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    94 A4ld 2wd in 92?

    Thanks guys. Picking up the trans for transplant next week. Glad there should be no problems.
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    94 A4ld 2wd in 92?

    Will a A4LD from a '94 2wd just bolt in my '92 2wd 4.0 XLT? Isn't there something about a vacuum shift vs. electric? Adaptable? Thanks guys....
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    92 2WD Auto trans troubles

    At about 140K miles, my A4LD trans failed to go into overdrive on long highway trip and was rebuilt shorly after. "rebuild" lasted less than 30K miles. I'd back out of drive and would not move in D. Put in park then back in D and away I go. A few miles and I would start hearing whine, and then...
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    '92 Auto Tranny Troubles

    My 92 XLT 4dr-Auto went 140k on original trans, then had to be rebuilt. Now 42K later, after a few days of occasional flashes of my Ck Eng Lite after long decents, the overdrive would not engage. Unfortunately I was 110 miles from home and drove back that way. I noticed no engine drag on...
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    Fuel gauge
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    Fuel gauge

    My own recent experience on my "92 is that the float cracked and sunk. This requires replacement or repair of the Fuel Pump/Sending Unit inside of the tank. The procedure outlined elsewhere on this site for this repair is excellent as I followed it and had great results. The tank has to be...