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    adjust your TPS (another free hp mod)

    1.5 years later and I still think this "mod" is a complete waste of time. If it's off, go buy a new one. For $35.00, I don't know why anyone would waste their time drilling.
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    supercharger on 5.0 in explorer

    Your question doesn't make any sense. Are you saying you're using a 96 Explorer's 5.0 in your 94 Explorer? You can find one for a 96-01 5.0 here:
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    Idling Low???

    It could also be the TPS (Throttle Position Sensor). I had a rough idle until I replaced mine. And don't mess with that ridiculous "TPS mod" (if you don't know what I mean, do a search). It's a complete waste of time, not to mention you can get a new TPS for about $30.
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    01 XLT looking for Mods, suggestions please!

    Gears aren't going to help you much on a 4800lb SUV. You might as well scrap that idea and go for a supercharger. You keep saying you need more power so there you go. Personally, my X is quite fast. Then again, I don't tow anything. You have the exhaust so next you need an intake and a...
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    Muffler opinions

    You can find 40 series on Ebay for $30-$40 easily. If you had a V8 (obviously you don't), I'd say get the 50 series.
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    1997 Explorer tranny broke??? said the Ford Dealer

    I agree. Try cleaning/replacing the IAC (Idle Air Control) valve. That is known to create a "howling" noise. I don't know that a tranny would make a "howling" noise. That one's new to me. You obviously have tranny problems since you can't reverse but I definitely wouldn't let those hacks...
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    Transmission shift kit install - filter screen???

    That's something different. I replaced that with the one in the B&M kit. Apparently, the Baumann kit, which I learned from someone else, says you don't need that trapazoidal looking screen. Anyhow, I have a bigger problem. Now, when I hit the gas to accelerate, the engine sputters and has...
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    Transmission shift kit install - filter screen???

    Transmission shift kit install - sputtering engine/power loss I'm just about done with my B&M shift kit install (4R70W trans). At some point during the inital tear down, a small screen filter fell out. It has sort of a trapezoidal shap on the top plastic part but I don't kow where it goes. Any...
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    Transmission fluid (shift kit install)

    Still haven't grown up, have you? :rolleyes: Thanks for the LEGIT responses, guys.
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    Transmission fluid (shift kit install)

    The dipstick says "Mercon V" (for a 4R70W). This sucks, because the cheapest I found it is $2.89/qt at Autozone. Anyhow, how many quarts do I ACTUALLY need? See, I'm not doing a flush, only installing a shift kit, so I'm assuming all of the fluid won't drain out. Do actually need to buy 13...
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    00 Sport Sway Bars

    You can do it yourself. Even if you can't do anything else on your vehicle, you can do this yourself.
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    Runs rough, badly, sometimes horrible

    Check your TPS, too. Mine ran rough until I replaced it. EGR valve failure will also make it run rough but you would have a CEL for that.
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    How to: Body Work 101

    Very nice write up. About your "tupperware", did you just remove that and not paint it? How is that held on? See, I have a Limited that was apparently in an accident at some point before I owned it. The entire driver's side was repainted and they did an absolutely horrible job. The paint...
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    5.0 oil usage?

    I have a similar problem. I'm using about a quart of oil between changes (about 3000-4000 miles; Mobil1). I don't drive an excessive amount of miles, about 200 per week. I'm not leaking, at least not onto the ground (I have a brand new driveway so I'd know pretty quick) but it looks like I...
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    5.0L vs 4.6L HP&Torque

    215hp/288lbft for a 5.0. 239hp/282lbft for a 4.6. The 5.0's torque comes on much lower in the powerband than the 4.6, which is typically the problem with all 4.6's. The 5sp tranny in the 4.6 gives it a slight advantage but that can quickly be overcome in the 5.0's with a shift kit. Even...
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    Rough idle when warm

    Could be spark plugs, plug wires, TPS, IAC, or any of a number of other things. I'd start with plugs first and go from there.
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    What do you think of this Aiwa?

    I have the Pioneer 4600MP. I love it. Only has two preouts but still. Does everything I need a h/u to do and more. Has great EQ adjustments built right in, too.
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    What Brand Plugs and Wires?

