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    91 Sport Poor Running; Help Diagnosing!

    I understand what you are saying clogging up the system isn't good IE stuffing a rag in your exhaust (or classic banana) or a plugged drain at home. However I would imagine this would affect more the overall running performance which I maybe used to have more; however now it seems to slight...
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    91 Sport Poor Running; Help Diagnosing!

    Yes I apologize, I had lots of info but left some things out. I did do a fuel pressure test when I replaced the pump when I was first having these major issues, I got really low pressure readings off the rail but the new pump performed as it should I think in the 40psi range (can't remember...
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    91 Sport Poor Running; Help Diagnosing!

    Hello it's been a while since I've posted here but I stop in from time to time and see what's going on and post a tidbit of help here and there.... However this time I need some info. Over the 2009 Fall winter season my X has been acting up; all started with horrible to worse fuel consumption...
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    Blinker (flasher) fuse keeps blowing when the truck is started.

    Ok I fixed my problem finnaly had time to work on MY truck in the shop..... hope this helps!!! 1- first of all the diode block.... I could not get any further wiring diagrams regarding this; I am assuming they are just mounted inline and who knows where they are located; this is very unlikely...
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    Blinker (flasher) fuse keeps blowing when the truck is started.

    Check to see if the fuse blows when the Signal relay is removed then you know it's not the signal light system. Also you know it's not the reverse lights if it's not in revese. I am having the same problem as you but have not checked any further than that, the fuse for signal lights...
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    Bouncing voltmeter... occurs when truck hits a bump.

    I have tryed to read through most of these but some of this info might be reapeated; I assume a fairly new thread is still requiring help. 1- with an accident like this it is mostlikely you have bad wirring as you bump the wires short out as previously mentioned turn elecs on and lights and...
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    ALT 1 and ALT 2 Fuse Fields

    Hello all; just wondering on my Gen 1 stock 4.0L what the ALT 1 and ALT 2 Fuse feilds are in the stock engine bay fuse box. These are unused from the factory as the Alternator uses a 15A fuse but these are Said to be ALT Power 1/2 and call for a 60A fuse. Is this a built in wirring for dual...
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    Temp Guage Goes up and Down

    Could also be an airlock in the cooling system... just check to see if your levels are correct; an airlock in the system should work it's way out after a few heat ups and run downs. Just pop the cap and see if there is a good level and temperature range for your climate and keep the reservoir...
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    NEW Clutch help/ Info pls!

    Hello everyone I think I am in need of a new clutch the pedal has been getting progressively worse the last few months or so I bled it a month ago and it helped a little bit for a while; I only replace the clutch 3 yrs ago new slave machined flywheel and it was an HD clutch. I only burned it up...
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    Is it possible to take the whole 4x4 w/e off?

    FYI (4X2) no biggy, but yes it has improved lots however it also depends on the transmission, I have noticed a difference between Std and Auto's also the auto's (never will be a fan!) are smoother feeling due to the torque converters and computer systems that control them.
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    Is it possible to take the whole 4x4 w/e off?

    If you only wanted/needed a 2wd it is a bit of work but I would sudgest removing the t/case you could sell it also, you will have to get and adapter from your tranny to driveaxle but there are lots of companies that could make you one, just remove the fron't drive axle and diff and the fron't...
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    Aftermarket lights

    Have you checked the fan circuit? also does the fan come on and operate normally when you want? Ie lights off. Second of all I would note that it is good practice to always run a relay instead of the load through the switch. But that's not really a concern with your current settup as I...
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    SOA question(s)!

    Hi guys I know there are lots of these in the forum and over the years have read lots but nothing recent and just need some info. Wondering if you need to do anything special if your planning a rear SOA; it will be a new suspension system, rear leaf pack with lift, no blocks I don't think and...
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    head gasket kit recommendations

    If you got a "taller" Gasket set that will Decrease the compression ratio! Your Piston if you imagine only moves up and down at a set distance, the compression ratio is a measurement of your bore with how much space there is in the combustion chamber (at full compression TDC) Stroke is the...
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    Wanted Stolen!!! (Happy Monday!!)

    So monday morning (approx. three weeks ago) I walk into the shop, warming up my brain for the day to come; I ponder over the next few projects I will be starting on my Gen 1 Sport and as I glance out the front windows to get inspired at her beauty and what will become of her.... My heart sinks...
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    First Gen Jet Chip???

    I've been looking around and other than the 'Hoaxy' E-bay chips that promis 1,000,000,000,000 HP and 3,000 MPG and 500,000X more Torque (lol ok exaderation but sounds too good to be true) the only thing I've found for the 'Stock' 4.0L Pushrod V6 is the Jet module... is any one running this?? Is...
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    Need info 13.5 or 12.5 what are you running?

