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  1. J

    Froader and Section coming to Texas

    WOW, sound like a chic , haha, j/k B. can't wait to see everyone , gonna be a blast i can tell already, will be nice to meet a few more faces
  2. J

    Happy Birthday Kris Guilbeaux

    busted, haha, so what is it the big 39, lol, j/k happy b-day kris
  3. J

    Froader and Section coming to Texas

    i'll be there, like 99% sure :thumbsup: :thumbsup: looking forward to meeting some new faces, and seeing few of the same ones again :D
  4. J

    Glitter Bomb

    holy schnikes batman, they've lost their mind in bastrop country without me there, haven't they?? ;) i'll be bringing up the .45, 30-06, 12guage, to take care of this asap, no .22 on this job, no sir
  5. J

    Happy Birthday Johnstone

    Go give them the B-day TY, and punch em in the mouth, lol J/K happy b-day big guy, can't wait to get togeather and wheel again with ya
  6. J

    When Concerns are Raised of Being Unlawful & Deptive

    would have to say that i've had almost nothing but problems each time i have every ordered from them, maybe 25% of the time is actually correct and easy the only reason i have went back that many times, is because we it comes to price, i've always set my own with them, they will pretty much...
  7. J

    Texas Lost High Way Route 87

    well as longs as nothing goes seriously wrong with what i have to get done on my X..................j lol, i will be there, hopefully get a lot of work done on it tomorrow either way, with or without my rig, maybe i'll make it
  8. J

    running power wire for amp

    yep thats where i ran mine, would have thought he'd already tried that
  9. J

    looking for a box that holds three 12" subs

    i agree with building it yourself, if done right will be better and MUCH cheaper then anything you will find out there, only takes like half a day to complete a whole box start to finish i wanted a box that would hold 4 10" subs right behind my seat and have the option of running all 4 or...
  10. J

    running power wire for amp

    ummm try 4 gauge, sure it will handle the power, wont be as big, not sure how neone can help, if its to big to go under the door seal, u gotta route it somewhere else, i barely had room to run my 4guage under the door sill and it was under all the plastic trim under the sill
  11. J

    sealed box help

    most will be 1.0 cu. ft. of space total, i built my box for like 50 and some change, that included MDF, screws, paint, sealer, carpet the works,& poly fill,. and i know for a fact its way better then what someone would have built for me, for WAYYY more money, here is a link, has a few pictures...
  12. J

    PO171 and 174 along with a tranny problem...

    currently i'm getting these same error codes on my 97 OHV, i already cleaned a MAF that i got from the yard with 40k miles on it, compared to my 140k MAF, ran awesome for like 3 days, then back to crap ass gas milage, check engine light came back on with the same PO171 PO 174 codes, bank 2...
  13. J

    Rockport, Western Ill, Feb 19th Sat Feb 19th 2005 well i thought i'd toss this out there for anyone who is interested, me and a guy from another club will be going to rockport on the 19th, exact time, not yet decided, but will be a SAT, prob all day, picnic, wheel whatever, just hang out i've been there once...
  14. J

    4" Superlift and TT/Shackle question

    personally, i'd call up RCD and get there front kit and put it on(Be the FIRST, COME ON, i KNOW U WANT 2) then do the SOA in the rear like has already been mentioned, its suppose to be way better then superlift, cause it eliminates the torsion bars all togeather which get in the way, superlift...
  15. J

    KC 50 Series ?

    don't know if u've looked at them but i'm using KC series 46, 4x6 , i personally love them, i like the hidden look that fits right in between the spaces in my rack plus give me plenty of light, for only 45 a set to ur door, buy 2 or 3 of them, couple pairs up front one in the rear, what i'm...
  16. J

    Australian Explorer

    just curious, what did u do with ur nudge bar?? how much would u want for it, any way to find out shipping to US?
  17. J

    Kenwood's new deck: 1050, cheapest price so far i've found very nice unit
  18. J

    lift kits and bent metal

    just a question was curious about, haven't been able to find anyone thats done it, will the ranger 8" 4x4 lift from skyjacker work on 1st gen explorers??
  19. J

    Superlift 2nd Gen ?s

    just the front end kit will be at or below 800 alone,u can call 4wheelparts, ask their price, call summit get theirs, then battle one against the other for lower price to get it down if ur in the mood, i guess ur going to do SOA in the rear to get it somewhat even, just so u know, the superlift...
  20. J

    2 sub question

    if u want to be able to run ur subs when u want, just get seperate amps, what i did, i'm running 4 10" subs on 2 amps, each amp has a rocker switch on its "blue" wire to control the power to it, allowing me to run 0/2/4 subs at the flick of a switch which i love, cause i listen to all kinds of music
  21. J

    Desert Guard/Light bar - Where to get one

    well i have a westin safari bar, and i had the TT/shackle then did a 3" BL, had custom brackets fabed out of the old ones with new supports to get it up out of the way, guy who did my fabbing only charged me like 25, so i'm sure u can find someone to do it cheap around u, just have to design the...
  22. J

