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  1. J

    need help

    sounds like plug wires
  2. J

    Anyone install a lock heater on a 2nd gen?

    I was curious if anyone has installed one, I have a OHV 4wd. Is there a recommended freeze plug? Is there a write up anywhere?
  3. J

    2nd gen coolant drain on motor

    I got a prestone flushnfill kit and wanted to hook up the system to get everything out of my system before changing my radiator (I have transmission fluid in my coolant). I watched this video The mechanic said there is a radiator drain plug on...
  4. J

    98 Explorer Sport - replaced radiator after overheat, won't start

    I just replaced my heads, rocker arms, pushrods, lifters, thermostat.... Plugs, wires.... Because my 2000 had blown head gasket. I'm still having problems and I'm about to replace the radiator, egr gasket, bolts etc... I'm about 1800 into it and I'm still having problems. It's frustrating but...
  5. J

    low idle (500ish) check engine light on

    The engine has 120K on it. Do you mean did I press the gas while turning the engine over when I tested the compression? (No I didn't) Would that make a big difference? I replaced the bolts and torqued them to specs.
  6. J

    low idle (500ish) check engine light on

    Sounds like a plan... The engine light was a leak from the EGR valve. hopefully I can fix it, but I don't think it is hurting anything. I think the oil pressure was probably from the low idle. I still need to install the real oil pressure gauge I bought. This has turned into the biggest pain...
  7. J

    low idle (500ish) check engine light on

    oops, typo... Its in my coolant. It wasn't bone dry, but a couple quarts low and the trans fluid is in my coolant reservoir.
  8. J

    low idle (500ish) check engine light on

    my transmission fluid is bone dry :eek: I suppose it is probably trans fluid in my oil..... What causes this and how can I fix it?
  9. J

    low idle (500ish) check engine light on

    I checked the compression Does this rule out the head gasket?
  10. J

    low idle (500ish) check engine light on

    There is oil in my coolant :( before replacing both heads I had coolant in my oil. I suppose I have to buy new gaskets and start over. Anyone have any suggestions? I thought I did everything right....
  11. J

    low idle (500ish) check engine light on

    the code at Autozone was P0174 I just finished putting new heads, pushrods, rocker arms, plugs, plug wires, Gibbs break in oil, thermostat, radiator fan in. Occasionally the oil pressure gauge is going crazy and I just replaced the oil pressure gauge switch (sending unit). I am now...
  12. J

    Cigar lighter

    I checked the wire going to the cig lighter with a multimeter & no power. The manual said fuse 17 (inside door panel 25amp) is the cigar lighter. I don't see anything in the manual about a fuse in the engine compartment.
  13. J

    Turning on A/C is putting my check engine light on

    no, I was having the oil pressure gauge problem when my heads cracked and the lifters, pushrods, and rocker arms failed. I assumed that having 2 quarts of coolant in my oil caused a pressure problem and the gauge was telling the truth. Now the heads have been replaced and there isn't any coolant...
  14. J

    Turning on A/C is putting my check engine light on

    ya, I labeled everything as I took it apart.
  15. J

    Turning on A/C is putting my check engine light on

    I just finished replacing both the heads on my 2000 explorer and all the pushrods and rocker arms and lifters. Now whenever I turn on my AC I get a check engine light on and my oil pressure gauge intermittently goes to low then flicks higher when the engine revs. So far I replaced the oil...
  16. J

    Cigar lighter

    I plugged a power inverter in while I was camping and tried to plug in my coffee maker. 'POP'! I figured I just blue a fuse, but there isn't anything wrong with the fuse and I replaced it, but no power. What's worse is I need to check a check engine light, but the plug is dependent on power to...
  17. J

    is there a hose that connects to the throttle body?

    Where does the vacuum line go? From the throttle body to where?
  18. J

    is there a hose that connects to the throttle body?

