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    Real fast...factory light bulb?

    Draft Draft, thank you so much...that link was very helpful! Derek
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    Real fast...factory light bulb?

    Headlight bulb...HID 9007? Foglight bulb.....893? Derek, 96 Eddie Bauer X
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    Please help me with my SCREEN selection

    Not sure's claims it's 1 yr. old...
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    Please help me with my SCREEN selection

    Thanks guys for the replies, and if anyone knows anything further than this, please feel free to keep this post active. Also, is our radio bezel concidered a FULL double din size? Derek
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    Please help me with my SCREEN selection

    Do you guys think the Monitor on this web site would fit into our douple din sized radio bezel? Its the Clarion MAX225. If so, do you guys think it would look okay? I like the motorized flip out screens, just very costly. Here is a picture of some different angle shots...
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    FS:Indash TV screen: w/ am/fm/tv tuner

    This is a 6.4 inch size unit made by Lanzar. This unit is amazing in action...and it looks great in all types of vehicles. The clearity/pixcel quilty is the same as the Pioneers and a few less than the Kenwood Excelon. A friend of mine recked his Prelude, and needs to sell his Kenwood screen so...
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    Installing indash screen, need help

    If I take out my factory head unit to replace it with an after market indash tv, will my rear factory sub still work? I was told that I would need some $80.00 peice to make the rear sub still work. But then I was told by the supervicer at Circuit City, that they should be able to make it work...
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    Need better gas milage & pickup...?

    Thank you guys for all the advice! Very helpful...I'm going to start checking off the "to do list" after the weekend. What sucks is that I'm taking a road trip with 5 of my friends this weekend to go see some buddies at another college...and I got stuck driving:eek: . Deal is who ever drives...
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    Need better gas milage & pickup...?

    I have 96 Eddie Bauer Explorer and it has a little over 78k miles on it. I bought it three months ago and on it's test drive it read (on the digital readout screen), that I was getting 15.8 miles to the gallon on the INTERSTATE. But just about a week ago, I've been seeing that I've decreased to...
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    Pics of an E.B. with brush gaurd?

    I have a 96 dark red (marron) Eddie Bauer and want to put a brush gaurd on the front and back, just not sure on what color to do it in. I was thinking black but I think it looks so nice that I'd hate to do something to take that look away from it. I did a search but not much to look at...does...
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    Post all your in dash TV pics

    I'm wanting to get an in dash TV/DVD player installed soon and wanted to know if there's any pics floating around out there. I did a search, but not much. Thanks, Derek
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    Need help from everybody: factory radio ?'s

    I have a 96 Eddie Bauer and have the factory tape/fm/am unit up front and want to upgrade a 6 disc in some how. Will a 6 disc unit play through my factory radio? If not aftermarket...will a stock changer play through it? Derek
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    ? about factory (cassette) stereo & CD changer

    I really need to know...:( Derek
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    ? about factory (cassette) stereo & CD changer

    I just purchased a 96 Eddie Bauer and it has all the options the EB's come with except the 6disc in the consule. I have some phone jack looking hole in the consule, but I have no idea what that is for :confused: ! I have the factory cassete/fm/am radio, but I'm not sure if I can run a factory or...
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    Need Pics: Of deep red X's with Brushgaurd

    I have a 96' Marron Eddie Bauer and want a brush gaurd but I'm not sure on what color it should be. I'm not to crazy about chrome, and not sure on black...kinda thinking about painting a black one the same color of my E.B. effects (beige-ish color). What do you guys think? Any pics floating...
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    I want the "Lexus Look" blue-ish lights!

    I love the blue-ish white lighting in the front of vehicles. I used to have them in my headlights of my old car, but don't know the good bulbs for the Explorers. I want all my lighting in the front to match up though. I did a search, but all the post are primarly for the headlights only. What...