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  1. K

    trans swap help

    will a auto trans from a 02 explorer with a 4.0 fit in a 07 explorer 4.0?
  2. K

    2002 explorer 4.0 neutral safety switch & cable adj

    how do you adj a neutral safety switch? can the arm on the trans be put on wrong? if not can the cable be adjusted?
  3. K

    02 rear hatch panel

    the panel under the glass on my 02 rear hatch is cracked. I got a new one but I'd like to know if anyone knows what I should use to install it
  4. K

    changing 02 front wheel bearing hub

    looking for some info/videos to change my front wheel bearing hub.
  5. K

    how do you change door lock actuator?

    Has anyone changed a door lock actuator on a 97 Sport? It is the one inside the door
  6. K

    key less module

    Where can I get a key less entry module for a 2002 Explorer?
  7. K

    96 ExplorerWindow motor

    How do you change the driver side window motor on a 96 explorer?
  8. K

    Keyless entry pad code location

    I found the module but none of the numbers work. Any ideas?
  9. K

    Keyless entry pad code location

    I am trying to get the keyless entry code for my02 Explorer. I found the mod, but where are the numbers?
  10. K

    Towing mirrors for a 02

    I am looking for some mirror extensions for towing a camper for 2002 Explorer. Any ideas where to get some?
  11. K

    keyless entry

    Where is the keyless entry module on a 2002Explorer? How do I get to it?
  12. K

    ac blows warm and cool

    My sons 97 sport a/c blows warm at idle and then cooler when driving. any ideas where to look?
  13. K

    Codes P0171 & P0174.

    I have codes PO171 and PO174 come on but are not actibve. Any help?