    I'm putting my 00 explorer (pushrod) back together after replacing the heads and I'm not sure if I'm missing a hose or something. What connects to this line that is coming off the throttle body?" Does this vacumn line connect to the fuel supply or somwhere else?
  19. J

    Exhausted from trying to get this manifold to line up (pun intended)

    I can not for the life of me get my driver side exhaust manifold lined up with me new heads. I have been using strap wrenches to move around the manifold to try and line the holes up but It is just too $%^&ing difficult. The power stearing, brake resevoir, and EGR stuff is crowding my hands...
  20. J

    Upper control arm, one piece or two pieces.

    pressing out lower ball joints and new control arms advice I did this repair on my 2000 4wd ohv a couple years ago. I recommend buying the best and most recommended parts you can find if you are doing the job yourself. I can see that my ball joints are already worn because I used bad parts to...
  21. J

    torque for intake manifold

    Anyone know if there is a specific torque that the lower intake manifold is supposed to attach to the fuel injectors? There is a 1/4 thick gasket and I'm not sure if I should tighten it until it seems tight or........ I'm not talking about where the lower intake bolts to the block
  22. J

    Cheap 4.0 OHV Lifters!

    Are these three pieces the two pistons and spring? or is the spring still inside after I take those two and spring out? Also, my plastic cone pieces don't seem to snap on tightly. I played with some new lifters at the autoparts store (50$ each :eek:) and the plastic pieces seem to stay...
  23. J

    Slight "ticking" sound from motor

    by "studs" I meant the double sided bolts that attach the cylinder heads to the exhaust manifold. It is pretty obvious that the ones that every auto parts store say go on my explorer dont fit
  24. J

    Slight "ticking" sound from motor

    So would you recommend the sealed power over the Deltas?? I'm at a stand still right now because I spent all my money on nicer new heads. After my head cracked and I pulled everything out I realized one thing after another and ran out of money. Also, have you ever had problems ordering...
  25. J

    Slight "ticking" sound from motor

    If you look at the arrors in this picture you will notice that the holes on the rocker arms are larger on one than the other. It is because friction has cause the pushrod to widen the hole in the rocker arm and started to push the rod through the rocker arm. This makes the rods loose and gives...
  26. J

    Slight "ticking" sound from motor

    Thought mine was a lifter, but........ Here is the sound mine was making you can hear it in the video. The 4L OHV has rollers on the lifters, but as you can see in these pics my pushrods and rocker arms were worn out causing the pushrods to have more play and that...
  27. J

    Rocker Arm Push Rod Kit -Northern Auto

    Anyone used rocker arms and pushrods from this company? Northern Auto Parts I found a set on ebay that is $180 cheaper than Autozone, just not sure if the parts are any good...
  28. J

    Are heads from 1999 and 2000 OHV interchangeable?

    I cracked one of my heads clear across the top and I'm having new heads for both sides cast with a stronger alloy. I figured since I got both sides off I might as well since I'm saving a lot of money doing the repair myself. So I will have the right bank head left over when I'm done and I'm...
  29. J

    Messin with AC system

    I want this AC line out of my way when I get my new heads. The thick line was in my way when I pulled the heads out and caused me to fumble the heads a bit when taking them out. I would like to be able to drop the new heads in without grinding them around. Is this whole line to the left...
  30. J

    Head Gasket kit

    Rtv The last time a mechanic did my heads he had to redo the rt bank valve cover 3 times to get it to stop leaking. The guy I just took my heads to said he remembers a bulletin about gooping RTV in one of the valve cover bolt holes when attaching it. I'm just not sure which one cause I cant...
  31. J

    Head Gasket kit

    What is the best set of gaskets to get for my heads? Felpro?? or is there a better brand. Also, when putting on the valve cover on an OHV 4L which hole are you supposed to fill with silicone to keep the valve cover from leaking?
  32. J

    Pulled Heads, does the motor look bad?

    I started misfiring and noticed a had gasket leak and coolant in my oil. I just pulled the heads off, can anyone tell if this looks bad or okay? Thanks for looking, any help is appreciated.
  33. J

    Hi I'm new and have a question...

    Twice as much as other after market heads, have you heard any bad things about people buying cheaper heads?
  34. J

    oo explorer 4.0 OHV blown Head gasket

    I replaced the heads at 55k when I bought the car and the mechanic told me the heads I gave him to put on didn't fit well. I have had to add coolant a bit at a time for the past 5 years. It has 117k on it now and the driver side head is leaking and the misfiring on cyl #1 I think I'm just...
  35. J

    Hi I'm new and have a question...

    Hi all, Pretty sure my heads are cracked and I'm about to order some. I have a 2000 4.0 v6 4wd OHV explorer and have a question about purchasing aftermarket heads. Where could I post a question like that? Jackson