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    About a week ago I hit a tree after it had snowed. Anyway, the fiberglass underneith my right headlight is cracked and shattered in some parts. The bumper is dented and pushed back so I cannot make left turns. Anyone have any suggestions to what my next move should be. Is there any way to push...
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    Spare tire problem

    i have tried pulling on it, pushing it, and hitting it, nothing works. (I know hitting probably didn't help)
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    Spare tire problem

    I recently had a flat tire, and of course I put on the spare. The problem is, now the wire that lowers the spare tire down, is stuck at about 1/4th of the way down. It won't move at all now. Somehow it is stuck or jamed or something. Anyone had this problem, or have any advice beyond heading to...
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    Michigan Explorers

    real quick. I won't be attending any runs for the rest of 2001. But i spend a little over a month in the muskegon/whitehall area and I spend some time on the dunes wach year. I havn't used my X yet though. My jeep has the ORV and state park stickers and the flag. anyway, I just wanted to say...
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    Spare tire

    I was wondering if I could fit a bigger spare tire under my X? I have 31's on my truck, but I still have a small spare. And if not a 31, what is the biggest tire size I can fit under there? Thanks Adam
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    Blk Grill Guard on Blk

    Personally, I really like the way the black looks. 2 friends of mine have black sports with black Manik guards on them, and they look great.
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    KKM air filter

    I'm not sure about your state, but here in Missouri everything checked out fine in my inspection. Adam
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    Tow hooks..?

    I'm not completely sure about the specifics on you truck, but a few people have found a way to use Chevy Tahoe tow hooks on the frame. I am actually going to try this later this month. Do a search on "tow hooks" and there will be plenty of pictures to show you what I mean.
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    Lights on my Safari Bar

    I recently managed to break (almost shatter) one of the KC lights on my Safari Bar. The KC's seem to stick out kinda far from the bar. I was wonderin if anyone has any ideas on a different lamp that might sit back a bit futher. Or does anyone have any ideas on how to save my lights in the...
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    My Truck is getting a face lift ;-)

    That is a really nice truck! I was wondering though... what is the little something below the mirror? I'm not sure what to call it. And second, did you install your white face gauges?... if you did, was it hard? Adam
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    Are all head units compatible w/ my truck?

    The best thing you can do is call either Crutchfield or a local dealer and ask. Almost any head unit can fit in the space in the Explorer Dash, it just depends on whether or not you want custom mount to make it fit in the space. I have a Clarion head unit and I think it ended up really nice looking.
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    westin safari bar question

    I have a safari bar on my 1995, it isn't that much trouble. If you need it, I can post pictures of what it looks like after being installed. Adam
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    Factory Sub Amp

    i'm sorry I can't be more help, but from my problems I have found that ford is stupid. In 1995 only they had JBL make a "special" system for Explorers. It is a very poorly designed sytem that actually sounds good. I would think that you could use another factory amp from a different year though...
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    Sound System Upgrade in a 97 Sport

    Go someplace else. A buddy of mine did the same thing with speakers and an amp in his 98 sport (since then he has replaced the head unit for more power). Where ever you went, they don't know what they are talking about.
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    factory amp and aftermarket sub

    What I ended up doing is running the speakers off the factory amp and buying an aftermarket amp to power my subs. Now that all the fuss with install is over everything sounds great. By the way, I purchased everything from Crutchfield.
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    something wrong with BFG AT KO's?

    I have had my BFG A/T KO's for a little over 15000 miles now and the tread is still in great shape. I found them a NTB for around $550 (it was a wile ago, i don't remember the price exactly). Anyway, I highly recommend them.
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    St. Louis

    I was at Lingbergh and highway 40... that does sound like it. Ya, i do live in st. louis, sunset hills to be exact. Orkist, you are a local to stl?
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    St. Louis

    Alright, I was driving down the road in good old st. louis mo and I saw a really nice white explorer sport (it looked to be about a 1993 or 1994, with a small lift). I thought I saw a Ultimate Explorations bumper sticker on the back, and if I did I was just wanted to say, nice truck. If not...
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    Sign this birthday card for Rick!

    Happy Birthday Rick! Hope everything goes well for you.
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    God Bless a Great One

    Honestly, I really don't watch auto racing. But even I knew who Dale Earnhardt was. All I can say is that my prayers are with his family...
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    Can we say: WHAT THE HELL?

