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  1. ghosttrain2

    1987 Ford Bronco Dana 35 Swap

    Love the 4.0 and 5 speed in mine! Thinking of the axle swap, as I still have the Explorer that gave up it's engine.
  2. ghosttrain2

    Second Gen. Jurassic Park Ex in Kansas boneyard

    Spotted this in a you tube video in a junkyard in Hutchinson, KS. Did this belong to anyone on here?
  3. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    Contemplating installing the axles from the Explorer that donated it's engine for this project. Looking into Aussie lockers for the front and rear.
  4. ghosttrain2

    For Sale 1994 Explorer Limited

    I am selling my '94 Limited, approx. 107,000 miles, PS,PB,A/C, sunroof , the leather interior is still in decent shape, NO RUST, Original paint, but faded, has highway tires, price is OBO, 1500.00. email dkkaralus@hotmail, with Explorer in title. Pictures found here- 1994 Explorer Limited- yes...
  5. ghosttrain2

    For Sale 1986 Bronco 2

    1986 Bronco 2, with a 4.0, 5 speed, and transfer case from an Explorer. Manual hubs, new rear driveline, recent tires, Pioneer AM-FM-Sirius ready radio, Cold A/C, all hoses replaced- coolant, A/C, and power steering. I have more pictures in the thread on this. Clear Nevada title. Price is OBO...
  6. ghosttrain2

    The Black Hole

    OMG Greg, Hope you recover quickly!
  7. ghosttrain2

    1994 Explorer Limited- yes I bought another one...

    This Limited is rust free, but has faded paint/clear coat. The Parts Explorer I have is also rust free.
  8. ghosttrain2

    1994 Explorer Limited- yes I bought another one...

    The last set I bought I had to have shipped.
  9. ghosttrain2

    1994 Explorer Limited- yes I bought another one...

    No, have not advertised it yet.
  10. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's 1994 Explorer Rebuild - First Gen SOHC +

    As an update to this, my son still has this, he moved to Alaska, and brought it up there. It is still running and performing well.
  11. ghosttrain2

    1994 Explorer Limited- yes I bought another one...

    Well, here we are a few years later, this now has 107,000 miles on it, and will be making it's way to my home in Oregon. Decided to sell my Bronco 2, as I desperately need to reduce down the fleet. I will be planning some mechanical upgrades, especially the brakes. Need to find the front brake...
  12. ghosttrain2

    Fuel tank replacement with Gen2

    I installed a tank and mounts from a 1997 Explorer into the 1994 Explorer I had. Here is a picture of it with the body off of the frame.
  13. ghosttrain2

    For Sale 1994 Explorer Limited $1600.00 OBO

    107,400 miles, clean, tires good, came equipped with Auto mirror Dim, Auto headlamps, Compass, Outside Temp.,Heated Outside Mirrors, crank open sunroof, and Power Seat with Memory for 2 drivers. Has a Pioneer AM/FM CD, MP3 player installed. The Cruise Control does work, The A/C also works when...
  14. ghosttrain2

    Cab swap 2nd gen to 1st gen frame

    Are you going to use an OHC, or SOHC 4.0? The SOHC will fit, as will a 5R55E transmission, but all of the associated wiring will need to be transferred. I believe the body will bolt to the first Gen frame. Here is one of the threads on it...
  15. ghosttrain2

    Buying ECM's off eBay

    I've had good luck so far, and bought a '94 manual one for the 4.0 conversion in my Bronco 2. The ECM number you need to find will be either a F47Z-12A650-KB, or F47F-12A650-KB. Those are for federal emissions, 4.0 5 speed. I look for some of the wrecking yards that sell on EBAY, at least they...
  16. ghosttrain2

    motorcraft 2150A port - 84 BII

    Temperature Compensated Pump, originally had a vacuum hose with a blue stripe that went to a solenoid like this- as to where the rest go, there should have been a decal under the hood with the vacuum hose routing.
  17. ghosttrain2

    Thanks for allowing me to join. Hoping to learn about wiring needs for 96 4.0 engine swap into 87 BII

    An OBD 1 would have been easier, but I swapped a 4.0 SOHC and 5R55E into a '94 Explorer. You will need the harness, ECM, and under hood fuse box. I used the Ford EVTM (wiring diagram) books for both the '94, and in my case, '97 Explorers. I found them on Ebay. I recently replaced the 2.9 and...
  18. ghosttrain2

    For all you M5OD swappers. . .

