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    Goodbye Explorer

    Well, I guess it is goobye. My wife totaled her explorer (my toy to tinker with) yesterday. So, after we get the check from the insurance agent, off we go to get her a new F-150. I will try to post some pics. So, take care and keep the shiny side up!
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    Overheating (Vegas)

    Ok, I pulled the stock fan and put on a Black Magic electric. But in 113+ degrees here in Vegas and it can't cut it in traffic. On the freeway it is good, but in town, it just can't cut it. Has anyone put a fan in front of the condenser and if so, which one will fit (my guess is 8" on drivers...
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    Add-a leaf needed

    I know somewhere there is an answer. Where did you get an Add-a-leaf for a 2dr with the single leaf in the rear? Preferably on-line.
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    Custom made FIPK Shield for my KKM

    Missing clamp Hey great job. But I am sure you noticed that you forgot the MAF/Intake tube clamp, right?
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    Shock question (again)

    I want to know what everyone is using, and how they are on/off road. I know some shocks are built to be under a full size rig and do not work right under explorers. I saw an article in a recent 4x magazine comparing shocks and I want to hear from the best torture testers out there, US! :D
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    Supercharger for SOHC?

    Does anyone know, (and I know you have looked for one) if there is a supercharger kit made for the SOHC?
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    B&M Shift Plus For '97 SOHC

    Price info I was just searching the net and found this site. They have it for $29.95.[/URL]
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    B&M Shift Plus For '97 SOHC

    Has anyone ordered the ShiftPlus Electronic Shift Improver from B&M? I checked the trans codes for the trans that it is supposed to fit, and my 5sp auto is one of them. I would like to firm up the shifts and want to know if this will work.
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    A/C is trying to kill my engine... I think.

    Just for S+G's, check to make sure you didnt, knock or leave off the vacuum line that is running to the intake tube right next to the MAF. I felt dumb after paying $55 to have a shop run the codes for the "Check Engine" light that came on, just to find out that that hose came off somehow...
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    1.Rear stepping out 2.Add a leaf for mono

    Sorry, but recommended tire pressure as on the tire (and website) is 65psi for the BFG KO's 265/75-16. I know, it sounds outrageous. maybe I will go down to like 50psi and try driving down the freeway and check.
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    Need VIN check
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    1.Rear stepping out 2.Add a leaf for mono

    HELP. I just got back from the shop after getting a front end alignment. Actually, it was just checked because the guy said that it checked out fine (I saw him check it). My questions: After changing tires to the 265/75-16 BFG AT KO's, the rear end really steps out (to the right) when I hit a...
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    Hotter or colder plugs

    Hey all. I put a dual exhaust in my 1997 SOHC and it went from a single 2.5" to dual 2.25". I need to know if I should change the heat range for the plugs or not. I put in the +4's 20k ago and they are running like crap. I cant wait to look at them and see what others have been saying about...
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    Where to get 97 2dr add-a-leafs?

    Ok, where can I get them? I have given up looking on the internet by myself. Can anyone give me a web site address? Thanks Thumper
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    dual exhaust?

    Dual exhaust solution Hey all, I put duals on my 97 SOHC and they sound great. One could use a Flowmaster 524553 (2.25" Dual in/ Dual out). I went with 2 mufflers side by side. I cut off the stock muffler right before the flanges, slipped on a pair of Maremont mufflers for $40 at JC Whitney...
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    Dual exhaust 97 SOHC (gotta brag)

    Hey all, I have to brag. I put dual exhaust on my 97 SOHC and it sounds great. One could use a Flowmaster 524553 (2.25" Dual in/ Dual out). I went with 2 single mufflers side by side. I cut off the stock muffler right before the flanges, slipped on a pair of Maremont mufflers for $40 at JC...
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    Smokes all 4! Hey, I know it is hard on the drivetrain, but next time you feel spunky try dropping it into 4-low and get on it. With my 4.10's it will smoke all 4 and get a 2nd gear bark!
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    where to find Flowmaster 40 series for $59.99.
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    Aluminum on 5.0L in the Woods ?

    As long as your cooling system is up to snuff you are OK. If you are that worried, you could throw in an auxillary electric fan on the outside of the radiator pusher style. Just have an electronic (manual will work in a pinch) thermostat for it to kick on at a certain temp and you will be one...
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    For Sale-Mulitiple CD changer

    So will that hook right up to my 97' sport radio? And install in the console just like stock?
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    Stock Changer

    e-Bay has an auction on now for a magazine. Either search for "explorer" or use the address below. Hope this helps. Thumper Dead Link Removed
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    Would TC's lift work for a 1997?

    BOY! Am I glad I asked about the LIFT he did. I am asking about the suspension lift, not the body lift (original thread question), nor some M shaped spring of another truck. Please e-mail someone with your personalized comments. Thanks to those of you who accually helped answer my question.
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    Where and how much for your cat-back?

    I want to know from as many people as possible. I have a 1997 SOHC 2dr, and want to buy a cat-back system. Where did you get yours and how much did you pay for it? This will help all of us looking to do the same thing.
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    Does anyone know where to get cheap spacers?

    Searching the web, I have found one place that sells 7/16" spacers, but I want more. Maybe the 7/16" up front, but I will need at least 1" on the rears. But they are $14 for the 7/16", and haven't found them for the rears yet. Antone know where I can get the thicker ones to get me by (for...
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    Where do I get cat-back system?

    I have a 1997 SOHC and want dual exhaust in the worst way. I have thought about removing the stock muffler and pipe and squeezing 2 bullet mufflers and some flex tubing in the same place. But, If someone makes a cat-back that is easy on the pocketbook, I will go for that. Anyone, Anyone. Pat
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    Would TC's lift work for a 1997?

    I just got done looking at TC's beautiful Explorer. I was wondering if his trick of using a 1998 Ranger lift kit would work on a 1997? What did they change in 1998? I dont know anyone with a 1998 to compare.
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    Autozone shackles

    If they are the same shackles as I bought (Red box, chrome plated, 8" hole to hole) yes they will work. They look great and put an end to the "Explorer Ass Sag". Looks great now.
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    Help me with backspacing q....

    Backspacing is measured from the mounting surface to the very outside edge of the backside of the rim. Offset is measured from the mounting surface to the centerline of the rim. Hope this helps.
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    Wheel Backspacing for 33x12.50's

    Backspacing is from the mounting surface of the wheel to the edge of the inside wheel lip. Offset is the mounting surface of the wheel to the middle of the rim's width. Hope this helps.
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    97 Sport 2dr SOHC 4.10 AWESOME!

    My bad Explorer is a 1997 Sport w/SOHC option. The 4.10 gears are awesome. On the street, I get lots of blank stares as I smoke Grand Cherokee's and Blazers. I put an extended shackle kit in it last weekend and it looks great. No more squatting ass look. Put the new +4 platinum plugs in it. Gets...