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    where should I put my jack stands?

    Actually, I work an hours drive from Ajax, Ontario... but hey, your loss... certainly not mine...
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    Multipoint Sequential Gas Injection?

    Seems to me like a lot of folks in Europe run LPG. The way our fuel prices are going, it may not be long untill we do too!
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    Fuel Injector leaking

    I wouldn't suggest it.
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    dpfe sensor

    Basic part no. 9C915 is a fuel vapor canister purge solenoid. You'd be able to start your engine with it off, but there will be a bit of a vacuum leak. You may want to plug the hose on the engine side temporarily.
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    I am in tears, need help with Blend door fix

    You can't replace just the blend door, the whole heater box needs to be changed. There are a few "band-aid" repairs out there, some appear to last longer than others. It'll cost a few bucks to change, as the entire dashboard needs to be removed to get the box out and in.
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    slow shift to reverse 99 Explorer

    It certainly is one of the concerns that can be caused by a torn valve body gasket, or loose valve body. Although the more common problem is the 2-3 shift flare up, delayed or no reverse engagement is also a symptom.
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    Help with Codes P0401 and P1401

    Too bad you're not in a green state, or it would be covered up to 74,000 miles... oh well. I can't understand why they would charge $190... seems like dealers are a rip off down there... too bad.
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    What are the correct ABS sensor Ohms readings for a 02 X????

    Wheel speed sensors on 3rd gen. without traction control can be tested with an ohm meter, but there is no spec published that I can find... Seeing that the resistance in your front sensors are almost the same, I wouldn't suspect a problem. The rear sensor in 3rd gen is the same as 2nd gen, so...
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    Help with Codes P0401 and P1401

    Depending on your mileage, campaign 02M01 extended the warranty on DPFE sensors to 75000 miles (I think, it's 100000 KM up here, I'm not sure about the US warranty).
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    Stalling Explorer Sport-Trac... HELP!!

    Sounds very much like an IAC problem to me too.
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    where should I put my jack stands?

    Nah... I still like using the torsion bars... Hah.
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    where should I put my jack stands?

    Hey, if it broke, I'd take full responsibility. If these bars can't support the weight of the vehicle, I'm sure that they'd be snapping like twigs everytime you bottom them out on a rock while off roading... same goes for the differential pumpkin as far as I am concerned.
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    where should I put my jack stands?

    Well... I appologize if the majority don't agree with the way that I do things. I was just answering a question with my answer... I now understand that it is not an "Explorer Forum" accepted procedure. To some of the other questions that I saw since I've made my statement... yes, I do support...
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    where should I put my jack stands?

    I've lifted off the torsion bars tonnes of times... never a problem... are you guys all assuming that it's bad, or do you have anything to go by???
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    OHV works better without maf?? help!

    Sounds like your mechanic is more of a darts player. Is he using the correct MAF sensor?
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    lost of power

    Check the battery connections, the power connections at the power distribution box, alternator and starter, and the ground at the starter for starters... haha... no pun intended...
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    ABS Light?

    It seals with an O-ring... just wiggle it out.
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    Bad Head Gasket?

    A good idea to maybe get the heads pressure tested at a machine shop too... It would really suck to do all that work to find that there is a cracked head.
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    A/C problems...

    There are alot of alternative refrigerants on the market that are compatable with R12 systems and require no conversion, the big problem with these are is that most of them contain propane... not a nice thing to have in your car if there's a fire.
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    fuel pump switch

    If you want to rule out the inertia switch, disconnect it and temporarily bypass it with a jumper wire... but don't leave it like that, because it is there for a reason.
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    4R55E rebuild reverse,neutral

    I'm with the manual valve theory.
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    Manifold to Y-Pipe Stud Removal

    Drill them out and retap the hole.
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    Fuel Injector Cleaner

    Another thing that is pretty weird is Ford does not recommend cleaning fuel injectors, as they are "supposed to be" deposit resistant, and injector cleaner is "supposed to" remove the teflon coating from the injector.
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    SOHC timing chains

    The only way to do it is with the right tools. It's an interference fit engine, and it's not worth trying to take short cuts.
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    Gear setup questions

    I'm still unfamiliar with the numbers you have on the pinion gear, so I can't help you with that. If you've over tightened your pinion, you will need a new collapsable spacer. I don't understand what you mean about carrier bearing preload, backlash perhaps?? When you are changing a gearset...
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    code 332

    Most likely needs a DPFE... check the Key On Engine Off voltage, it should be around 0.6v. If it's too far off that, it needs to be replaced.
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    Questions about sythentics

    They will help your fuel mileage. But don't expect miracles. I changed all the fluids in my Mustang to synthetic, and picked up a whopping 1/10th of a second at the track.
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    Fuel Injector Cleaner

    A powerflush for the fuel injectors is probably the best way to clean them. Be careful with fuel tank additive cleaners, as they also remove deposits from your fuel lines and fuel rail, and can end up plugging your injectors rather than clean them.
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    4.6 L heads bad!?

    We've done a few of them... not very common, but a known problem nonetheless.
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    where should I put my jack stands?

    Right on the torsion bars would work fine.
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    Distiled Water?

    Tap water with a PH neutralizing additive is all we use. I'm sure distilled water is much better, but I've never bothered for my own cars or my customers cars.
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    Timing Chain Tensioner ONP

    01M01 is for 1997 and 1998. 00M12 covers 1997-2000 Explorers and 2001 Sport and SportTrac built before April 7, 2000.
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    Problems after sea foam

    Bosch plugs are a love 'em or hate 'em thing... I hate 'em...
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    Pinion Depth

    I've never seen a number such as that to indicate the machined size... but I've only ever dealt with OEM parts. Are there no other numbers written on it??
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    Using Overdrive manually?

    No kidding... what ever happened to the good old 4 speed Saginaw!
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    Ranger Door Chime

    Is the door ajar light and the interior lights coming on at the same time??
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    Using Overdrive manually?

    4th gear is 1:1, but I can't see how that can make a big difference in trans. fluid temperature.
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    Recharging your A/C - A-Z

    It was such a long post, I may have missed a few parts. I thought that I might add that when converting from R12 to HFC134, it is a pretty good idea to replace your accumulator or reciever drier while doing the conversion. Some R12 accumulators have a desicant bag that is not compatible with...
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    How to: Recharging your A/C - A-Z

    It was such a long post, I may have missed a few parts. I thought that I might add that when converting from R12 to HFC134, it is a pretty good idea to replace your accumulator or reciever drier while doing the conversion. Some R12 accumulators have a desicant bag that is not compatible with...
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    Pinion Depth

    You will be able to tell by the pattern if your pinion depth is correct or not, but if it's not correct, it's alot of work to adjust. When the pinion gears are machined, there is normally a number written on the gear, i.e. 0, +/-1, +/-2 and so on. If your original gear, and your new gear have...