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    BWM Brown Wire Mod 3rd Gen

    Thanx for the update, JCUZ. Yes the power is for the relay, if you go that route. Jared G.
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    BWM Brown Wire Mod 3rd Gen

    Not sure what the issue is on your guys' '04s. The only thing I can think of is, are you on the passenger's side? Jared G.
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    BWM Brown Wire Mod 3rd Gen

    Are you sure you have 4x4 and not AWD? Jared G.
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    3rd row debate

    I did it. Pretty simple. 2nd row: that is a different story. And front seats; oh man, that is the biggest pain of all. Jared G.
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    Transmission in the Explorers.

    Just a heads up, I just had my middle band replaced. I have a 2002 explorer, and I have a 5R55S. My manufacture date is 01/02. So be careful before you assume you have a 5R55W. Jared G. P.S. I still have a 5R55W for sale.
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    BWM Brown Wire Mod 3rd Gen

    Actually, I asked the same question of the switch and relay. To be honest I just wanted it to work, so I did it the way it was described to me. It would be interesting to see if it would work ok. I have heard the same "story" about the T-case clutch. I do not spin mine that often, but I have not...
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    BWM Brown Wire Mod 3rd Gen

    OK. First AWD and 4x4 have some differences. 4x4 sends (usually) equal power to the front axle and the rear axle. It is usually split 40/60 - 50/50. If one wheel slips on the rear axle, then all the power goes to that spinning wheel. The same is true for the front axle. (This holds true unless...
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    BWM Brown Wire Mod 3rd Gen

    Well, if you are on an icy road and your auto 4x4 engages, you have a pretty good chance of spinning out of control. I want to choose when I am in 4x4; not have a computer tell me when it thinks I should be in 4x4. And it does save mileage in the snow. I get better mpgs when the 4x4 is not...
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    BWM Brown Wire Mod 3rd Gen

    Yes, I think that would work, Curtis.
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    BWM Brown Wire Mod 3rd Gen

    To answer all the Qs: I had to replace one set of tires so far. They spin pretty easily in 2wd; even with the V6. It does not affect MPH. If you meant MPG; it does not affect that either. The two biggest gains in MPH for me came after I put 265/75/16 tires at 65PSI, and higher octane fuel. You...
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    BWM Brown Wire Mod 3rd Gen

    I know this has been posted before, but here is the post with pics and a better title for those searching. This is the procedure I used on a 2002. It should work on up to a 2005. These are the steps I followed. I am not saying this is the best and this is just a guide. Give your self about 2-3...
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    Looking at buying a 3rd Gen Ex -- What to Avoid?

    And the fact that the tranny is made of glass. Any 02-05 you get will have some sort of drivetrain problem. It will either be a Tranny, rear end if you have LSD, or bearings in the rear end. The tranny issues tend to show up around 60k miles. If you must have a 3rd Gen, buy a third party...
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    brown wire mod for 3rd gen?

    Do a search for: 4x4 Auto disable? Scroll down till you see a heading that says 3rd Gen BWM in the title. Those are the step by step instructions I used. If you want pics, I will see if I can find them. Some one was going to post them, but I am not sure if they got posted. Good Luck. Jared G.
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    5r55w Tranny removal Transmission remove

    I have to put a new Tranny in the X. Shops around here want ~$700 to take one out and put one in. I have done a couple manual transmissions berfore, but not an AT. Has anyone taken out a 5r55w and put one back in. If so, can you give me some instructions. Thanx, Jared G. PS I already searched
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    Double Din from Japan on ebay????

    Yeah, got to Ebay and check out Eonon. They have lots of options.
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    Repainted Trim

    How did you remove your fender flare pieces? And what finish did you use. Satin, Gloss, flat? Thanx, Jared G.
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    Double Din from Japan on ebay????

    I just got one and it works great. $233 with overnight shipping from China. It is a double din 6.5 in. DVD. Works and looks great. I got mine on Ebay from Eonon. They do not come with mounting kits though. Jared G.
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    Repainted Trim

    Same hear. I thought of doing it a while ago and not sure if I should do it or take it to a paint shop. Can you send me the directions you used? Thanx, Jared G.
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    available lockers

    Yeah, do a search, I have posted on it several times. They are out there. 02-05's have a Dana 35 front end and a Ford 8" rear. There are lockers by the dozen out there for both diffs. Search the web for lockers and you should find plenty. Jared G.
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    Removing 3rd row seat for storage?

