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    88 a4ld bronco ll 2.9 in 94 x?

    I have 88 b2 2.9 a4ld and 94x a4ld will 2.9 trany fit on the 94 and will the 94 bolt on the b2 trany.IS 2.9 trany alot weaker then the 4.0L the 88 was just rebuild 7k ago 94 trany was full metal shavings and slipping . THANKS FOR ANY INPUT. :roll:
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    88 bll 2.9 trany on 94 x auto

    One for the transmission wizzies; Just wondering if an auto transmission from an 88 Bronco ll 2.9L will fit in a 94 Xplorer? Will the transfer case bolt on from my 94 to the 88 transmission without any modifications to the drive train? Do I need to swap fly wheels from the 2.9? Will the Bll...
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    slipping in reverse and 1st on take off

    94 x a4ld with 80,000 on rebuilt transmission. 230,000 on truck Had 1,2 shift problem when cold, but now does not want to engage in reverse or 1st gear from a dead stop. Will engage when revved up a little bit and then makes a shuttering vibration and engages. Once moving, shifts fine, drives...
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    replacing governer - do you have to drain oil in tranny?

    when cleaning or replacing the governor on a 94 explorer 4x4 a4ld tranny do you have to drain the oil out of the transmission when you take off the transfer case? and any good hints on cleaning the governor or what to clean it with and do you have to take off the vibration dampner on the...
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    94x shifting when cold 1-2 2-3

    94x with 70.000k on ford rebuild tranny. when cold has a hard time shifting from 1to2and2-3. shifts1-2 manual ok but 2-3 revs up before shifting. works fine when warm.change oil and filter 3 weeks ago no metal or gasket in pan just normal sludge it got worst after oil change. read on governors...
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    Just like to say hello

    New to the site have 94x lots of good stuff on the forums.