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    k&n air kit

    On another note... Has anyone had any issues from Ford in regards to warranty and having the K&N FIPK installed? I have seen a few people comment about techs claiming the oil on the filter will cause problems with the MAF.
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    k&n air kit

    I got mine from a Top Rated seller on eBay $254 w/free shipping. Looked like the item was drop shipped direct from K&N.
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    k&n air kit

    K&N Cold Air Intake 63-2573 I just installed my K&N 63-2573 this past weekend in the '10 Adrenalin and didn't have any issues at all. The combined sound between the 50 Series Flowmaster and the intake is just mean. So far it looks like I am getting about a 2MPG increase which is awesome...
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    Coastal Tech Lockpick for Ford Sync Navigation

    Has anybody added the Coastal Tech Lockpick to their Navigation to unlock DVD Playback and NAV Input in motion or add a backup camera?
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    k&n air kit

    I had similar questions about the K&N FIPK that fits the '08 models but not listed for the '09 or '10. From what I can tell nothing has changed, so I took a gamble and ordered the 63-2573 for my '10. I should have it Tues-Wed next week. Will keep you posted.