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    Building a Reliable 2005 3rd Gen

    Love my Ex! At 218,000 miles now. Needed transfer case but did it myself and parts are cheap! Runs great for me
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    Using Forscan to update tire size

    My X4 works, with a custom tune, to adjust tire sizes. The stock X4 tunes did not work with my 2005. Unleashed tuning is awesome! Torrie will fix you up good over there.
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    How tough are these rigs?

    Works great for me. Doubt you could go as far as a Jeep though. The Outdoorsman
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    Please help!!! My explorer won't start

    I vote wiring issue. Check them all if you can.
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    Adding power adjustable pedals to my '08 Ironman

    I started the removal process at the junkyard. Needed more tools to finish. The brake pedal is the hard part since the booster is attached to it. Way more effort than it was worth to me. And it's just another expensive part to have break. Don't use 3rd gen hardware. They switched lots of things...
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    05 Ex rattle noise only in gear and around 2000rpm

    I finally solved the noise problem. Probably not the best solution, but it works for me. Between the flowmaster 50 suv, cleaning the oil pan, and switching to full synthetic. The rattle is indistinguishable from everything else. With a silent muffler, who knows.
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    05 Ex rattle noise only in gear and around 2000rpm

    It seems to be better. But looks like the balance chain tensioner broke. Seems to be the only pieces in the pan.
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    05 Ex rattle noise only in gear and around 2000rpm

    Hose tells me the cats are bad. Stinky too. Flowmaster direct fit cats on the way. Research tells me leaky exhaust causes cats to run hot and destroys catalytic converters. Many sounds are similar to timing chains. I can hear the chains with a stethoscope but they do not seem to be the source...
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    05 Ex rattle noise only in gear and around 2000rpm

    So strange, now it only happens 2000-2500. Hopefully sealing up the exhaust will fix it. I'll try to remember to update when/if I eliminate this noise. Motor mounts took me about 10 hours with mostly manual tools. Driver side wears out first from the motors movement. Fairly easy to do. Drop...
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    05 Ex rattle noise only in gear and around 2000rpm

    Loose header nuts make lots of odd noises. Was afraid to touch them for fear of breaking. Comes and goes now. Ill find it yet
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    05 Ex rattle noise only in gear and around 2000rpm

    It somehow seems to be throttle position related. If I accelerate quickly it happens well below 2000rpm
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    05 Ex rattle noise only in gear and around 2000rpm

    Been chasing more today and while spraying soap water all over the headers I see no leak... I did notice one of my new plugs seems to be blowing bubbles. I'll let it cool and see if I can fix it soon. May drop pan at next oil change.
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    05 Ex rattle noise only in gear and around 2000rpm

    Thanks so much for your help! You would know much better than I. I am still holding out hope that it may be something else though. Especially since it has gotten better and not worse. And my trustworthy shop said it was 1 of the pulleys. Are you 100% sure? I have heard many 3rg gen X's and none...
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    05 Ex rattle noise only in gear and around 2000rpm

    I would love any help with this. Made a couple of videos and would be very grateful for any suggestions. It always happened between 2000-3000rpm. Anybody think it may be an exhaust leak? Thanks!!
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    '03 XLT leaking fluid

    The pictures help! The stains look like coolant to me. Thermostat housing is known to leak possibly?
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    05 explorer V6 Torque Converter troubleshoot

    Can't help much, but sounds like the tranny is on the way out. Make sure fluid level is correct. I hear they are finicky. Maybe a solenoid pack? Band adjustment might help.
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    4wd not engaging

    I read the older 3rd gens have a 4x4 module behind the glove box which fails sometimes. Hope you get it figured out!
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    Thoughts on XL-12 Transfer case fluid

    I keep wondering about this since mine asks for Mercon v. I wouldn't use xl-12(Mercon) in a TOD transfer case such as my 4411. From my research it won't matter much though. Even makuloco states xl12 not for TOD.
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    Transfer case fluid: XL-12 or Mercon V

    I researched this issue on other ford sites as well. My manual and dealer parts dept says to use Mercon V. I hope they change the specs if superceded. It seems like the problems are over-rated/nonexistent from what I found and most people think the transfer case isn't picky about the fluid. If...
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    Transfer case fluid: XL-12 or Mercon V

    I wish makuloco would confirm this... My 05 with the 4411 lasted about 200k with Mercon V. He even says not to use xl-12 on TOD cases. Not sure I want to put older merc in instead.
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    Feels like its stuck in 4wd

    Lots of posts regarding this end up being the VC on AWD, or tire related.
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    Opinions on Toyo Open Country and Hankook DynaPro?

