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    Hard warm starts 1999 4.0 SOHC

    Not sure what everyone's solution was for hard starting when hot, but a friend with a 1999 explorer 4.0 SOHC had the same problem so I searched the forum for him. He decided to take it to a local shop, right away they said it was the pressure regulator in the fuel tank. New pump and regulator...
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    Buying a used engine

    Thanks for the info. The question came up when I went to purchase injectors. You are correct the K engine is flex fuel, the E engine is non flex. K and E use different injectors. I matched up the head part numbers, block numbers and injector numbers with my old engine. The yard engine is an E...
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    Buying a used engine

    If you do not have the VIN is there a way to know if a used engine is an "E" modle SOHC 4.2? Is a 2001 SOHC 4.0 or 4.2. How can I determine if the engine I'm interested in is an "E" engine. I've been researching some parts I would like to replace if I buy the engine, but a few items are listed...
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    2003 sport engine sn

    I found my answer, the engine s/n is located on the rear driver's side block just below the cylinder head mating surface. the last five numbers match the last five of the vehicle VIN. The s/n is very hard to read, it looks like it is put on with a vibrating pen.
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    2003 sport engine sn

    :exp:Is there any way of matching an engine serial number on a 2003 4.0 sport to the VIN to ensure the engine belongs in that vehicle?
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    2003 sport 4x4 starter removal

    Trying to remove starter on a 2003 explorer sport 4x4 so I can unbolt torque converter to remove engine, I was able to remove mount bolts with long extension from front of engine. I can't get anything on wires to remove the wires. The starter is loose but there just is no room to remove it. Any...
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    2003 Explorer Sport

    Just bought a 2003 Explorer sport with a bad engine. Rt front plug has what appears to have a piece of piston ring jammed in it. Purchased a 4.0 sohc V6 from a local salvage yard. How can I verify what year the engine is? What year engines had the timing chain problem and what year did Ford...