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    Installed skinomi anti glare on touch screen

    Just reviving this thread to say "thanks!". I was having a very difficult time viewing my screen in some conditions. I bought the version for the Samsung 10.1" Galaxy Tab A. It doesn't cover the entire screen, but it covers the display area fine.
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    Modifying screen space

    I just picked up my new (to me) 2022 Platinum with the large, portrait mode screen. And I have two questions: 1) When I shift into reverse and the backup screen comes on, the backup camera is about 1/4 of the total screen (basically about 2/3 of the top third of the screen). The remaining part...
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    Bluetooth pairing but not connecting

    I really don't know where this should go. I don't think it's an Explorer specific issue but I'm hoping someone has run into this. If there's a better sub-forum for this, please let me know. I have a 2013 Explorer Limited with Sync 2. I've been using an OBDI module with Torque Lite for a few...
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    Rearview Camera Problems

    Tried 3 different Chinese cameras (~$80). Every one had white, active guidelines and a missing dashed, centerline. Went to the local dealership, paid $425 for a "Ford" camera and it worked perfectly. The image is also far superior to the images from the Chinese cameras.
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    Rearview Camera Problems

    Sorry. I wasn't very clear. I never had the active lines before. I need to remove the curved white lines and get the black "ladder" line back in the middle.
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    Rearview Camera Problems

    Did you get this resolved? I have the same issue. My camera was displaying reversed image. Got a new camera, looks okay except the white lines curving to the left. I don't have a OBD adapter with a USB port so I haven't gone down the Forscan road yet. From what I've seen so far, it has to...
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    Issues With Steering Wheel Controls

    The audio controls on the steering wheel of my 2013 Explorer started getting flaky a few months back. Sometimes the volume control would work sometimes not. Before I got around to trying contact cleaner it began to show up on the station controls. Then the arrow control began getting weird (up...
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    Intelligent Access Key fob programming

    Does anyone know if the programming procedure for 2013 is different than the steps that Peter posted (Key 1, start button, wait 5, start button, etc.)? I've tried it and the Ford method (door unlock 3 times, brake pedal, door lock 3 times, etc.) and can't get it.
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    Cargo area, 3rd row seat back cracks.

    That P/N is for a 2013 Limited. (I haven't updated my profile)
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    Cargo area, 3rd row seat back cracks.

    I just replaced the one on the driver's side. The P/N is DE9Z-7460513-ED. It cost me $239.95 If you need the passenger side, I would hope that with this part number they could figure it out.
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    Problem with stock system... 4 speakers out.

    I'm now having the EXACT same problem. I picked the car up from having it washed and cleaned. Now the only sound is from the subwoofer. I was hoping that while they were cleaning the inside they hit some combination of buttons that disabled the speakers but so far I haven't been able to get them...