    Bosch Platinum plugs and just installed Taylor Spiro-Pro 8mm wires. My X is running better than it ever has now.
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    rough idle in the morning

    IAC and changing the plugs would be a good idea if you haven't changed them in a long time. You can get a new IAC on for about $50.
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    I Give This Site An A+++++++++

    BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! And that's all I have to say about that. Oh, and that HONESTY is a virtue.
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    Rear Shock Replacements

    Monroe SensaTracs for me. Have had them for a year and they're still going strong.
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    Front end clunk - NOT ball joints

    Replace the sway bar bushings. You can get Energy Suspension greasable with the grease fittings. I don't know if that's what's causing the noise but since you say they look old and dry, it wouldn't hurt to replace them.
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    Changed plugs and wires, now surging!!!!

    TPS or IAC valve. Also, might seem like a dumb question but, did you gap the plugs properly?
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    Idles high after starting

    Glad to hear it. Not to burst your bubble, but you could've gotten a Motorcraft IAC on fordpartsnetwork for $61.00. But, I know how it is when something's not running right. You want it fixed IMMEDIATELY.
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    Stumble on acceleration

    Spark plugs. I had a stutter on acceleration and changed my plugs to Bosch Platinums and it's gone. It could also be your TPS. I had similar problems until I changed that, as well.
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    Idles high after starting

    You may need to actually replace the IAC. I have a startup idle problem stemming from the IAC on mine (also 5.0). It idles extremely low until it "pops" and then idles fine. When I clean the IAC, it idles OK on startup for a few days and then it's right back to where it was. I just ordered a new...
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    Brake Rotor Specials From Explorer Express!

    He doesn't work for EE any longer.
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    Car got broken into today!!!!!!!

    Go with Pioneer. has some good deals. Use this as an opportunity to upgrade. It sucks, but it's happened to just about everyone I know. The best thing you can do to protect your stereo is get one with a removable face plate. Anyone that doesn't have one or something similar in...
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    suspension squeeks

    You can use normal grease in the bushings. The grease they come with is horrible and is too tacky and actually caused my bushings to squeak. Make sure you get the GREASEABLE Energy Suspension bushings, too. They have a grease fitting that will allow you to grease them at will. If you think...
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    What Fluids to Change?? Tune Up??

    I use Mobil1 and have for years. Don't forget the not always so obvious stuff like your belt, fuel filter, etc. Tranny fluid change:,2021,DIY_13700_2270920,00.html That's a pretty good tutorial but a couple things: I wouldn't use gasket...
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    Which car would you run over?

    Definitely rice.
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    Airbag light

    The airbag light in mine goes off every once in a while like this, as well. I do the exact same thing mentioned above: unplug and plug back in that same yellow plug. Works every time. Mine goes off about every 6 months or so so I assume it has something to do with humidity affecting the plug...
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    Hesitation at start

    Mustang folks have been using carb cleaner for years, but I'm sure the electric cleaner will work, too. I was also thinking spark plugs but it would continue doing it the entire time you are driving, not just when you first take off in the morning.
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    Transmission Shifting

    That definitely sounds like a computer or sensor related problem. I know when I changed my TPS it cured my strange shifting problems.
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    Hesitation at start

    Clean your IAC with carb cleaner. This is a common problem. I just did it last week because I had an idle problem at start up as well and it has been cured. Basically, you just flush out the IAC with carb cleaner and that will clear out the deposits and any dirt that has collected.
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    adjust your TPS (another free hp mod)

    Your multimeter should have a sharp point on the probe. You stick that into the wires leading to the TPS. Personally, I found this "mod" to be a complete waste of time. Not only won't it work on my model, which has the metal sleeve and is impossible to drill through without breaking the TPS...
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    Best riding shocks?

    <---99 5.0 BTW, Sears has great deals on shocks like free installation so I would check them out. That's where I got mine.
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    Where to buy greasable sway bar bushings?

    You can get Energy Suspension bushings with grease fittings. I have them on my front and rear sway bars. Autozone sells them but there are no locations in Alaska. Anyhow, greasable Energy Suspension bushings are what I would recommend.
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    Best riding shocks?

    Have heard/witnessed many bad things regarding the Edelbrocks. One that sticks in my head is "Edelbrock should stick with engine parts." I have SensaTracs and have had not one problem and my X rides great. If you plan on lowering, you need to look into drop shocks, however.
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    Squeaky Leaf Springs

    Well, I greased everything up and I still have squeaking. I'm heading to Sears so they can look at/replace my Monroe Sensatracs because that appears to be where the noise is coming from. It can't be anywhere else. I also didn't use lithium grease but normal grease (Coastal brand) so I know it's...