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    Let's see, what can I powdercoat today?

    Im still using the eastwood system. I don't do much coating so its ok at the hobby level. I do already hit the corners first as well as turn down the voltage when doing so. it seems to help not build up as much. I also initially get the part to about 200 before the initial coat, then reshoot...
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    Let's see, what can I powdercoat today?

    clear doesn't bother me, that's somewhat easy, but the candy colors , man I can never get parts to come out the same color.
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    Let's see, what can I powdercoat today?

    Jon, have you found a good metallic bright blue that is a single stage. all the ones ive found that I liked have been 2 stage.
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    need help with transmission

    It needs a new trans, or rebuild.
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    Factory 5-speed needs an Engine

    Correct the cams are different I believe. I have seen threads where the explorer guys have done the swap and been very happy
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    Factory 5-speed needs an Engine

    I would re use as much off your engine as possible. Just to make sure
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    Factory 5-speed needs an Engine

    well they are much newer(updated) and usually cheaper, most junkyards know the explorer engines are in high demand ad charge more. However in the mustangs the v6 is much les sought after so there are usually more of them.
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    3rd gen(lowered) wheel/ Fitment help

    Hey guys I don't like the wheels that im currently running, nor the crappy (generic) fitment. Im wanting to run a meaty fitment, make 295s or 305s on a 20 " wheel. And while I have tons of fitment expirence, see the picture below, Im trying to save my self some time and money. Looking around I...
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    Factory 5-speed needs an Engine

    4.0 sohc blocks should all be the same
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    Factory 5-speed needs an Engine

    uH REALLY? v8 swap is cake if you have a donor vehicle. Trans wont work so you would have to figure that part out, mustang or f150 trans, PCM would require custom programming. the engine side is simply a matter of swapping then engine and harness plus a few other things like hoses and the...
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    Crown Vic 4.6L SOHC V8 Same as Explorer?

    would work but as others have said it would be a huge down grade with the lower compression and much worse flow.
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    03 4.0l to 4.6l swap in a o3 explorer

    Yep I learned that, As many as I have worked on I never noticed that the v8 was available with the selectable, so im stoked to be able to do the BWM and have a 2wd v8 when I need it. Now I just need to figure out if I have the 5r55w or S as it came from an 02
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    SCT tuner help

    Any updates yet, looking to get a mailorder tune my self
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    How to: '02 limited 4.0 to 4.6 dohc swap

    any updates on this, just did the 4.6 sohc swap myself and am thinking about buying a aviator to snag the motor/breaks from.
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    02 TDI Swap

    Subbed, lol this will be good!!! not sure where you are but if you want to upgrade from an XL roller ot a 02 eddiebauer roller I have one sitting here....
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    Let's see, what can I powdercoat today?

    Jon your the man. This stuff looks great. Makes me want to go order more powders from lol. I'd like to know more about the primer coatings as well. My chrome only comes out 90% good.
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    Wanted Fuel Pressure Damper 2004 Explorer 4.0

    i have one if you still need it
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    03 4.0l to 4.6l swap in a o3 explorer

    finished my swap this weekend, took me 22 hours straight by my self. However, being a (former) ford master tech and having a large shop with multiple lifts and any tools I could possible need including an IDS. I took a few pictures and will explain a few things later that will be very helpful.
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    03 4.0l to 4.6l swap in a o3 explorer

    Getting ready to do this swap. Only I plan on modding the 4.6 and trans proir to install. Did you use the 4.0 t case or the awd case from the v8. I'd prefer to use the 4x4 case to have 2wd. But not if it doesn't fit.
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    torque monster install gone bad

    So i have run into this a few times in the many broken bolts I've extracted. At this point the best thing you can do is to melt the easy out with a oxy-acetelyne torch. They hardened steel melts faster than the bolt and the block. Then you need a set of left handed drill bits. keep stepping up...
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    1998 mercury mountaineer body lift is the cheapest
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    SAS steering issues/advice needed

