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    Here's a head scratcher (electrical issues).

    4wd and dome lights aren't through the multi function switch are they??
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    Backed into my driveway - put her in Park - Ratchet Noise

    the parking pawl is the system that locks the output shaft in the tranny from being able to move. The parking pin is the same system. when the pin drops into the notches it holds the tranny. This explains the system its designed to...
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    Wont Move while in gear

    check the fluid level with it idling in park.
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    New wheels ordered, now need help with tires, anyone use duratracs?

    i ordered these wheels yesterday, should be here soon. i thought they seemed like a decent price for a nice looking wheel. anyway, once they get here i will be buying new tires too. im gonna...
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    Christmas Presents / Mods ?

    new set of tires for the truck from my dad.
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    Wrong motor oil

    10w 30 is not thicker than 5w 30 all the time, only at startup when cold. they are both still a multi viscosity oil that end up being 30 weight when warm.
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    question on Mufflers

    check out youtube there are tons of sound clips of different mufflers and exhaust.
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    MPG loss with bigger tires

    the tread will impact mileage very little. size has a much bigger impact.
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    Riley's Ranger

    a few pics
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    2006 X V-8 Exhaust noise

    manifold crack, not header... as far as the warranty goes, it seems possible but just check with your dealer.
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    New Work Done Again With Pics

    ill second that.... also i bet if you blacked out those corner lights it would look real good
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    Noise from front right wheel (not wheel bearing?)

    Usually radius arm bushings dont contribute to a whine, but more of a clunking noise while turning or on bumps. For anyone else in this thread who has the same problem make sure you have covered all the basics first. new bearings make sure they are packed correctly make sure there is lots of...
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    Rounded Oil Plug

    ive used vice grips for stripped plugs before, works great, doesn't hurt the pan, and then replace the bolt/nut/plug after your done with a new one.
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    Tranny noise

    Check all your heat shields by having the truck idling (if thats what causes the rattle) and cover your hand with something temp proof and feel around until you hit the shield that stops it. If you determine its not a shield, try a mechanics stethoscope to try to isolate the location, which...
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    Rattle Unsure From Where

    There is a chain and tensioner right there to drive the drivers bank cam, so if its a chain rattle i would assume that one. the primary chain and tensioner are also gonna be right below that under the timing cover, another possibility.
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    Rattle Unsure From Where

    Well, if its coming from the cats themselves I would suspect its a heat shield.
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    What mods?

    wider fiberglass fenders and wider wheel stance are the easiest way to get the prerunner look. But if you don't wanna spend 3 grand on a long travel suspension kit, and just want the look, then id start with a body lift, and some bigger tires and wider wheels, and some wider fenders or at least...
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    Newbie saying ZUP

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    This makes no sense

    First of all, try some punctuation as that was incredibly hard to understand. Now for the vehicles problem, i would suggest trying the basics first, like clean your battery cable terminals and battery posts, and see if and more problems arise.
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    Driving on the Beach

    You should be fine doing a little sand driving, airing down is probably only needed if its very deep and soft sand, just test it out and be cautious at first to get a feel for it, and until you are used to the depth and sinking tendancies of the sand, make sure to not spin out.
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    Mechanic says its not a transmission issue...

    check for a clogged cat first, move on from there if that isnt it.
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    Towing with a '99 Explorer XLT in '10

    at just 2500lb, it should be no problem especially with an aux cooler and possibly a trans temp gauge just to stay on top of things.
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    Bore and Stroke?
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    Why are explorers always BLOWN UP on Mythbusters??

    Read the info in the link and it tells you under a bold heading called Car Engine Disablement.
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    Possible Brake Problem?

    I assume the vehicle is still under warranty? If thats the case and your not paying for the service then you should just say you have a brake problem and they will solve it. If you are paying for this out of your own pocket i would recommend going to a reputable shop that isn't a dealer as...
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    New Work Done Again With Pics

    The best thing to do for exhaust is have a local shop build the system, and have them install, say a magnaflow if thats what you want. Or whatever muffler fits your liking. That way you aren't paying $50 per foot for a pre-bent cat back exhaust that might not even fit well.
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    Possible Brake Problem?

    First, just because you dont get a quick response, dont post another thread for the same topic, its generally frowned upon. Now for your brakes, pull off the front wheels, and check the caliper slide bolts, make sure they aren't loose, if they are, take them out and apply blue loctite and then...
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    Need Help looking for a picture!

    there are white and black ones in here, or does it NEED to be gray to really visualize?
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    AC help? should have them
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    Safe PSI for airing down?

    15-20 is a common air down for mud tires. If you are between 20-25 psi, then you should be fine, just make sure its ONLY while your in the mud, since you dont want the tire to de-mount.
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    Who wants 2-3 mpg better

    Good call.
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    Muffler emissions question

    Then you should be just fine changing your muffler.
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    Riding rough even after shocks replaced?

    Shocks do not effect ride stiffness, tire pressure and style, along with coil/leaf spring, or torsion bar stiffness.
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    cut fenders

    Search, tons of people have cut their fenders after a lift, or bigger tires.
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    Clunk when downshifting from 2nd to 1st

    Sounds like just a messed up solenoid.
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    transmission flush over 100,000 miles?

    I agree, drop your pan, change the filter for sure. See how bad the fluid is and how bad the contamination is and go from there.
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    Muffler emissions question

    As long as the test is strictly emissions then your ok. But if its a full inspection you might want to look into whether they require a certain decibel level also.
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    Please help.. 99 limited aftermarket radio

    This might help?
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    How can i get better MPG?

    Check Tire Pressure Replace the Air Filter Replace the Fuel Filter Do a Seafoam treatment on the motor. Clean the Throttle Body with Carb/Throttle Body Cleaner Change the Spark Plugs Replace the Spark Plug Wires Clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor, CRC makes a Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner in a...
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    Late shift from 1st to 2nd , already changed valve body, now what?

    If a solenoid is stuck open you either have a solenoid problem, or there is a computer control issue that is actuating solenoids incorrectly.