    I need to get this guy over here on our board!!!! 38's on 2 Ex's

    the wiring diagrams from the "fix it" books??? cause i have one in my truck if that will work for u, just let me know, i'll scan them in no prob.
  23. J

    I need to get this guy over here on our board!!!! 38's on 2 Ex's

    all those trucks are BADASS imo, gotta love gen 2 on 38s no matter how, ya u can't climb rocks and hills, but great for the snow Oli, ROCK on, i'm jealous would love to come up there and just ride along, enjoy the site sure ur a huge asset to this site as are most of the people who have...
  24. J

    97" XLT 3" body lift, how big can i go?

    just to put it out there, 33's on 3.73 open, u will be powerless, at least mine is, taking foot off the pedal can kill power off quick, slamming it down will get it going, not fast though, i'm prob going to 4.56s hopefully sooner then later
  25. J

    97" XLT 3" body lift, how big can i go?

    bringing this back, cause i have a 97, 4dr, 4x4, had TT/Shackles done with 31s no prob, end of august did 3" body lift and put on 33s mud rovers, i trimming back some plastic when it was catching, still rubbing, getting lil cuts on my tires, i had seen all over with this much lift should be 33s...
  26. J

    New 31s

    well i have 33" mud rovers, took mine on a 1000k mile trip right after buying them, not sure of total mileage on them now, i'm curiuos about wear also, so prob go get tread read here tomorrow, but they are lil loud, not as bad as others i've heard, clean up great after deep, slick, slimmy mud...
  27. J

    Car show where u do the driving

    just thought i would put this out there for anyone who might be interested. its presented by GM and a pretty good time, all day, few hrs, free lunch whatever u want to make of it St.Louis -this weekend Houston - coming soon San Antonio-coming soon be sure to...
  28. J

    Buying a shotgun...

    i'm suggest a mossberg 500 w/ pistol grip for home protection, its almost identical to the 870 but a few bucks cheaper, great warranty(lifetime), i use my moss 500 for hunting and it has never failed me, so thats just my 2 cents, take it for what u will, if ur looking for a good 12gauge at a...
  29. J

    do ranger lifts fit on explorers?

    if ur doing the 4dr leaf pack u should just go ahead and order the shackles, do that same time as for tips with the body lift, lots of extra washers , and when drilling out the threads, use a smaller size and work up to the 1/2, will prob be easier, i did that for the last 4 bolts i had to...
  30. J

    do ranger lifts fit on explorers?

    Just curious if anyone has done the RCD kit for 2nd gen yet, cause i'm really interested in this, due to suppose to be better then superlift, any info on the RCD, are we assuming the ranger 5" RCD kit works on the 97 explorer? cause i don't see a kit for any explorers, sorry might have missed...
  31. J

    Amp, sub, stock system....

    if ur looking for good stuff at a good price, might want to check, , where i've gotten some of my stuff, including my kenwood-mp522mp3 HU, which i love, price on it is even better now that its a yr old model, 130.00, good luck, i actually just finished getting my brand...
  32. J

    BADLANDS Indiana soon?

    i might be down for an october run, i need to get some money squared away, <college student in NE MO> and i would rather have my sliders on before going anywhere else, caues i pushed in a lil body at the end of the summer before i left tx, but i should be able to find out about my sliders this...
  33. J

    window decal

    window decal like on the outside of the window, no it doesn't mess them up, on the inside it might, but i'm not sure i have like 5 big decals on the back of my window, all are good and use the defroster in the mid of winter with 8" of snow and ice. laters
  34. J

    the DEN-SA,TX Early August

    well drop Trckmagik a line for me and see if he wants to make a run on sat.14th of august?? saw a huge bunch of jeeps leaving there today on my way home from work, prob cause it rained yesterday pretty good. i'll def be ready to go on the 14th though if anyone else wants to make the trip, if...
  35. J

    the DEN-SA,TX Early August

    haha don't plan breaking anything, doesn't look like anyone is coming down, thats fine, how bout WE PUSH THIS BACK A WEEK THEN? so august 15 suday at 10am?? so will this work better for everyone? would like to see a nice turn out the off road place right by the den still told me to just let...
  36. J

    the DEN-SA,TX Early August

    BBQ- any word from svo and u 2 making this run??? Msupertek how bout u, coming down for this one?
  37. J

    would anyone be willing to fab some bumper brackets for $$

    k, well sorry forgot to take pics, cause i put them on the truck, but jenn(Mendoca00) has them off still, so u might want to ask her what she thinks of her set, good luck guys
  38. J

    3'' body lift questions

    well i just finished mine actually today, started yesterday and finsihed about noon today, total of lil over 6 hrs i would say, and i'm just a weekend mechanic with the help of my brother who is clueless when it comes to tools, when drilling the bushing out, i would use a size or two smaller...
  39. J

    the DEN-SA,TX Early August

    yeah ya do, make them get down here. Tell him to bring his austin girl with him.
  40. J

    Replacing speaker wire

    well i just replaced mine and they were all 6x8,