    Aligned and aligned correctly are different. And if you were correctly aligned your steering wheel would be centered. But I would try adjusting the box first Maybe I will see you at those places!! I plan on visit them this summer. I'd like to hit up the cove at least 3-4 times for camping and...
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    SAS steering issues/advice needed

    Define "toe is good"? Do you have an alignment printout? that would be most helpfull. Also try adjusting the steering box to take up some of the slack. dont over adjust it though, 1/8th turn at a time. If all else fails, bring it to My shop in VA and we will get her straighened out
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    Aftermarket Steering Wheel

    i did this back in the day and i used a grant kit for an early 90s ranger on my 96 explorer
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    5.0 4r70w bw4406 swap help

    Start the engine and turn the steering wheel lock to lock about 40 times, should help get the air out. Buy the speed sensor for the expedition. Im not 100% but most likely even though the vacuum lines are hooked up on the disconnect, i doubt anything is sending a signal to "connect" the axle.
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    Goodyear MTR???

    honesltly if you dont care about ride quality or noise the MTRS are the BADDEST MT out there, id say there are pretty close to a swamper in the mud, and they look badass, but they are noisy and ride like ****, i have to rotate and balance my tires about every 1000 miles and they are still out of...
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    2nd Gen. Heater Core WTF now???

    hook a vacume line up to the a/c vacume line directly, maybe use another vehicles vacume system if nessicary, that will eliminate or isolate the problem to the cab or the engine bay
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    2nd Gen. Heater Core WTF now???

    hey jon, sorry i didnt get to call ya back, i had a really s****y day , but i just realized some thing, are you sure it wasnt the heater control valve, they are pretty common and i havent seen an explorer heatercore go yet, i would double check, but im glad you were able to figure it out
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    "TURDLE" or " How to mess up a perfectly good truck"

    well i looked at come of the edges(door jambs) and its pretty rough on mine, so im gonna leave the molding on there, including the one you sent me!!, lol it took like 6 months to put it on, im gonna just paint the molding too
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    "TURDLE" or " How to mess up a perfectly good truck"

    hey you have any close ups or where you took the side moulding off, ive been thinking about do it and patining everything black but didnt know if there was a "tape line" or not
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    wrong oil!!!!!!!!!

    damn i was wrong , that sucks, i guess my college teacher was an idiot,
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    2nd Gen. Heater Core WTF now???

    lol, i know what you mean about not doing something with out any gains, thats why my truck is primered still, i feel that way about paint, but like i said i have no prob helpin out
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    2nd Gen. Heater Core WTF now???

    that is actually one of the jobs i enjoy doing, you bring me out there for a weekend jon ill do it for ya, i need a vacation
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    wrong oil!!!!!!!!!

    lol at the w stands for winter, sorry but the w stands for weight, all multi viscosity oils have a w, 5w30 15w40, 5w20, 20w40, 0w30, yeah the oil will not make your truck run rough unless there isnt an in it, eg. it all leaked out
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    2nd Gen. Heater Core WTF now???

    jon i know this isnt what you wan tto hear but the dash must come out, and while ou have it out replace the case, becasue the blend doors like to break and i know as soon as you put it together itll break. but the good news is that m fastest time on a explorer heater box is 6 hours from start...
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    Fixing a lowered X's alignment?

    the problem with this theory is leverage, it loks like the camber is different but its not because of the tires, 2 reasons 1, when you align a vehicle, you align the wheel no the tire, if you align it with stock tires then put 35s on it it wont change, 2 in you situation, you said when the...
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    All Ford Nats/ Carlisle PA: June 2-4, 2006

    holy old thread batman, but i think its cool hes getting married on may 5th, i jhust got married May 6th of this year.
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    Where are all the Virginia Explorers??

    i get dibs on the RCD kit when you do, lol, i have the itch to go wheelin again. i need to get out
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    2 1/2" drop on my X, questions

    yes the handling will be improved, the ride quailty can suffer some, it could bottom out, i would get some shorter bump stops for the rear and you should be good to go
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    Monster GT 4.6

    ha mine broke too, when you say motormount bolts did you bolts fall out , mine did, then when i loctite, them back in the motor mount broke in half POS