    Oh really?? wow thank you for the info I'll have to look into that... hadn't really thought about that one! easy fix though ;):salute:
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    Help with Tires/ Wheels/ Axles

    Wow..... yes ok first off I will mostly just do normal Canadian offroading wich is mostly mud and steep stuff and like that... not too much rock crawling here but all low range easier on all the parts including clutch... thank you so much for the help and advice yes I think if 35's are good then...
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    Help with Tires/ Wheels/ Axles

    Me either.. thank you for you input... was told that the knuckles (ujoint) barings, axle shafts and hubs wont hold up... so yes the whole assembly... was sudgested to upgrade to D44 parts
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    91 X Sway & Transfer Q's

    well with a 13.5 I would run a 15X10 rim but what does the ofset do? push the wheel out from the truck or pull the wheel into the truck? on a 12.5 I might run an 8 or 10 not sure yet
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    The Definitive Wheel Stud Article...

    Yeah I've had problems with mine one day I'm driving home and yes my brakes are getting alittle long in the tooth and my wheel starts making some noise you know different than usual and I find out that not one... two... but three (3) of the five wheel studs came loose and now I can't get my...
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    Help with Tires/ Wheels/ Axles

    well not to sure what all come in.. I only Run Toyo's on my car and my truck bike is a different story... sorry to say I am a Die Hard Toyo fan and will never change and I think everythin else is crap... lol but yeah 33X13.5X15 Toyo Open Country M/T's and they run over sized the BFG's I think...
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    Help with Tires/ Wheels/ Axles

    Awsome thanks... do you think they are weak?? can you get away with 33X13.5's?
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    Help with Tires/ Wheels/ Axles

    Ah icy... yes... well have you run the combination that I am asking about before or know'n any one who has?? you know just to "prove" the theory I suppose... like yah my budy jim runs that for like 5 yrs your good to go! lol
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    Help with Tires/ Wheels/ Axles

    Thats what I've been thinking but some others have been telling me differently... I appreciate your advice... thank you for reasuring me what are you running?
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    Help with Tires/ Wheels/ Axles

    Hello on my 91 Sport I'm looking at doing a 5" Camburg lift was hoping to use 33X13.5X15's on 15X10's but people on the forum tell me the 13.5's are too big for the stock D35 and too beaf it up with the D44 but that will change my whole bolting and such and if thats the case I might as well just...
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    91 X Sway & Transfer Q's

    ok so then it changes to the 5 on 5.5 bolt right? so I might as well just upgrade both front and rear axels if I go that rout and put in beafyer ones like what the bronco runs... this really sux!
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    Need info 13.5 or 12.5 what are you running?

    Hello planning to install a 5" lift in the future was looking at 33X13.5X15's but some people on the forums have been saying that the 13.5's might be too wide and put too much stress on the stock D35 in my 91 Sport, I am wondering what your opinion is? how can I beef this up? what are you...
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    91 X Sway & Transfer Q's

    ok so if I upgrade to a D44 does that just replace the D35? will everything still be the same my hubs and bolt patern and sline gears? why is the D44 stronger?
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    How many fog/aux lights?

    ok well right now your running at about 200Watts plus 4 lights is another 200 so about 440 Watts devide 10 is 44Amps stock 1st gen is 98Amp Alt so about 50A left to run your truck radio headlights horn ect.... meaning your alitle more than me should be ok but all at once your system will feel it...
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    91 X Sway & Transfer Q's

    ok well this is all news to me but I know that lots of people run 13.5s so there must be a way I can run 12.5 anyways and still buy my 15*10 then I have the option to go either way
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    91 X Sway & Transfer Q's

    ok well this is all news to me but I know that lots of people run 13.5
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    I have an old Uniden system in mint condition handed down to me by my Grand Pa... since it was sitting around since after the war and no one used it I have a 9' whip and its been "hot rodded" so my range is great for transmitting and better than avg for recieve but I'm going with a new 3'...
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    Alberta wheeling

    Hay guys in the future or even currently send me invites if you don't mind... I will be out of commish for the next few months hopefully by spring 09 should be good for the trail but let me know!:thumbsup:
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    Alberta folk..... where ya be?

    Hay guys I live in Edmonton I'd be happy to come out to Calgary once and a while to wheel just let me know I will probably be down for a few months here but hopefully by the spring I should be good to go:thumbsup:
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    Wanted lower mainland b.c. explorer groups

    Hello I am from Edmonton, I usually get out to BC once a year would like to hook up next time and do some wheelin if your interested... usually plan annually around Thanksgiving
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    91 X Sway & Transfer Q's

    Whoa Whoa Whoa... no ok... I never said what gears I have... fact is I don't know I see that axle number page so I will have to look at my axles and use the chart to find my gearing... I want to run 33X13.5X15's on my stock 91 Sport 4X4 it's all Std/ Manual even the hubs.
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    Control? Arm Help!!!

    I read again what Camburg supplied in their kit sounds like they provide the crossmember and pivot boxes so I don't have to worry about buying a new one I will just wait for my lift and hopefully my suspension holds out in the meantime.... then replace it all
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    Control? Arm Help!!!

    The RA Bracket your talking the Cross member that the arms bolt into? I will have to replace mine now there is wear in it the holes aren't round any more they are starting to oval with all these problems... does any body sell these I'd rather not rip them off of a junk yard special... also...
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    Control? Arm Help!!!

    well its all stock config so I donno there is quite a bit of space heat isn't an issue its almost like there is too much play in the front end ie the wheels physically move front to back some what which wears out the bushings and parts and breaks them down?! does this sound possible or correct...