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  1. Z

    Won't start in freezing weather

    I recently went skiing in the Utah mountains. I was there for a few days and my car started fine every day until it was time to go home. The night before was the coldest night, about -4, and it snowed. In the morning, my car would turn over quickly, but would not start. My engine had frost/snow...
  2. Z

    Oxygen sensor

    That is exactly what mine looked like when I bought it last week. I wondered the same thing. I figured if the anti-sieze compound was still on, then it wasn't used before. If Bosch tests every one, then I guess they would be discolored.
  3. Z

    97 Explorer V8 AWD - O2 Sensor Question

    97 Mountaineer, 5.0L. I need to replace bank 1 sensor 1. I cussed when I found it. I could barely touch the connector with the longest screwdriver I have. Do you have any tips on removing the center console and exactly where to make the cut in the carpet. Any help would be appreciated.