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    Whats this part (with pics)

    Has anyone tried to fix this by like getting a piece of small metal tubbing and jb welding it seal it up. I think i'm going to try this b/4 i spend the $50.00 or see if i can get one at a junkyard.
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    Whats this part (with pics)

    Found a part # and with google i found it to be a DPFE Sensor and a lot of ppl on hear have had the same thing happen.
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    Whats this part (with pics)

    I had a CEL had it pulled and it was telling me to check the EGR. Popped the hood to find that a lil black box with two hoses one of them had melted. i Have 2 questions 1) what is this box thing 2) how the hell could this happen? Hear is the box thing on the engine. the front I took the...
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    Werid Question

    Ya after i took my gage cluster out mine is about 1/2 a space off. Thea is a lil wight clip that holds it to the cluster if it's not in all the way it will throw it off some.
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    Before and after pics-Chop top, Atlas, SAS v8 and more!

    WOW that is just great now i think im going to have to go do this.
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    I need help with a Project Name

    Well i figured out what out of my ex. it's going to be for light offloading camping and tailgating. I know a few of the thing i want to do as of now. I know the list will keep getting longer the more i see stuff i want.:D After i get new brakes and P/S pump all get it in tip top shap i will...
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    Hide yer beer, another newbie is here!

    Why hide the beer? It's no fun to drink alone.:chug:
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    2009 Focus

    Maybe its going to be turboed they just don't want to tell us yet lol
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    It's getting dull in here. So---

    I found jesus.....He was on ebay, QUICK someone by him
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    How to check the ABS pump

    Ya i had it bleed with the scan tool thing at a brake shop. May be soft pedal is the wrong word but but just soft brakes kinda like my M/C is gone. I have brakes but only about the last inch or so with the engine on. with it off i can build and keep the pressure up.
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    oh balls...

    It did a lil. Mostly b/c i done something like that b/4 so it all good.
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    95-01 Eddie Bauer center console

    I was looking in to this. Not so much now:(
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    Did this come from the factory?

    Thats what i was thinking it would still be the same hight.
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    Did this come from the factory?

    If you took them out would it raise or lower or do nothing?
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    yogi's 99X

    Tanks guys. I cant wait till i got money to do a few mods.
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    How to check the ABS pump

    I looked at them when i bleed the brakes.Had a friend pump them up and hold pressur to them. They did expand but just a lil bit. Soft yes but not like this my frined has one same year engine and evey thing like mine and his is a lot stiffer. Mine feel like i got a blown M/C but had it check out...
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    How to check the ABS pump

    Lines are fine. Bleed the brakes 2 times myself, the had a frined that works at a shop do it. master cylinder and booster are both find so are pads and routers. Just trying to see if its a bad realy or something.
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    trying to do the atf change myself

    Witch with a B???
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    Jerk, thump or a bump ?????

    Ya i know im on a friends computer and it doen't have spell check. i went under it and thear was play in the drive shaft i sprsyed the u-joint down with wd40 and i head it when i went for a drive a lil bit ago. sorry to be a newb but what are the rear end ears. EDIT: I feel real dume now:( i...
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    How to check the ABS pump

    My on going brake proplem is starting to get under my skin.The petal feals to stoft to me. I check everthing i can think of and nothing so far. Today i check all the fuses and they wear all good. I had a thought and just unhooked the wires on the abs pump block and took it for a short drive. the...
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    Jerk, thump or a bump ?????

    When i driving down the road sometimes and i let off the gas i get this bump that seems to come from the read. It's not really bad. I seen this post last night. But my drive shaft looks nothing like this at all. It is a 99 explorer sport with the 4.0 OHV. what should i do s thear a greas fiting...
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    How to remove door inserts?

    Woot i was right you never know what you will learn from watching the since channel a lot. Should have added u have to get one of those Round hole drill bits, not the butterfly ones but the other kinda i think they are called key hole bits and drill each one out. sorry i was a lil out of it...
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    Free Year of Explorer Forum Elite Membership

    Looks like Charlie won with 123.
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    Confession time.....

    I did about what u did but in revers wanted a jeep but got a ex b/c the jeep was sold. I also had a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee i drove with no problems. Kinda funny
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    Power steering help

    Im going to do a flush first and then replace it. I hope i don't have to look like a PIA to do.
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    Free Year of Explorer Forum Elite Membership

    Looks like we will know in a few days
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    Power steering help

    I got no problems with the steering besides the whine. With that said i don't have anything to compare it to but a Honda and 2 old 80's truck. If anything it feel like it steers a lil too ez. if that makes any sense.
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    Power steering help

    Any other sines of the P/s pump about to go?
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    LED's "popped" and stopped working

    No prob hope they didn't blow i might get me some soon.
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    Power steering help

    Since i bought my E about a month ago the P/s pump has been giving off a whining noise as if it was low on fluid. I put it up on jack stand and turned the wheel a few time back and forth with the engine on, didn't work. Im going to flush it out soon. But i want to know is what else i should try...
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    Cats are gone!!!!!

    I did have a rat tail when i was young and my dad had an El so it just worked lol
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    World population to pass 6,666,666,666 tonight

    You can barrow mine i got a spear :shoot:
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    will this work?

    I seen a few ppl say they wear going to do it then the post just ended. Is thear something that makes it hard or is it just a simple swap? Also if i find a 00 in a junk yard and i just unbolt the hole bumper from the truck frame. Could i just bolt it up to my 99?
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    Cats are gone!!!!!

    depends of if u have a mullet to go with it lol jk beat it hauls ass.
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    Cats are gone!!!!!

    You got lemonade can i have some?
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    Cats are gone!!!!!

    But this is the ting we in the US can only do so much. Even if ever car in the US would pass Cai emissions. Place like India would still be messing it up. Its a global thing not just local. I do think it's kinda dume to chose a lil better sound over a cat. hell i bet with a cat and a better...
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    Cats are gone!!!!!

    IF you burn 1/2 as much gas the emissions will be about 1/2 b/c the lil car have cats 2 but burns a lot less gas. India is one that come to mind. India does not yet have across the board emissions regulations, they only sat down to talk about making them mandatory in October 2007 and it's...
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    Cats are gone!!!!!

    Not just talking about the US but place wear they have next to nothing as far as emission control. Your car still has worse emissions the a smaller car so if you cared about them why not drive a lil 4 banger.
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    will this work?

    I have a 99 x and i want to get the front bumper of a 2000 the one with the round fog lights. I seen the FRONT BUMPER COVER on ebay and want to know can i get just this or will i need to get the hole front bumper off a 2000...
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    Need some help--insurance value

    How do you think the insurance company look at see what ur car is worth. The insurance company will be way less likely the trade in value of it.