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    Difference between Transmissions ??

    thanks guys !! i found out today I do have a 5R55S not a 5R55W. I think if i can find a shop to do a decent priced rebuild thats the way I will go.. I just bought the truck, its fully loaded in EXCELLENT condition with 79K miles for $3K, so I think I have a little wiggle room for the rebuild ...
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    Wanted Transmission for a 2003 4x4

    looking for a good working tranny that will fit my 2003 Explorer XLT 4x4.. Im in MARYLAND but can travel some or pay for freight... Thanks
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    Difference between Transmissions ??

    What is the difference between a 4X2 automatic transmission from a 2002 Explorer and a 4X4 automatic transmission from a 2003 Explorer ?? The reason I ask is I have the Servo bore issue with my 2003 4X4 XLT and Ive tried all the quick fixes.. I have a tranny lined up from a 2002 4X2 but Its to...