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    Vector art for Sport Trac and 5.0 logos?

    Interested I'll be interested in one of these as well for mine (not 4WD though); let us know what you end up doing!
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    02 Sport Trac - Representing MyST and ExplorerForum!

    Hey guys, just a simple post here, showcasing the mods I've done to my 02 Trac up to this point. The before and after is always evolving but here's where she sat when it snowed here in GA a few weeks ago... I've got big drivetrain plans for this one, v8 swap *cough* Before, the day I brought...
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    5.0 Sport Trac Lives

    Teaser for another v8 swap Maybe the wrong place for this, but I have been inspired reading these threads extensively enough to want to complete my own v8 swap. I picked up a 1999 2WD Explorer with a rebuilt and bored over 5.0, and I started gutting it about 3 weeks ago to put the beast in my...
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    Lifted Sport Tracs Picture Thread!

    Hey guys, finally getting around to posting here (now that you spotted my rig Offtrac!!). That's me in Atlanta, representing my hometown of Carrollton; I was most likely on my way to/from school at Southern Poly in August... I've got some really interesting stuff coming up - mainly a v8 swap...