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    How to: 2013 Explorer 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 Water Pump and Timing Set Replacement

    Thank you both!!! I could not find the part number to save my life. Going to see if my local Dealer has them before ordering.
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    How to: 2013 Explorer 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 Water Pump and Timing Set Replacement

    Where did you find the cam phaser bolts? I am in the process of doing this repair on my 2013 XLT 3.5L (Non-turbo) and see that the bolts must be replaced. I have everything else except those. Thanks in advanced
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    Side Mirror Courtesy Lights

    Take it from me. I cut mine open, new bulbs, and resealed. They only worked for a while. Got these for my 13 XLT and will never look back:
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    Diode Dynamics HID Users... come on in!

    Any of you guys mind uploading a pic of where you mounted your Ballasts? I'm join to relocate mine here soon and want to see where others have theirs mounted. I would like to try to bolt them in, but not sure if that is possible yet. Thanks
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    Rear Bumper Protectors

    This is the one I wanted to get, but like the comments say it could interfere with the rear sensors:
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    Rear Bumper Protectors

    Oops!!! Sorry about that. :-) I want something like that, but don't know if I can bite the bullet, the Ex barely fits in my garage as is.
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    Rear Bumper Protectors

    It all comes down to what you like. I had edge damage, so my choice was set. I was just glad I could find it for under $100. I love how the factory one says "Explorer" Either option the OP should be able to find what they need. Here is a link for the factory one...
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    Rear Bumper Protectors

    True, but I'd rather have the leading edge protected, as mine already has some damage from loading/unloading (previous owners) so its a decent trade-off.
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    Rear Bumper Protectors

    This is what I just got: Works and looks nice in my opinion. Better than the factory version.
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    OEM Hankook Tires, Like or Dislike

    Only thing I hate about mine, is mine have very little grip when I'm on wet pavement, and start to go from a stop (damn FWD). I can spin my tires without much throttle. I have 36k or so on them but. Since I don't know what the original depth was I can't say they need to replaced or not (original...
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    Roof Carrier Recommendation

    I haven't tried this on my Ex yet, but have on a 2009 Escape and it was really nice. kept everything nice and dry (trip to Myrtle Beach) and it rained the whole trip down. I did take it with us when we went to Disney this year with the Ex, but didn't end up needing it, so it just stayed rolled...
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    Dead battery lessons learned

    Better than jumper cables, give this a go: I bought one for my trip to Disney recently just in case. Haven't used it yet, but am on the look out for a car/truck that needs jumping to try it.
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    Running Boards - DeeZee and Others

    I don't have them, but wanted them on mine. I did do some searching on here, and from what I've read if you have little ones (under 10) they are nice, but most people either complain that they hit their feet on them or they just collect snow and crap. Not really useful, so I decided against...
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    Auto close - Moonroof and Windows

    Would love to have FOB control of this, but also know that my '13 Ex has pinch protection. I found out because my 15 y.o. thought it was funny to stick his hand through while I was closing it to get a rise out of my 4 y.o. (it didn't touch him) but as a test I did it: right when it was starting...
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    Questions pertaining headlights

    Just got done with a trip from Cincinnati to Florida, driving all night on the way down to Disney, and from 11am to 3:30am on the way home. I have to agree with you the stock headlights where crap so way before we left I did some research and replaced my headlights with Philips 9011's. OMG they...
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    Adding dashcam. Any tips?

    Loving mine more every day. This was this morning on the drive to work, I only saw the guy right before the camera saw him. Look to the right of the screen, and he shows up at about the 6 second mark.
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    Simple upgrade for rear turn signal bulbs?

    BTW did you guys replace the front as well?? I got the same bulbs as this post:
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    Simple upgrade for rear turn signal bulbs?

    Odd. I hope those take care of it for you. ::Waiting for his to start to hyper-flash::
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    Simple upgrade for rear turn signal bulbs?

    Did your bulbs have 2 wires in them or 4, I haven't had that issue at all, and I'm wondering if due to the ones I have I have more resistance
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    This almost sucked

    Nope no damage (Thank god) Its really wasn't that thick, but all the cars/trucks behind me changed lanes just to avoid it. The Ex treated it like a small speed bump.
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    This almost sucked

    Driving home from work, windows down. Kicking it to some country music and I hear "CRAAACK" next thing I know I see this: Only missed my truck by inches. Traffic behind me was changing lanes to go around it.
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    Simple upgrade for rear turn signal bulbs?

    Your welcome and no worries, I pulled the taillight out to take the photos, I was trying to create a photoshop pic of it, but that wasn't going to explain it enough, plus I forgot exactly how I had to bend the wires, so wth.
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    Simple upgrade for rear turn signal bulbs?

    You probably got the correct bulb with only 2 contacts, mine I think was a bit different. Ether way, in the end same result :-)
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    Simple upgrade for rear turn signal bulbs?

    lol, its not what you think. with the T20 7440's there are 4 wires, two wires are for the outer LED's on the bulb, the other 2 are for the center, so they can be used in other cars say my wife's 2009 Escape, when she turns on the lights the out side of the bulb come on, and when she hits the...
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    Driver's Side Sun Visor Problem

    My XLT didn't have the remote (HomeLink module) and I thought it was cool so I ended up adding one. If you remove the lighted part most of the wires you can see right behind it. Also there is a guide that I posted ( that will show you how to add...
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    Simple upgrade for rear turn signal bulbs?

    I can honestly say I like the way you have this done, but I just can't get the nerve to do this to my ex. Nice work though!
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    Simple upgrade for rear turn signal bulbs?

    BTW these were the exact ones that I ordered:
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    Simple upgrade for rear turn signal bulbs?

    Nope, most new quality LED bulbs have the resistors already integrated into them. I simply removed the old bulb, put the new one in, and after flipping two of the wires to the other side to ensure all LED's on the bulb was on (you will see when you plug it in and test it,) I put it all back...
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    Simple upgrade for rear turn signal bulbs?

    I used something like these for my rear turn signals: I don't get the Egg Yolk effect anymore, its completely clear when off, Red when on, but they make amber ones as well. I modified the wires slightly to get both elements of the bulb to light up but wasn't much...
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    So far my 2013 XLT

    Need a thanks button on here :-) Thanks
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    Torque App

    Odd, mine worked with Sync connected. Could be the version of Android, or the Adapter. Glad you at least got it working.
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    Replace Rear Brake Pads & Rotors

    I just did mine (32k miles) for about $275: ~$75 for Pads (front & rear) ~$200 for Rotors (front & rear) All Raybestos Advanced Did them myself, took most of the day, but cleaned everything really good, installed mud flaps, found some hidden mud/dirt that took a while to clean out, Food...
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    Torque App

    I don't know how cheap, "cheap" is, but I got this one for about $12 and it works just fine with Torque Pro: I just wish I could see oil pressure/oil temp, but could be I'm just not looking at the right part.