    Im not sure I am even real excited that the New Mercurys are being made in my home town. Can you say ugly???...
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    Ford Explorer SVT.....Good or Useless Idea?

    my 2 cents A kid I know has a Saleen Explorer (1998), and honestly, its not to impressive. But if you are looking for performace, Explorer Express in California puts together what they call the Explorer X. It seems to be a nice truck when they are finished with all of the mods.
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    KKM True rev

    I have had my car into the ford dealership a bunch of times and they have never said a thing to me. I have actually had one of them say that they liked my KKM once. So as far as I know inspection and service, etc... there is nothing to worry about. Sound wise, after the first time you drive it...
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    KKM True rev

    If it is between K&N and KKM, go KKM. I have one and I have no complaints.
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    KKM true rev

    my 2 cents I have one in missouri and I have no problem with the test. I don't think you will either as far as I know.
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    Calling all 95+ 2" body lift experts!!!!!!!

    Hey Chirochad1, I'm sorry I can't help you with the specifics you are looking for...but i was just wondering where you got your body lift from, and if it will work for a 95? Thanks, Adam
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    Hybrid Engine!!?

    I didn't see a thread for this yet, but heres the news. I didn't see this one coming...but I was watching TV and there was a program about Ford's soon-to-be standard engine. It is a Gas/Electric Hybrid. It is supposed to double the gas milage of the exsisting engine. It is rumored that the new...
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    Yet another Explorer recall

    I just got my recall notice today, it is kind of a suprise to me. I guess I should keep my eye on this forum more often. I am making an appointment to get it fixed later this week. Hope I make it until then...
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    New CB!!

    $ Alec, thanks for all your help. Real quick much was the professional part of the install? Thanks, Adam
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    New CB!!

    For Christmas I got my first CB, and I am really excited. For now I just have a cheap Radio Shack CB, if all goes well, I am planning on upgrading in the future. But my Question is... is it better to try and "hardwire" it into my car, or should I just get an cig. liter plug? And if the...
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    Pics of my Safari Bar

    Wow Monochromous, your bar looks great. You're right, the large lights do look really good.
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    Pics of my Safari Bar

    Hey everyone, here are some pics of my safari bar. If someone can tell me how to post them onto this page that would be great, otherwise, here is the link. Before After [Edited by Ray Lobato on 12-01-2000 at 06:10 PM]
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    78 in a 60!!!

    I would just like to say thanks guys for all the advice. I am planning on just pleaing guilty. The court date is in a couple weeks...I'll post what happens. Thanks Adam
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    78 in a 60!!!

    This is my first ticket, but even so I have one more question. In a situation that my truck is only off by about 7 or 8 miles an hour, that would still set me in a position that I would have still been speeding. Does that mean instead of getting out of the ticket, I would have a ticket for a...
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    78 in a 60!!!

    AHHHH, tonight I got a ticket. The problem is that my explorer was telling me that I was going a little over 65... the officer said I was doing 78. I have a feeling it might have something to do with my BFG ko 31's I put on not too long ago. If this is the reason, could someone please explain...
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    Anyone have front Safari Bar w/ Lights pics?

    I 'm not saying that there WILL be damage to your lights, but since the lights are mounted lower to the ground than on a brush guard and close to the front of the bar, there is a small chance. Let me put it this way though, I have had the bar and the lights on for about a year, and I am very...
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    Anyone have front Safari Bar w/ Lights pics?

    Sideswipe, I drilled two holes on each side of the frame to mount it, I had a local body shop that helps me a lot drill them for me. And as for protecting your lisence plate, be carefull if you put lights on... with the slight angle my KC's stick out very slightly toward the bottom (not even a...
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    Anyone have front Safari Bar w/ Lights pics?

    I have got a 95 with a Safari Bar on it. I also mounted two 5 inch KC lights, and it looks great. If you can bear with me for about a week I should have some pictures to show you. Adam
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    KKM True-Rev.. no one head of it..

    Quick, I have a KKM in my explorer now and I have no complaints. But when I purchased it, I asked the guy the same question and he said that they are just a real small company...end of story. They only work through the one website and not through a catalog for the same reason...
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    tow hooks

    ray, just wanted to say thanks for your help!