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    Sirius XM Install

    Yes, Ford had a kit to put it into the factory radio. However it was very expensive and now hard to find. Much easier and cheaper today to replace the headunit with one that has newer features such as Bluetooth or Apple CarPlay and add Sirius that way. Built right into the radio.
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    2006 Explorer Stereo replacement

    Replacing a factory nav unit on a 2006 Explorer with the audiophile sub and amp. Used a Metro 70-5521 harness. Noticed now that there is full range audio coming through the sub. The original factory nav unit does not do this. Anybody run into this or have info on how the amp works with...
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    any update?
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    more than likely you need a new battery
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    2006 Explorer Limited Question

    If I recall properly, there was some that had issues with that button, but its is only serviced in a whole shifter assembly from Ford.
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    Replacing OEM Nav unit - need all input possible.

    I hate those Coastal lock picks. They don't ever last a long time. I have removed so many from customers cars, not worth fixing. Also since you have an 06, you would gain Bluetooth!
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    Replacing OEM Nav unit - need all input possible.

    Maestro is only sold through an authorized installer. That its the interface piece that will retain your controls etc in the car. I am an authorized dealer in Rockland for it.
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    Replacing OEM Nav unit - need all input possible.

    It also makes a difference of the back up camera you are using. You need a nicer quality one, no cheap ones.
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    Replacing OEM Nav unit - need all input possible.

    The newest Kenwood that is coming out is the DNX573S. Backup camera is good quality to me. I install Kenwood Navs all the time at the Ford dealers and others and no one ever complains, in fact they love that unit with the Garmin GPS built into it. Easy to use.
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    Replacing OEM Nav unit - need all input possible.

    Look into the new Kenwood units. They have Apple Car play, they will be available shortly. You can add pretty much whatever you want to them, Sirius, backup camera, steering wheel controls etc. I do work for local Ford dealers in the area, most people have a positive response to the Kenwood...
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    2006 remote start

    sound like you have the factory remote. you can try lock-lock-lock or lock-unlock-lock
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    Explorer aux addition

    On your 2006 explorer, you would need to buy an adapter to add Aux to the radio. Costs 100-150. I would recommend to change out the radio with a nice aftermarket 2DIN unit. I install Kenwood radios all the time, great units. You would gain Bluetooth, AUX, USB, could add Sirius and is relatively...
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    Air Vents

    Does anybody know if The driver and passenger air vents are replaceable on a 2006? I like the ones that come with the 04-up F150. They can twist and redirect the air much better than the factory explorer ones.
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    2008 Mounty Premier (V8)

    The antenna on the roof is the sirius antenna. I believe 08 Nav has the GPS antenna inside behind the radio.
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    2008 Mounty Premier (V8)

    08- it might have sync. Earlier ones did not later did. if not- add a parrot kit. Sirius- the tuner is in the passenger kick panel- silver rectangle box. disconnect the square power plug for 5 minutes and plug it back in. It may come back on. If not you need a new tuner module. Might find...
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    Remote Question

    no the ford one button is just that. you need the ford remote for the door locks. have to carry two remotes. if you want one, you need to buy a new system that has everything on one remote.
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    Remote Question

    I am a dealer and installer for Compustar. Highly recommended over Viper. Where are you located? Compustar has a lot of remote options, from basic to two way, to Mile range remotes! My company is a PRO dealer, but not all Compustar dealers...
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    Need new tires

    yes. Outside New York City
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    Need new tires

    Needing new tires again on 2006 Explorer EB. 245-65-17. Looking at the Goodyear Fortera which I have now- they are ok, but I always like Michelin or Michelin Latitude Tour or Michelin Latitude Tour HP What do you think is better to get? I have seen the new explorers using...
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    2006 V6 Engine banging

    The dealership changes the oil 5w30. Lately it has not been doing it. Although it has not been as cold, we will see what time brings.
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    2006 V6 Engine banging

    2006 V6 Eddie Bauer 40K miles. Getting a loud banging noise when starting the explorer when its cold outside. When it is warm- above 30 degrees F, it doesn't seem to do it. Could this be related to timing chain? tensioners? guides?
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    No crank condition

    do you have an alarm or remote start installed? maybe a guess is something shorted out.
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    airbag light stays on sometimes

    it is your battery. It will still start fine but the voltage changes and drops make the electronics do funny things. Go get a new one and it will go away. easy fix.
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    airbag light stays on sometimes

    Id be willing to bet its your battery. Is it the original? Replace it. Problem will go away.
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    who's dealing with the cold weather?

    Time for Remote Start!!!
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    Passenger seat rattle? :(

    @waskly-- can you post some pictures of what you are talking about?
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    Squeaky Seat

    i have the same problem- i have 2 06 eddie bauers with electric passenger seats and they both squeak. cant figure it out. only thing on both that was done is the heated seat elements were replaced. the problem can go away for a while and all of a sudden come back. real annoying.
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    HELP - Built-in Sirius Satellite not working.

    Just unplug it and wait the 2 min and replug it in. should work again. just a glitch.
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    Slowly disappearing coolant

    I just put a new radiator in for a friends 07 XLT V6. Check the back side of the radiator. You need to pull off the top cover by the grille to see the leak. His was all white over the backside of the radiator. Also the elbow at the bottom of the radiator also leaks. Check that too. Willing...
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    2006 Explorer Navigation & SR iPod Connection

    the early 06 does not have the sirius as a factory option. the job 2 trucks has the option which is the later models. if you dont have sirius get the pa 15 ford 1.
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    2006 Explorer Navigation & SR iPod Connection

    on the later 06 they started coming with the factory sirius. if you have no sirius- you need the pa 15 ford 1 if you have factory sirius- you need pa 15 ford 2
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    Memory Seat Programming Problem

    it is tied to the remote not the key. step 1: adjust seat to the position you want. Step 2: press set step 3- press number wanted 1 or 2 Seat is set for the number you want- now to tie into the remote. step 4- press set step 5- press unlock on the remote you want step 6-...
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    2004 explorer factory alarm problem

    which remote start kit do you have. get the number off the module in the car. there is an option on a few of them to turn off security functionality. keyless and start will still work. the sensitivity can also be adjusted. it is a pain to adjust but can be done.
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    help with Tire Monitor Fault

    one or more of the tire sensors is bad. you need to find out which one and replace the sensor and band. it will say low tire pressure if a tire is low.
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    Flashing Engine Light

    the tpms light should not affect engine performance. since you have a v8 and a chug at 55mph I would guess it may be a ignition coil or plug going bad. that will cause the flashing engine light and it should store a code the dealer can read.
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    Climate control problem

    I have an 06 eddie bauer with electric climate control. I have a problem that if i set it for 65 degrees it blows out hot air put it to 60 and its cold air. Putting back to65 i get hot air again. The dealer replaced the blend door actuator but problem is still here. Anyone experience this?
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    2006 remote start

    If its a ford remote start it will have its own remote. There should be an antenna on the windshield by the mirror. Try to get a part number off the module. Then i can help figuring out what remote it is.
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    2006 remote start

    There could be another remote that you are missing. See if there is a model on the brain under the dash.
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    2006 remote start

    It may be lock lock lock or unlock unlock unlock or it could be lock unlock lock. There may be a toggle switch under dash that may need to be flipped which disables remote start