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    Just got another Explorer (Has key-less entry issue)

    Yes the button in the rear locks the doors with no issue so I will look into the wiring when I get around to it.
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    Just got another Explorer (Has key-less entry issue)

    Thanks for the info on the wiring I will check that out. Yeah I still miss my old one but it was beat on really hard by my dad. It did 4 years of logging road travel and it showed in everything on it. I put close to $1000 into it when I got it and could have spent another $1000 if I'd...
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    Just got another Explorer (Has key-less entry issue)

    Hi everyone I haven't posted in a really long time as several months ago I made the decision to part with my 96 explorer. My husband convinced me to get something smaller so I bought a Chevy Tracker since then I began to have some major issues with my knees causing me not to be able to drive the...
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    Thinking about buyng a 99 Explorer to replace my 96 Looking at possibly purchasing this explorer for myself and giving my 96 to my boyfriend to drive. This one is a 99 2dr sport with 159k on it the asking price is $3500 just had a new transmission put in and it looks like it's...
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    Question about work required to swap blown 5.0L for 4.0L

    I will definitely consider it. I've got a big family so I'm sure we could figure out a motor swap. I do my own breaks, tune-ups etc but a motor swap is a little over my head so I would definitely need help with it.
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    Question about work required to swap blown 5.0L for 4.0L

    Ok thanks for the input. Sounds like far to much work to me. My transmission has started to slip recently which is the reason I was thinking if it would just be swapping the motor then I would just buy the limited. The fluid and filter in the transmission has been changed still same result so...
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    Question about work required to swap blown 5.0L for 4.0L

    Hey everyone I have a lead on a 96 limited explorer with a blown 5.0L engine and I was just wondering how much work would be required in swapping the 5.0L for the 4.0L out of my current explorer. Mostly looking at this because mine needs a lot of work and it's been beat on pretty hard before I...
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    Little things that need to be fixed on your Ex...

    96 Explorer XLT 4L 4x4 with 240800KM -shocks all round they were replaced not long ago but it did logging roads on a daily basis till I got it. -leafs are sagging pretty bad -Tires -need to either clean or replace interior. -replace rear door interior panel it's cracked from either a tool box...
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    Power window problem/conundrum

    I had this issue with my 96 when I got it and it was the lock button. My boyfriend got sick of having to ask me to open his windows so he got another complete set of switches (for the drivers side) he replaced it and we haven't had anymore issues with it.
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    Looking for advice on possible 91 explorer purchase

    We are looking at a 91 Explorer (automatic) that has a transmission problem for $300 body's in decent shape has average rust under back doors but not horrible. The owner says it works fine in reverse but when in drive it will not go very fast basically from what i understand won't shift out of...
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    Is an Explorer a truck?

    I call mine my truck all i've ever owned before it was cars and one horrible 99 ford windstar minivan yuck I'll never own one of those again.
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    -Your Explorer-

    Mine has a family history Bought by my parents 1. 1996 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 4.0L auto 2. $2000 at car auction 3. 187,000km 4. 233,000km then I got it 5. bought about 4 1/2 years ago When I got it 1. explained above 2. $400 3. 233,000km 4. 235,000km 5. I've had it for 3 months and it's been...
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    Women and Changing Oil- RANT

    lol sorry I but don't know
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    Women and Changing Oil- RANT

    This thread makes me think of my old 1988 Honda Civic I got the car for free cause it ran horrible. The guy had owned it since it had 150,000km on it he couldn't recall the last oil change I got the car at 316,000km. He never did a thing to the car as far as i can tell i did alot of work to get...
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    Hi I'm new

    Thanks it's got 233,000km on it but it's runs and drives great it's been in my family for just over 4 years when my parents bought it at a car auction for $2000 I think it had roughly 180,000km on it then. I got it 2 months ago after they bought another suv for my mom to drive and this one was...
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    Thumping noise/Steering wheel vibration

    It's most likely your rear universal mine was doing the same thing had it replaced it was just about to let go no more problems I had the thumping and vibration in the same manner you described and I no longer have either problem. It was quite scary till we figured out what it was. Check it as...
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    Replace carpet with vinyl...

    I did manage to find them at this site for $288 and they do ship to Canada but if anyone knows where i can get a better deal that would be great.
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    Replace carpet with vinyl...

    I was wondering if anyone has any idea where the best place to buy replacement interior for my 96 explorer 4dr looking to replace the carpet with a vinyl floor because my carpet is done it's full of chainsaw grease and ground in dust from 4 years of daily travel on dirt roads. I have tried to...
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    Hi I'm new

    Hi I'm new here my name is Lorelei and I live on Vancouver Island in BC Canada. I own a stock 1996 Ford explorer which I got from my parents about about 2 months ago it's been in my family for 4 years. I do plan on some mod's in the near future mainly a lift not sure how much of one yet kinda...