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    Did the 2002 Sport Trac come with a factory subwoofer option?

    A while ago my dad and I found a subwoofer mounted inside the backseat plastics at the junkyard. We decided to take it. It’s completely plastic built. Long shaped. Single small sub. It’s been some time since I’ve seen it since it’s somewhere in his shop, but if I recall correctly it had an amp...
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    Rear window mod to make it adjustable?

    Now if we can only duplicate that issue lol.
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    3D Printed First Gen parts

    Man I need STL for the second gen or 02 Sport Trac. Specifically something to make the map light better! Edit: I just found out the first and second gen have the same map lights!
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    Rear window mod to make it adjustable?

    I’m not exactly sure how it works allowing it only to be vented, open, or closed. I want it to be like a regular window to be infinitely adjustable.
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    Looking for factory-looking projector headlights and fog lights.

    By factory looking, I guess I mean chrome inside? Preferably no halo light. I’m not into the smoked out look on headlight. Fog lights don’t matter too much I suppose.
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    What fuse for 12v outlet in bed?

    I'm wanting to install some lights for the bed of my 2002. I'd like to know the specs of it since I'd like to tap into the wires there for a switch to my lights to avoid running new wires. I don't want to overload the wires and fuse if I ever use the lights and 12v outlet there.
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    921 led bulbs on interior lights?

    The front map light calls for a 906 and the rear calls for 194. They’re all interchangeable. The back dome light should be able to fit a 921 since it looks like there’s plenty of room. Any luck in fitting a 921 in the front?
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    Factory bed cover replacement locks

    There’s only 1 lock :(
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    Factory bed cover replacement locks

    So I have no way of getting cylinders for it unless I spend $100? I bought the cover for $100 :shifty:
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    Factory bed cover replacement locks

    I recently had my dad go pick up a factory bed cover for my 02. The guy said he didn't have the keys to it. I hadn't realized they were a special kind of cylinder. I thought it was just like a regular lock that would be used for a camper shell or bed cover. I haven't taken a closer look yet as...
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    Cheap tonneau covers?

    That's unfortunate. Sort of unrelated question..... Are camper shells built for specific models of trucks? Or are they sort of made to a certain dimension and fit different model trucks? (ie: do different toppers fit different model/make of trucks?)
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    Cheap tonneau covers?

    Will 2nd Gen Sport Trac bed covers fit a First Gen? I seem to find more later models on craigslist.
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    Cheap tonneau covers?

    does anyone know where to buy the cheapest tonneau cover I can get? I don’t care if it’s a soft cover, which I’m sure it will be. I can’t find anything less than $300
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    Things to do to increase MPG

    I average 15mpg if I remember correctly. I do speed a bit though :burnout: I've been thinking about removing or lowering the tailgate to see if it helps any. I don't have the factory tonneau cover :confused: Mythbusters tested tailgate up or down. I believe tailgate down made a significant...
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    Mounting LED pods to Explorer/Sport Trac fog light hole.

    I’ve seen numerous posts on here asking how to do it. I’ve even asked myself. I scoured Instagram hashtags relating to “SportTrac” and messaging anyone with led pods to replace their factory fog lamps. There weren’t many. Imgur: The magic of the Internet One person kind enough to go out of...
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    Fog light pods and light bar in bumper

    I've got an 02 Sport Trac. I'm wanting to mount square led pods the fog light holes and/or a lightbar IN the bumper hole space. Imgur Can anyone recommend a way to do it?
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    Cruise control button delete

    So I’ve taken off the buttons on the steering wheel because they were all deteriorated and gross. I find out that the horn doesn’t work. Is there any way to get the horn to work again without buying new switches? The cruise control isn’t even installed because my grandfather removed it so...
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    Replacement hardware for bed extender?

    i found a factory bed extender at the junkyard for my ‘02 ST. I think I paid $30. It’s got a few broken pieces like the latch where it pivots that locks it on the truck. Also the side pins that prevent it from bouncing. Any way to find replacement parts?
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    LED Pods in fog light holes?

    I’ve got an ‘02 Sport Trac. I saw a same model Sport Trac with LED pods in the fog light holes. I tried to catch up to him to ask him how he did it but he went on the highway. How can I do this myself?
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    LED Pods in fog light holes?

    I just saw a Sport Trac with pods in the fog light holes. I tried to catch up to him to ask him how he did it, but he ended up going on the highway. How can I do this to mine?
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    Do they sell aftermarket center console lids?

    You're right. It seems to be like $70-$100. Have you checked the junkyard?
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    Do they sell aftermarket center console lids?

    I saw a few on eBay for less than $30 I believe. Plenty replacement kits though.
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    2002 4.0 Sport Trac shuts off at low rpms

    It hasn't happened for a while. But now it started acting up again. The truck would completely shut off. Dash lights come on. I noticed it's mostly when taking off like from a light of stop sign. There's no codes ever. Sometimes it will get a bit hesitant or stutter a bit even when idling and...
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    Do they sell aftermarket center console lids?

    The front seats and center console have been reupholstered. The seats are barely ok but I don't like the centerconsole lid. It's cracked and there's a screw that keeps stabbing the passenger elbow from being under-stuffed. Ideally I want a lid that's completely plastic. Black maybe? A little...
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    Bed extender and Bed cover compatibility?

    I'm looking to buy a bed extender and bed tonneau cover. What years fit a 2002? I see a few 2006+ for sale, but never first gen.
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    2003 Sport Trac Rough/Pulsing Idle on Startup

    Not sure if related to your problem but.... My '02 4.0 trembles at idle. It almost seems the idle is too low(600-700 I assume). And just 2 minutes ago the truck shut off completely after doing a hard couple trembles at idle. This is the second time it's happened in a month. Last time I was...
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    Stock ride height for '02 ST 2x4?

    The truck used to be my grandfather's. He lowered it with blocks and torsion bar twist because he was a short man I'm trying to get it back to stock height. I've removed the blocks. I could match the front to the rear, but I doubt theyre same height though..... Eventually I do plan to lift it...
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    '02 Sport Trac badge removal

    Solid info here. I'll be tackling this tomorrow. That truck has a nice tire on it. Any clue on sizing and if the truck has a lift?
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    What would this piece be called?

    That's weird. I saw the linoleum tiles method. I guess no aftermarket options.
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    What would this piece be called? Located at the rear corners of the roof. Where can I buy a replacement? I haven't been to my local junkyard yet.
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    '02 Sport Trac badge removal

    Yes I was planning on leaving the Ford ones and just taking off the Explorer on the doors and Explorer and Sport Tract on the tailgate. Thanks
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    '02 Sport Trac badge removal

    So I'm currently detailing my truck. I was planning on buffing, and figured I'd remove the badges. I'm mostly concerned if there are holes under them. I wouldn't bother removing them then.