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    Drive Train Rattle?

    94' Explorer- At highway speeds 60/70, noticed a vibration from the drive train area. The vibration quits when placed in Neutral.. Replaced the U-joints, and checked the Differential fluid.. The Differential fluid was about 1- 1/2 pints low. The noise seems like a harmonic roar and is not...
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    60+mph Death Vibrations Gone

    What type of Tires did you have on the Explorer? I'm experencing the same type of problem but I did find anything wrong with the tie rods or joints... Considering alignment or maybe different tires...
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    94' Vibration

    Started Experenced vibration with Goodyear RT/S's, while having tires balanced noticed the two front end tires were out of round and unbalanceable.. so replaced complete set with 235/75/R15 Michelin LTX Tires and still noticed vibration at speeds greater than 60+mph. (O-50+/- mph the vibration...