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  1. kyleq805

    Hey I was wondering how your James Duff parts were holding up

    Hey I was wondering how your James Duff parts were holding up
  2. kyleq805

    Ford 8.8

    Hey folks I have a stock 8.8 housing for free if anyone wants to come pick it up. It came out of my 92 and is still set up for drums. It has 3.27 gears and it's an open diff. All internals besides axle shafts needs to be replaced. I live in pismo beach if anyone wants to come get it.
  3. kyleq805

    Differential question

    I wasn't sure on the second gen being standard or reverse. Thanks for the info Mr Q
  4. kyleq805

    Differential question

    I was wondering if the ring, pinion, and carrier are the same in a second gen 35 as the first gen ttb 35? I found a good deal on a 8.8 with 410 gears from a second gen but didn't want to buy all new stuff for the ttb.
  5. kyleq805

    Solved Neutral Safety Switch Bypass NSS

    And another A4LD gone and out of an explorer just hooked up the reverse lights. Glad someone posted the wire colors. Hopfully tomorrow I can take the old snorkelator for a spin :D
  6. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    well new trans is still holding up after the new VB. Only what 2 years later better late than never
  7. kyleq805

    Stop the ban.....youth bikes and ATV's

    the funny thing is all they are doing is causing a bigger problem. the kids that don't get bikes for their size will be on their dads bike or the dads will just buy them bigger bikes. yet they are doing such a good think for our youth. hahaha what a joke our country is becoming
  8. kyleq805

    squeak/thump noise somewhere in the front suspension

    sounds like the radious arm bushings replace those and check that crossmember that holds the arms for cracks that happened to mine. do not use wd40 to make it stop it will get worse. learned that the hard way hunting with my dad
  9. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    he said he rebuilt everything including the VB i adjusted the bands now 1-2 is good still no 3rd in D and i still get 3rd in OD but no OD he is sending me a new VB and im going to install it when it gets here :( $1,500 well spent haha
  10. kyleq805

    New Member Saying Hello

    hey ryan welcome look into autofab for the ex they put out some nice suspension lifts. long travel that you can drive on and off road
  11. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    all of the work i have done to this trans is what the builder at the shop told me to do hes a 3 hour drive from me and i need the trans working so i can get to work. i have been on the phone with him since the first test drive. but i just wanted to see if you guys might have had this problem and...
  12. kyleq805

    Where can I find a front spindle for my '92?

    try jeffs bronco graveyard for the spindel. i found some for my 92. i think i remember them being about 120 per side. if you can try to replace them both at the same time. most auto parts stores should have the inner and outer bearings and races. remember to use a non waterproof grease on the...
  13. kyleq805

    Anybody have an a4ld lying around near New Mexico?

    i have an a4ld but its roached you can have it for free if you can find a way to get it. you could use it for a core charge there is a company in arizona that remanufactures them and the go for about 650 to 750 i think if interested in either option let me know and i will get you the site and...
  14. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    ok now i have had a trans rebuilt by a shop they said that they put all hd parts and did all the mods that have come out for the a4ld. well my problem is warm or cold i have the delayed 1-2 shift in drive and od. when im in drive i dont have 3rd gear and in od i have 3rd but no overdrive. the...
  15. kyleq805

    94 X Spuddering

    check the mass air flow. and plugs and wires. on the maf try to clean it with maf cleaner from a parts store. i had that problem with both of my explorers
  16. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    well 3500 miles later and the trans is done but i had one rebuilt. completely gutted and rebuilt. i hope i can get it all done by tomorrow
  17. kyleq805

    No more offroading in California. Arnolds shutting us down!

    well they havent shut down pismo dunes yet. all i have seen all day on grand ave was toy hauler after toy hauler.
  18. kyleq805

    Steering leaks!!!!

    you can try a salvage yard and its not that hard to change out on your own
  19. kyleq805

