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    Sputtering at 55

    Thanks in advance for any help you guys give me.... OK here is the problem about a month ago i got my spark plugs changed because my 92 Explorer sport kept sputtering at 55mph and it turned out my spark plug and spark plug wires have never been changed by the previous owner! OH MY where they...
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    A few questions

    I was reading threw alot of your guys post.. How do i reset the computer in my explorer 91? Do i just disconnect the battery or is there more to it? Also in my back window on my 91 explorer XLT i have no rear windsheild whiper or a defrost does anyone else have this? Thanks alot for your input!
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    Engine miss firing?? Sputtering

    About a week ago i noticed my engine just started sputtering. Instead of a nice smooth engine sound it sounds like it is hickuping over and over agian. When i get going 55 down the road it vibrates and i can hear it miss firing. At least thats what i think it is. Any ideas??? I think i may have...
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    Orion HCCA 250r for those who know what it is.

    hmmmmm seems alittle steep i can get a 1100 orion for 250 new
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    system messed up!!!!!

    All i have to say is your black wire in your head unit, the "ground wire" well find a better ground for it because i am about 95% postive that is what it is... But there is always that 5%
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    3 JL w0's

    HAHA classic scam thanks man
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    3 JL w0's

    Post it up in this board i wanna see the pics... What did u do with the old system?
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    3 JL w0's

    I would get a better amp if i was you i don't believe it is 4 ohms stable... Also i have my speakers close to my back door so i get more bass out of it.. i ajusted it so that it isn;t to close so i get all rattle.. and to far so i don't get no bass it is just perfect.. Try that out see if it...
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    3 JL w0's

    I got 3 JL WO's in a sealed box with a kenwood 600 watt amp pushing em... i got orion 5x7's and kenwood tweeters and a dry cell so my lights don't dim.... I am hitting about 148 db's and it sounds amazing... Only problem i got is that after my speakers were beating so long it rattled my back...
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    4 Channel amp wiring??

    How do u hook up 4 RCA cables to a 4 Channel amp? I got 4 RCA preouts on my head unit. I got 2 of those 4 RCA preouts going to my kenwood 600 watt for my subs and i got 2 left over. Don't i need 4 RCA jacks to hook up my 4 channel amp? Or would the 4 channel amp run all 4 channels with just 2...
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    Oh my bad i thought he was refuring to all around explod sorry. I need to read things more clearly hah
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    I wouldn't recommend Xplod your more just paying for the sony name i work at ABC warehouse we got a "mickey shores car audio" and i heard all the xplod stuff they destort way to much at high volume.. If you wanted to go cheap and good go Polk Audio DX series or Orion
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    Pre-Out on Factory Headunit?

    I personally think "line out converter" are trash... I got one for my friend and it produce more high sounds the lows... Unless you got a better crossover for your amp i would just recommend a new head unit...
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    My hood is stuck

    Half latched my man... but i took it to a ford dealer adn they fixed it for free it seems that i must have pushed the prongs dwon when i was leaning over to change my oil. So the top one only latched he just oiled it up and poped it out for free with some crowbar type thing.. Seemed to work and...
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    My hood is stuck

    Ok i was changing the oil today and i went to shut my hood it got stuck from half way being shut to halfway being open i can move it up or down it is just stuck there half way closed.... it is sicurly stuck i can not budge it no matter what i do..... i have tried everything of my knowledge i...
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    3 JL W0's 10's

    I got a 1991 Ford Explorer. I dropped in there 3 JL W0's 10's in a seal q logic sealed box with a Kenwood 600 watt amp briged... I got all three subs wired in parrel but god the RATTLES ARE HORRIBLE! I am going to invest in some dynomatt probley this weekend. Also for Christmas i am getting a...