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    My rear passenger window is not working.

    Every time I have had a power lock or window issue I have traced it back to the wires in the boot between the front drivers side door hinges. Regardless of the door having trouble, that is where I have found the trouble. Actually my electric mirror defrost wires broke at that location a few...
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    Please help!!1998 4x4 VSpeedSensor where is this thing!!

    I am having a similar problem but no abs light coming on. Did you ABS light come on without a bad cable/wire? My speedometer typically works for a 1 to 5 miles and either stops working or bounces up and down and then stop working. Like you, changed the diff sensor and visually checked the...
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    Overdrive Light O/D Flashes & Code P0761 pulls up

    Fixed It After all this time it was just a broken wire at the base of the shift lever. The wire from the overdrive button (thin black wire) was worn and shorted on the column. The fuse kept blowing as soon as I put it in gear and this prevented the backup lights from working and then the...
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    Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS)

    Try This
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    Can I Please Get A Picture

    I don't think so Check the back by the firewall. It is in the area of K 2 on your grid and I had to use a mirror to see it. I think it sits lower than the black intake piece. The part does look like the one I replaced and I needed to also change the drive gear. This was the same 4.0 that I...
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    Ticking noise under a load 5.0 302

    Thanks for the suggestions and ideas. As it turned out, the EGR tube from the exhaust manifold to the EGR valve had a slight visible crack. After I removed it I found a much bigger crack on the back side. No more TICK TICK, love it!
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    Ticking noise under a load 5.0 302

    I'll check it out Thanks for the advice, I will check it out this Saturday and let you know what I discover.
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    Ticking noise under a load 5.0 302

    Is there a common area to check for a leak on the manifold itself? Any reason I hear it only under a load?
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    Ticking noise under a load 5.0 302

    I have a 1998 X with a 5.0 302. I hear a ticking noise when the engine is under a load at 1800 to 2000 rpm. Without a load (in park) you can't hear the noise so it is very hard to detect where it is coming from under the hood. It sounds a little differnent than a lifter ticking so I think it...
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    Can I Please Get A Picture

    CPS problem solved I was able to find this by using a mirror up against the firewall. I changed it out and saved around $350. Here are a couple things I learned... 1) Remove the transmission mount nuts and jack up the tailshaft a few inches for extra clearance. 2) Remove the the plactic air...
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    Can I Please Get A Picture

    Status Did you find this??
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    Camshaft Position Sensor 4.0 CPS CMS

    My brother needed his Explorers camshaft postion sensor changed so I found the sensor in the back of the engine and it looks like a real bear to replace. Is there a trick to getting to it or am I looking at a real challenge. This is a 1996 6 cylinder 4.0 with AC, an AC line appears to go right...
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    Overdrive Light O/D Flashes & Code P0761 pulls up

    I have a 1996 Ranger 2wd 4cyl 2.3 auto trans,135K miles The CEL Code light is on with a code of P0761 and the OD light flashes around 60-70 MPH. The 10amp fuse that controls the OD, DRL and Back up light blows as soon as the truck is put in gear. I have replace the 10 amp fuse a number of...
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    99 X flat spot/hesitation

    Seems to be OK Ok, after a couple of weeks now I feel pretty good that the problem is solved. I ended up changing the plugs and it seemed a little better. After talking to a friend, he suggested that a misfire under a load was probably due to a bad plug wire. I changed them and the problem...
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    99 X flat spot/hesitation

    Replaced the plugs Thanks for the reply. The truck has 67000 miles so I changed the plugs. Inspecting them I saw no signs of fouling. The problem seemed to go away, but no dice. Did you ever change your vehicle speed sensor? I was thinking about trying this because it went out on my...
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    99 X flat spot/hesitation

    Did you Solve It? Were you able to solve the engine misfire? I have a 1998 and around 1500-1600 RPM I get a really bad misfire. I am trying plugs and wires since I have them but I wondered if you solved your problems and if so how.
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    Rear Pad Double Tabs Top or Bottom?

    hmmmm... OK I'm still not sure that the picture tells the story. Here is another way to ask my question. Working on the driver side (left), does the caliper rotate on clockwise or counter clockwise? I seem to remember a thread from a while back that said you could switch pads from side to...
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    Rear Pad Double Tabs Top or Bottom?

    The rear inner and outer pads on my 98 Ex. have two tabs at one end of the pad and one tab at the other. These tabs fit into the stainless sliders. The double tab ends are at the bottom and the single tabs are at the top as you mount the caliper. I can't find a picture of these but while...
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    Common 5.0 Oil Leaks?