    91-94 factory stereo wiring

    a real easy way to do the speakers is to run an aftermarket 4 channel amp cut the wires off of the stock speakers. run your own wires from the speakers directly to the amp. run the power and ground for the amp. then find the remote wire, usually blue on a pioneer. adjust the levels on the amp...
  20. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    i must have over looked that one. dude you are freakin awsome:) you are my new bestest friend:chug:
  21. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans ok well i dont know if this is going to work but this is a bunch of stuff on the a4ld i just found a paper that an old co worker gave to me a few years ago he knows alot about the a4ld
  22. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    haha sorry i didnt even see there was a second page already now i feel like a noob. but yes thats what i was getting at thank you
  23. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    i figured it out the od band adjusts the reverse aswell now i have to play with the inter band at 4 turns out no shift from 1st to 2nd unless going 40mph and let off the throttle
  24. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    ok now i have got the intermediate adjusted out 4 turns from snug but i have not messed with the od adjustment. my brother did adjust both to 10 ftlbs and the 2 turns out. now im nut sure but does the od band control reverse as well? before he messed with it i had 1-3 and reverse were fine. now...
  25. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    i had my brother adjust the overdrive band and am not sure if he adjusted the intermediate band. before the adjustment the trans was doing good but now it feels like the parking break is on i have to hit 2500rpm just to move any idea what could be the problem now
  26. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    well i do have cruise control and i looked at the band adjustment thread you posted so i will give that a try. but i may try to find a trans shop to adjust it for me for free im tired of working on the thing for atleast a week
  27. kyleq805

    crap i forgot that it was this weekend man:(. i just got the truck all back together saturday at...

    crap i forgot that it was this weekend man:(. i just got the truck all back together saturday at like 3 you still going to be out there sunday?:scratch:
  28. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    well i have the trans in and its doing ok. seems to be strong but i dont have overdrive. at 75MPH its at 3600rpm and then kicks up a little bit like it wants to hit OD but stays at around 3300 or so rpm could it be a servo in the trans above the drain pan? or just a connection on one of the wire...
  29. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    haha yeah well i will either find one buy one or build one not sure what will happen first. well i have been lucky the first couple i got a long time ago for free when my moms boss was moving to a new wrecking yard. then i had one sitting in an explorer that i totalled and now i picked up a...
  30. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    well now im not so sure if i like the A4LD trans or any auto transmissions at all. had all my gears accept first go out on me about 40 miles from home at 6AM with no cellphone. ohwell time to put yet another junker in. this one only has 50k miles on it so we shall see should be done tomorrow...
  31. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    well all is well with the explorer now the trans is holding up ok no more upshift problem i think i didnt seat the front pump seal all the way when i had to swap the trans the last time . now im looking into a trans temp guage.
  32. kyleq805

    Pismo Beach June 19-21 '09

    well i really hope that none of the parks close that would be lame. but in other news the ex is up a running again. replaced the front pump seal on the trans the thermostat brakes, calipers and some other small parts. so as of now im ready
  33. kyleq805

    93 isuzu

    hey thanks for the input i will look into it
  34. kyleq805

    93 isuzu

    i have a friend that hes a 93 isuzu rodeo automatic transmission 2wd. i have no clue where to look for help on this. the problem is he said that he was driving then came to a stop and when he tried to drive again the trans was slipping. after that it was a dead trans a shop told him that the...
  35. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    well all of the fluids are good the fan clutch im pretty sure is good the trans fluid was good before it blew the seal. being stuck in soft fresh worked soil whith an old farm plow still hooked up on the truck add 95 degrees with no wind. well i had to go back and forth to get it out and after...
  36. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    well now heres a new problem i was towing an old plow with my truck to work some soil in and the trans got hot. i shut it off and let it cool down for a bit when i went to start back up i put it in drive 4X4 low nothing reverse same thing then i started to smell atf fluid well looked under the...
  37. kyleq805

    2003 Brake Squeal

    no idea on the AC but the brakes will make some noise even when they are still good due to sediment on them it could be a stickey caliper or defective brakes. i would pull the tire off and rpray some brake cleaner on the caliper and pads/rotor area when it is cooled off if that does not work...
  38. kyleq805

    Pismo Beach June 19-21 '09

    you can go out to bakersfeild and come up the 166 its a bit longer but no santa barbara. and yes i hope it is out soon i have friends and family that were evacuated
  39. kyleq805

    Headlights turned off tonight!

    do you have the hella aftermarket/driving/fog lights or anything like them?
  40. kyleq805

    1992 ex with 94 ex trans

    thats what i was thinking about checking into i read alot of posts and threads on the problem but i didnt see anyone have the downshift problem. thank you