    I wish I would have known. I would have saved all my stuff. I put in a third row and threw away all my stock (non-3rd row) stuff. It is pretty easy to take the seat out. Lift the bottom of the 3rd row out and there should be 4 bolt on each side. Undo all eight and it comes out. There are proly...
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    traded in the X

    Oh man! I love the '07 Expedition; especially that color, but for your X. Oh well, congratulations! They are pretty nice. Jared G.
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    Another Third Gen on 265's

    Those geolanders give a nice ride with just the right amount of traction. They wear well also. Looks good. Jared G.
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    3rd seat ??

    You bet your ass it is. I just did mine. I had no 3rd row and the 60/40 second. I bought a 3rd row plus the 35/30/35 second row seats in leather for mine. I can tell ya how to do it if you want. Took me about 5-7 hours. I only have the 3rd row. I did not change the side panels or install the...
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    3rd Gen. Now appearing in 265s!

    I just gotta say that 265s on Xs look so much better than the stock. I am so used to seeing mine like that way, that when I see one with stock, I think there is something wrong. Jared out
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    285/75/16 tires on stock 3rd Gen

    That is the size I have as well. I also have the OD problem, but I can resolve it by tapping the OD button on and them off.
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    I checked into it. I posted a thread; I think under "Now appearing in 265s". They recommended a manual locker for IRS, instead of an automatic or posi-trac. The one they recommended was about $650, but they listed some around the $300-$400 range if I remember. Jared G.
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    2002+ Offroading Photos Wanted

    The gas tank skid is usually on the NBX series.
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    Who HAS there stock intake box? 4.0?

    I can proly send you mine in a week. Send me a message with the shipping address. Jared G.
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    Who HAS there stock intake box? 4.0?

    I can proly send you mine in a week. Tell me where to ship it to in a Private Message. Jared G.
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    3rd Gen. Now appearing in 265s!

    That looks awesome Darkstone! What tire did you end up putting on? I hate that tailpipe sticking all the way out the back. If you look at my pics again, you can see that I hacked mine right where it starts turning to go out the back and put a tip on so it comes out right behind the tire. It...
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    2002 Explorer, Need some serious input

    Do you have the stock Air box? I had the same problem when I put my K&N Cone filter on. And my MPG went down the tube. Jared G.
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    Anyone Having paint chipping on roofs?

    Yeah, I am getting some on my '02 above the doors. I have harvest gold. What color is yours? Jared G.
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    So I took my ex offroad

    OK; I noticed that my tranny shifts like a manual under torque; especially in 4x4. Were you in 1 on the shift? If not, your tranny had proly not shifted into 1st. Try that. Otherwise, I am not sure.
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    New 265/75 - now Exhaust/Tuner????

    On my '02, 70mph = 76 actual. 30 = 32 actual. 45 = 48 actual. I also frequently travle a 105 mile route, but after the switch, my trip only shows about 97mi. So if you are calculating your mpg off of the trip with bigger tires, your mpg will show a sudden drop. driving around town is still...
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    3rd Gen. Now appearing in 265s!

    Yeah, what those guys said.
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    3rd Gen. Now appearing in 265s!

    So, I found the locker I want for my rear Diff. I am not going to change it out to a 7.33 gears though. The locker should be about $600-$700. I am just going to see what that does for me. As soon as I can scrape that together, I am going to put it in. Might not be for 6 months though. I will...
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    First 3rd Gen

    Anyone know or recall when the first 3rd Gen Explorers were available? I know models years are different, but I have an '02, and my manufacturer's date is 01/01. That is pretty early for an '02. Just wondering if any other '02 owners have a date that early (look at tag on driver's door). Jared G.
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    Mercury is second most reliable.

    Guess you guys with 3rd Gen Mountaineers are in luck! By Associated Press Japan's Toyota Motor Corp. (TM, news, msgs) won top honors in eight categories of a closely watched vehicle dependability study, more than any other company, while mainstream brands closed in on luxury nameplates...
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    Will a complete 05 or 06 IRS bolt into my 02?

    Heads up. My manager has an 05' and his rear end sounds horrible. I have an 02' and have no problems. It seems that you might run into this with whatever way you choose. The best way is probably to just get the rear end serviced if you have problems. 02-05 should be the same. The 06+ look a...
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    Has anybody noticed that almost all the older 3rd gens Sag?

    Dude, take the extra size. Go fo the 265/75/16. They will not rub. Jared G.