    I sort of did this in my Bronco 2, installed a 1994 4.0 from an Explorer parts rig I have, that had a bad A4LD, bought a M5OD, and converted it. I used a ECM from a 1994 Explorer with a M5OD, Part #s F47F-12A650-KB or F47Z-12A650-KB, with Federal emissions. If you need a CA emission one, look...
  19. ghosttrain2

    First Gen Explorer Roof Rack?

    Local Pick N Pull
  20. ghosttrain2

    wrecked my '92 off-road rig's body, need some technical help

    I have a body in Winnemucca, if you need anything. It's a '94, it donated the engine, and harness to my Bronco2.
  21. ghosttrain2

    4.0 swap Simplify harness

    A/C is charged and working, Cruise control adjusted and working, all the '86 gauges and tachometer working just fine with the 4.0. Love it!
  22. ghosttrain2

    4.0 swap Simplify harness

    finished a 4.0 swap in my '86 Bronco 2, used a '94 donor, and converted from an A4ld in the Bronco, to a 5 speed. I also have the wiring books for both, the '86 one was about useless. Too many wire colors that didn't match the book. Having been a dealer mechanic when these were new, made this...
  23. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    I have been taking this on short trips, had a check engine light that finally became more than intermittent. It was the DPFE sensor for the EGR. Found out that these were upgraded by Ford, so now it has the new style one, and no more Check engine light. Still can't believe how much better this...
  24. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

  25. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    Finally got the exhaust done, dropped down off of the jack stands, and put the hood on, and took it out for a short drive. The extra power is great! The transmission shifts smooth, Still waiting for the shift boots for the transmission and transfercase.
  26. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    Finished putting the dash back together, installed the front driveline, and skid plate. Ordered some exhaust parts to finish the exhaust.
  27. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    Finally received the new battery cables, and got them installed.After checking for draws, started powering up circuits. Cranked the engine over, to bleed the air out of the power steering... Turned the key on, and it fired right up! And, no check engine light, as it went off after starting...
  28. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    The to do list is getting shorter...waiting on some more parts, installed the A/C hoses, cruise control, transfer case shifter, transmission shifter, and finished taping up the wiring today.
  29. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    Managed to get the A/C box back in, tied up the wiring on the passenger side, and installed the air cleaner. The A/C box(at least the engine compartment side) are from the donor Explorer. The high blower relay, in the power distribution box is now wired in as well.
  30. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    Had to replace the fuse box on this... it seems that any of the connectors that are the white plastic are now very brittle, including the fuse box. Replacement-
  31. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    Today's work- Transmission, transfer case, and Y-pipe are in.
  32. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    Felt it was better than leaving it off.
  33. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    Already bought a starter for a manual.
  34. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    Dropped in the engine, and started hooking up plugs, vacuum hoses, and installed new power steering hoses.
  35. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    I took the hvac box out with the engine in, going back together the same way. Bundled the "extra" wiring into groups, for possible use later. Modified the automatic engine plate, to use it with the manual transmission. I "windowed" the plate where it was rubbing. New flywheel, and clutch installed.
  36. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    Have most of the wiring done, reinstalled the dash, have the fuel lines replaced for the 4.0, going through the rest of the circuits. Had to run the wires from the speed sensor to the ECM, figured out the A/C power, and cruise control. Almost ready to install the engine.
  37. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    The 4.0 wiring is in.
  38. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    The 2.9 is finally out!
  39. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    Pulled the heater boxes today, the ECM, and engine harness. Going to replace the heater core, A/C Evaporator, and reseal the heater box.
  40. ghosttrain2

    Ghosttrain2's '86 Bronco 2

    Thanks for the heads up on the clutch, but having already purchased a clutch kit and new flywheel, l'm already committed to what I have. I am also replacing the heater core, and evaporator, and with the A/C box out of the way, the engine compartment is much roomier.