    This is an old review but still applies:
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    Opinions on Toyo Open Country and Hankook DynaPro?

    I like the Hankook ATM tires. They have held up well to the minimal amount of abuse I have given them. Haven't had many other tires though so im not much help. Avoid Goodyear Forterra. I lost 2 on one easy paved dirt road. I have some videos of them in action here:
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    3rd gen transfer case removal how to

    The TC failed internally somehow and started to whine when driving regardless of gear or speed. Replaced with used and works like new again.
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    3rd gen transfer case removal how to

    I couldn't find Anything on the 3rd Gen. Transfer case removals. Or the Borg Warner 4411. So I made a quick video as i was doing mine. hopefully this helps somebody.:burnout:
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    Sway bar links with lift

    Only on the freeway going 75 climbing mountains do I notice it missing. I removed it and put in the back yard. Maybe if I had a trailer...
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    Mysterious clunk from front of vehicle when hitting bumps. (Solved)

    I know there are lots of this type of post. But I have looked at most of them and rarely do they mention body mounts. I replaced almost the entire front end. Then found a washer behind my front bumper moving around. Tried tightening the front mount, but had to remove the nut and clean the...
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    Loss of 4x4 low while in use.

    Thanks for the response! I should've put a link to the video I was recording when it happened.
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    Loss of 4x4 low while in use.

    I need to diagnose this still, but figured others may help, or may help others. I was using 4lo to descend, turn around and crawl up a steep dirt road. As I started my ascent, a loud clunk happened and it went into neutral. The transmission would not engage again until I turned off 4lo. There...
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    Sway bar links with lift

    I bought some Taurus end links today. They appear to be about 1" longer, but equally robust as the Ex's. I only need about 1/2" but they seem to be easily modified. Lifetime warranty included on duralast part! Im only doing the rear because I took the front one off completly.
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    BTF Fabrication Explorer Lift Coil Spacer discussions

    What size spacer lift did you install? I think smaller spacers do not have this problem.
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    5R55W Solenoid Block Replacement

    I strongly believe the problems which keep occurring with 3rd gen explorer transmissions are related to the A/C drip line corroding parts of the transmission. I posted something about it to help prevent problems for others and hope I can help more... I bought mine with 165k miles and now have...
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    Largest 17" tire which fits into spare location.

    I just upgraded my size to 265/70-17 and was able to fit A Yokohama Geolander AT into the spare location after some wrangling. I was going to get 265/65-17 but they had no used spare.:thumbsup: Some 75 series or larger may fit but the price seems drastically higher for those. And the...
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    New things to come...

    If you are getting BTF arms. Get their spacers as well and you can probably get a better deal. I read about BTF making a packaged deal with a discount. Have you seen the quality of BTF spacers? You need to research here about it. They will make any size spacer you like. I didn't pay a penny over...
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    2004 Front Differential

    I'm fairly certain the front diff vent tube, exits near the top of the driver side strut mount. I don't have a picture but it is an obvious tube with a plastic vent cap on mine.
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    Hill descent control on 2005 Explorer?

    I am certain this is not a typical cruise control feature. I have had an 03 Windstar, 05 Freestar, 05, 03 Focus, 96 Club Wagon. Not to mention other brands. None of these would slow me down when descending mountains. The only way to maintain the speed limit was to use the brakes. I no longer...
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    Hill descent control on 2005 Explorer?

    I noticed when going down steep grades with the cruise control enabled, my X shifts into lower gears automatically and maintains the set speed. Is this an intentional design? I never had a vehicle do this and it scared me the first time I experienced it. It is a very nice feature to have for...
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    Driver Seat Foam Replacement/Rebuild

    Thin sheet metal under the foam/cover on the armrest will fix that. One of my first fixes for the x. I used an old washing machine lid and is a bit too thick but its solid now.
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    More suspension travel? Better ride?

    Fox seems popular. I'm not the one to ask unfortunately. They are expensive though. Rancho makes some struts but I think I read here they don't last long.
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    Stiff Gas Pedal

    My 05 is electronic, not sure about 03. Could be the cable or throttle plate on yours needs lubrication.