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    jammed cd changer

    my 97 explorer eddie bauer has the 6 disc changer that randomly stopped working. It would not play the cd's and when i tried to eject the cd magazine, it made a strange noise but would not eject the cds. So i figured id just get a new alpine head unit cuz i figured it was about time i replaced...
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    extra parts for head unit installation

    i havent installed it yet, so ill check that out, thanks for your help
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    extra parts for head unit installation

    yeah the antenna adapter is what i thought was weird also, i just have the stock 1997 explorer antenna so i dont understand why i would need an adapter
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    extra parts for head unit installation

    my stock cd changer stopped working in my '97 eddie bauer so i figured it was time to replace the head unit, so i bought an alpine today at circuit city and they said i needed an antenna converter, two wiring harnesses, and the single din to double din dash converter. All of that extra stuff was...
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    Amplifer ground wires

    I bought two MTX Thunder 4000's and they ran at 400 RMS so i got a lightning audio 350RMS amplifier kit. I recently bought a new 800RMS audiobahn amplifier for my three audiobahn twelves so i know that my 350RMS kit will no longer be sufficient. Can i just buy a rockford-fosgate 4 gauge ground...
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    rockford, legacy, Polk, kicker, does it matter?

    I have three audiobahn twelves that can handle 800 rms so i need to get a good amp. i was set on buying the rockford-fosgate punch 801s, but i could save a hundred+ dollars if i got a cheaper brand like ultimate or legacy. Will the sound be louder and better and worth the extra money if i get...
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    Amplifier Installation Help!!!

    what do you mean ground it?
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    Amplifier Installation Help!!!

    I have recently purchased a Sony Xm 2165 gtx amp and two MTX thunder 4000's, and a Lightning audio amp wiring kit. So I get all this stuff and then i wondered, how do I install it? So then I had this idea to post this and ask you all for any kind of help on how to install this to my stock...
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    Amplifier Installation price and parts

    that rockford-fosgate wiring kit is crazy cheap!!! im gonna have to get one!! is there some catch to it? is not good quality or does not not have all the parts or should i buy this? *****'nX