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    Strange noise coming from front wheels.. 93'

    I had clunk in the steering colum so i took all the wheel apart and there is like a lead damper thing in there thats on rubber mounts behing the horn contact pad and 2 of the 3 rubbers were dry rotted so i cut the last one and pulled the whole thing out and its good now... dont even know y it...
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    Put new (new to me) tranny in and it whines is that norm?

    Hi guys i was just wondering..My x-fer case input bearing seized and busted itself and the tranny mainshaft as well so i shopped around and bought a used x-fer case and tranny (tranny was painted so im thinkin it was rebuilt recently) and i put it all together and put new mercon 5 fluid in both...
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    Is installing a MAINShaft an Expert thing?

    Thanks alot for the info ill pronably just get a new one
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    Is installing a MAINShaft an Expert thing?

    i have a 93 ex sport and the x-fer case bearing siezed up and and locked up and wrecked the planetary gears and somehow snapped the mainshaft outa the tranny. have a new x fer case but dont want to buy a new tranny, wondering if its a big deal to change shaft or do u have to have n e special...