    I have the smell of buring oil coming from the engine compartment. It seems to be coming from the driver side but I don't see any visible leaks. Looking through the wheel well, the driver side frame seems to be a little wet with oil. Any direction anyone has would be great. I really don't...
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    Power Window Problem. Need Help Please

    Found It I noted in another post that I found the trouble. It was a bad wire in the driver door jamb.
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    Power Window Problems

    It has the lens and the hole Yes it has the lens and the hole. I don't understand why they did not use it. It seem like a good safety and convenience feature. Not a big deal but why not? I will do the Pass side today.
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    GEM Generic Electronic Module Location / Removal

    Thanks, now that you you this I remember my Ranger having it in the same place. I ended up solvintg the problem ( a broken wire at door jamb). These sound like they go bad alot. Can you replace or must the dealer program. The manual I read said something about programming the axle code.
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    Power Window Problems

    Solved It!! I found 2 wires broken inside the rubber boot that connects the driver door to the body. The light blue with black stripe wire was thicker than most. I checked continuity between the switch and behind the dash and found it was dead. Cut into the boot and it was completly...
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    GEM Generic Electronic Module Location / Removal

    Where is the GEM and how do you disconnect it on a 98 EB. The basic behind the dash is not helping me find it. Are these a recall item?
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    Power Window Problem. Need Help Please

    No Power Window Switch Works Tried them all, not one of them works up or down and windows are stuck in the up position. I never had trouble trying to close windows, just opening.
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    Power Window Problems

    Did you solve this? I posted another message , did you solve this? If so then how?
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    Power Window Problem. Need Help Please

    Similiar Window Trouble-HELP! My 98 EB windows (all 4) stopped working intermittently. If I slammed the drivers door they would work for a while. Now they don't work at all! I have tried a new window relay and tested the switches and motor, all are good. BTW my moonroof works (hard...
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    Door Panels

    Great Pics This site shows how to remove panels to install mirrors. Here is the link... [URL=]
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    Power Steering Hose Leak 98 Explorer 5.0

    I'll Give Them A Try Thanks, I'll stop by one tonight and give them a try. Does the metal part of the line move (wiggle) even with it tight?
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    Power Steering Hose Leak 98 Explorer 5.0

    After changing the power steering pump I still have a slight leak from the pressure hose. I know you have to be cautious to not over tighten. Just lightly tightening results in the O-ring splitting. Any tips or tricks on this? Any idea where to get JUST the nylon/Teflon o-ring where the...
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    Jacob's Electronics...mileage/power increase

    Mileage Master Updates Just got a Jacobs Milage Master and wondering of any success or troubles that I may have. My K&N generation II has found me 2 MPG and I was hoping for a little more with the Jacobs.
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    Factory Spare 98 EB

    I have the factory chrome 16" 3 spoke EB rims. I would like to rotate the tires but the spare does not have the chrome liner. Does this remove? I know the weights may be in the way but maybe I could even buy a spare liner? Here is the pic from a prior post...
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    Michelin LTX AT's

    What Did You Go With? What tire did you go with finally? Have you had them in the sand yet? I want to run my AWD on the soft sand in the Outer Banks, NC wondering how it will perform. My 94 X was great but it had the regular 4wd. I won't be driving nuts but just want to get out on the...
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    '96 Rear Brake Pads - Caliper Bolt(s)

    Reminder I know you might not like this reminder but your gonna get it anyhow. Make sure you are turning the bolt counter clockwise to remove it. Position yourself so that you are looking at the head of the bolt and make sure you are going counter-clockwise. I'm with the 6 point...
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    BFG All Terrain KO How do they ride?

    Did You Buy em? I am thinking about the same tire or the 255. I use the vehicle for 99% street but think these will be good for crappy OH weather (snow/rain), hunting or trip to the NC beaches. I had my 94 on the beach at Outer Banks but not too sure about my 98. the 98 has AWD and no...
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    8 spark plugs on 4 cylinder??

    I just did my '96 Ranger 2.3. My Intake has cone filter so I removed the plastic muffler that is between the mass air sensor and the thottle body and put a stainless pipe in its place. Where the intake goes through the fender I pulled off the rubber snorkel and drilled 20-25 1.25" holes in...
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    Try Here

    I bought a set for my Windstar from They have a lots of mini van and full size van stuff
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    Help! Extra part laying in trans. pan!

    That's It Made me wonder too but that is what the part is>
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    Nozler's '96 XLT V8 w/a lot of mods

    Looks Great Wondering air deflector brand, install issues and does it help?
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    Power Steering Pump Troubles

    Have a 98 5.0 36,000 and the noticed the PS fluid was low. Looked behind the pulley and it seemed a little damp. Refilled the pump and it seems to be holding. Maybe some air still in it but a definite noise at start up and idle. Now I am getting some under hood noise and wondering if...