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    Abs Light on w/no code

    So why you're trying to tell me is my scan tool isn't capable of reading the codes. Damn gimmick, as actron says it scans abs codes for domestic vehicles. Thanks for your help!
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    Abs Light on w/no code

    2002 Ford explorer XLT 4x4 Abs light came on, plugged in the actron 9580 to the truck and I get a link error. Follow the prompts and still get a link error. Scanner reads engine diagnostics fine. Is there a special way to read ABS? Is this a sure sign of an ABS control module failure? I...
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    C1440 ABS Code

    Good info here. I just had my ABS light come on this evening. So I'm trying to get everything right here so that I can narrow down the possibilites of the problem. With the ABS light on the cruise should NOT work thus making it the fualty switch. Am I also correct in saying the Autozone or...
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    Moving from WI to NC.

    Like the title says I'm moving within the next couple weeks to NC. Any NC guys here that can give me some advice on things to do places to go. I will be in the greenville area and 26 years of age. So drinking locations would be good. Overall feeling of N.C. and any other general information...
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    Hardwire GPS

    Thanks for the replies. As an update ordered one of these today Keep the original charger if I need it in another vehicle. I to will hook to an ACC line that way it shuts off when the doors open and turns on when the car is started. Thanks again for all...
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    Hardwire GPS

    Just recently had the notion to hardwire my GPS to my truck to get rid of the mess of wires. I have read different places which are best to wire (radio, console leading back to lighter) My question is I can't find my 12V circuit light and have cut the power wire to the GPS unit. I have three...
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    I got the squeeeeeeks!

    Yeah, I did the PB blaster this last weekend and it was temporary fix and only lasted a week. Greasable would be ideal I'll have to do a search thanks for your prompt reply.
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    I got the squeeeeeeks!

    Sway bar is making a lovely noise and its rather annoying. Plan on changing out the bushings this weekend. Picks on bushings and any other prep to the sway bar to prevent this from happening again. Thanks in advance. Brian
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    Battery or Alternator

    If your dummy light for the battery is on the charging system is not charging. Often when an alternator goes it archs and can result in a burnt plug or wire like previously stated.
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    Electric Problem

    Hello, I just had similiar problems. Door lock drivers side wouldn't work, would work at its own will. Radio would turn off with ignition and ding as if the door was open but not. Puddle lights would flicker. With all that being said I fixed it today. I Removed the boot that links the cab...
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    New ex owner!

    Just saying hello and hope to have a very good experience here on explorer forums. I'm mostly a do it yourself guy and have found foums a great place for great advice. More about the truck 02 XLT with that damn crack in the back plastic. Take care. Brian