibes - sweet man, where are you staying? want me to just swing by real quick in the morn'? everyone else - weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee only 3 more days!
  13. TwoToneX

    Hotel bans kids, welcomes dogs

    hmmm, so what about the noisy, dirty, annoying dogs? either way, i know where i'm staying if i go to Austria.
  14. TwoToneX

    Moab 2006 Chat Thread

    I might be interested. They gave me an extra day off work on accident (tuesday) so why not take it? I'll have to check with my roommate to see if he has to be back sooner than that. I'll still be open (damnation) but as long as there isn't a hub-blowing Upchuck Hill, we should be cool :D...
  15. TwoToneX

    Moab 2006 Chat Thread

    I'm still planning on attending, although I will probably be taking it pretty easy on the ol' truck. Lots of stuff that needs to be done, and not enough time to do it. So I'll just do what I can and baby it a tad when I get out there. I'm not entirely sure when I'll be leaving, but if...
  16. TwoToneX

    Dog nearly bit off man's penis

    I heard about that at work yesterday...funny stuff. Followed right by everyone saying "Damn, that would be long as it wasn't me."
  17. TwoToneX

    Pack of cigarettes explodes in man's hand

    yeesh, that's kinda scary.
  18. TwoToneX

    JTX's D44 Solid Axle Swap Thread!

    hey man, cool to see you're going to solid axle. i'll sign up and see how it goes.
  19. TwoToneX

    Moab 2006 Chat Thread

    signed up. will be a much better drive than last time (only 6 hours, compared to 18 last time i did it). see you guys there.
  20. TwoToneX

    How can I change my user profile ?

    User CP towards the upper left hand corner. In there you can change your sig, profile, settings, etc.
  21. TwoToneX

    Serious Explorations 10th Anniversary Run

    PS, I'm pretty sure all you streeters are more than welcome to come and just ride along. If there are that many people actually planning on coming, I'm sure there will be a seat for you somewhere.
  22. TwoToneX

    Serious Explorations 10th Anniversary Run

    I didn't vote, but Colorado would be cool for me :D Pretty much anywhere, and I'll be there for the 10th anniversary run. I should have enough time to get everything good to go. Let's just hope gas isn't over 6 dollars a gallon by then :rolleyes:
  23. TwoToneX

    Air Conditioner Evaporator Removal

    just wanted to say thanks for the writeup. i know it's an old thread, but thanks for the follow up. i found it via search and it helped me out :chug:
  24. TwoToneX

    Explorerforum Fantasy Baseball League

    i am, need a relief pitcher though, feel free to offer some trades....i messed up and missed the first part of the draft so i'm not terribly attached to most of my players
  25. TwoToneX

    Explorerforum Fantasy Baseball League

    i'll be there, just got my reminder in the e-mail (i was thinking it was today for some reason) i haven't looked in, do we need any more teams to even it out?
  26. TwoToneX

    Moab 2005 June 3-5

    <sigh> i hate to say it, but this might be the first Explorer forum Moab trip that I miss in 4 years (been to the last 3, amazingly) just lost my job and with my new puppy, i've gotta worry about keeping her alive and vet visits long before i can think about taking another trip to my...
  27. TwoToneX

    Explorerforum Fantasy Baseball League

    I tried joining the other day when you sent me the invite but it wouldn't let me in, I got busy so haven't tried it again. I'll do that. Yes, this is a pointless post, just bumping the thread.
  28. TwoToneX

    Happy Birthday TwoToneX

    sweet, i'm popular! :D i didn't think i'd get one since i haven't posted more than 20 times or so in the past I guess you don't even have to be popular or make friends, just be friends with Heath ;)
  29. TwoToneX

    Happy Birthday TwoToneX

    heh, thanks guys :chug:
  30. TwoToneX

    Explorerforum Fantasy Baseball League

    sounds good, lemme know the details when they are available.
  31. TwoToneX

    Colorado Summer Run 2005 July 22-24

    becker: yes, it's a shame we haven't gotten together since AZ, I had such a great time out there. looking forward to wheeling together again...
  32. TwoToneX

    superbowl ad

    it was a good commerical in that it worked. but i'm gonna shoot myself if i hear or see another wardrobe malfunction joke. it's played out already, get over it :rolleyes:
  33. TwoToneX

    Colorado Summer Run 2005 July 22-24

    glad you guys were able to hammer out a date. that weekend looks good to me and it will give me some time to save up and get some work done on the rig. looking foward to this one.
  34. TwoToneX

    dog owners, need your help!

    I know this is an old thread, but I know people asked to see pictures, so: ask and ye shall recieve. Here's my new dog, Bailey. I brought her home yesterday and she's fitting in just fine. I am already glad about the decision I made to get her, and thanks to everyone who responded for your...
  35. TwoToneX

    Explorerforum Fantasy Footbal League

    If I had played the right guys I could've made a game of it, unfortunately my guys sucked.... good job Jim, way to take the champ. I wish I had something to give you to commemorate this great occasion, but unfortunately that will have to wait till next year when we might actually play for a...
  36. TwoToneX

    Age Groups

    hey, yeah, me too, i'm not "16-21" anymore!
  37. TwoToneX

    Explorerforum Fantasy Footbal League

    no kiddin, negative points from the QB is crappy...of course Hasselbeck decided to get his head out of his ass this week and actually put up some numbers, right when I decided to bench him :rolleyes: it was an even rougher loss since the Broncos looked crappy and lost to the Chargers....<sigh>
  38. TwoToneX

    Explorerforum Fantasy Footbal League

    i got the hurt put on me by xlt4x491...good thing i've got a good lead up there and should still make it into the playoffs...
  39. TwoToneX

    Explorerforum Fantasy Footbal League

    yup, we are, in week 15 and 16, the top 4 teams get to play for first place. i think there's a losers bracket to determine who's in second for the 5-8 teams.
  40. TwoToneX

    dog owners, need your help!

    Fortunately my backyard is setup for having a dog, as the people that owned it before had a few I believe. There's even a couple dog houses out there that they didn't take. Thanks for the post though Al, very informative.