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    95 4.0 won’t start

    thanks for the reply, I've had this rig for about 10 years and it hardly ever primes in just a few seconds. I no that's how it's supposed to work, but for one reason or another it doesn't. I even broke down in frustration a few years back and had a well known shop and a Ford dealer look at it...
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    95 4.0 won’t start

    95 4.0 won’t start, good fuel pressure, plenty of spark, fuel pump runs continuously, PCM is not enabling the fuel injectors, any ideas? No codes I have checked the wiring, relays, fuses, grounds, etc and everything looks OK. The fuel pump is new and is delivering 30 PSI fuel pressure...
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    Howdy, new here

    95 Explorer 4.0 automatic, hopefully I can help you all with some of my experiences, and you can enlighten me some. 10+ years ago was an ASE Master, auto, LT truck, HD truck, and EVT. Still like to do ALL my own repairs front to back. Look forward to the chats!!