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    Need help using remote starter

    My son is stuck in a small town and the shift switch is not allowing car to start. Hit and miss on starting. Autozone has a remote starter $15 can someone tell where to connect the cables to cause the car start? Picture is worth 1000 words. 1996 explorer. I think all he needs to so is...
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    soot blowback: how to fix or mitigate?

    the mass air flow has been replaced twice and it is the device with the wires coming out of it on the far left. There was no soot observed in the large plastic tubing that connects the air filter to the engine intake (red arrow with text soot and howling noise). The oil blowback tube is just...
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    soot blowback: how to fix or mitigate?

    252,000 miles on 1996 explorer. Have K&E performance filter installed 10 years ago. have howling noise at idle / moving. poked around and observed soot at location in picture
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    Backup light switch or transmission range sensor problem?

    96 ford explorer working on 3rd transmission and 244,000 miles Not sure what I am seeing under car and not sure what part is causing the problem. Backup lights work ONLY if the shift is wiggled to near the park position but still in reverse. Search for backup light problem gives "backup light...
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    96 explorer sometimes starts without needing key

    I can sometimes turn the ignition and start my explorer and other times the key is needed. Does this require a new ignition switch or maybe the switch assembly is loose and can be repaired??? TIA
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    new speedo calibration: correct for 10mph offset?

    I replaced the nylon gear that turns the speedometer needle. I got the $2.00 part on ebay and pushed it onto the shaft that turns the needle and re-assembled the cluster. It was a lot cheaper than the $200 the junk year wanted for a working cluster. I had no idea how to set the needle to...
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    need help assembling parking brake

    Thanks - I finally got it back together and was able to tighten up on that screw. Had to use locking pliers to get the outside spring on.
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    need help assembling parking brake

    I purchased the parking brake hardware kit from autozone. There were no instructions on how to assemble it and I failed to note the direction of the brake shoe adjusting screw. The brakes were adjusted when installed but are not grabbing. There is no pawl that causes the screw to expand with...