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    '01 Miata- Before and After

    I suppose I should mention my 302 is for sale too! If you or someone you know is in the market: Edelbrock performer RPM heads and intake (upper and lower of course) and cam. It made 280 HP and 325ft/lb at the wheels. It'd maybe make about 300hp in a solid axle car. The roller rockers may...
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    '01 Miata- Before and After

    It is a blast. Troll and Black Mark VIII (sp) are building me a 347 for it. The 302 was getting passe! (LOL) As for the cost, if you have to ask you can't imagine. It was enough.
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    Switch bulbs out

    I did a search and got some info but I need more - if it's out there! I have '97 XLT and some of the dash switch bulbs are out. I didn't know the headlight switch even illuminated until I found that great therad, but also my On/Off cruise buttons dont light nor does my rear defrost button...
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    Lug Nut ?

    Weird. My budies 96 eats driver/rear studs. Hes changed them about 3x. Very strange.
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    mountaineer steering wheel?

    similarly related. sorry if I'm thread jacking! I justy bought a '97 XLT explorer and while its in being serviced for some minor things, Carmax gave me a loaner. It too is a 97 (I think) but there are some differences. The steering wheel on the loaner (XLT too) is thicker than my car. I...
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    '01 Miata- Before and After

    I suppose. All of these 8 pots dont help that!
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    '01 Miata- Before and After

    Very nice. I just bought an Exploder but have been driving a Miata for the past 4 or 5 years. Heres mine. It has some stuff in common with the 'plorers. As you can see I tried to keep it stock looking!
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    Leather seats

    Thanks for the replies. Katzskin was exactly the thing I was looking for thanks. PS 'NM' means 'no message' - I thought I found a kit on Explorer Express but it was a 3rd bench in leather, when I realized it was a bench and I tried to delete the reply. It would delete so I put 'NM'.
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    Leather seats

    I just bought a 1997 Explorer XLS. Green with grey cloth interior. Has anyone ever changed thier seats to a leather interior that was not a factory job? i dont mean findign leather seats and bolting tehm in , I mean a profesional install of an aftermarket "leather kit" if there is such a...
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    Factory CD changer harness question

    Thank you but I did read the older threads. There are a whole bunch of them but I still could not narrow down the search well enough. I f you actually read my entire thread, it explains that I did use the search function, found what I even named an "often discussed" topic, but still had a...
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    Factory CD changer harness question

    Thanks for the reply - but you did not answer my question - WHO IS THEM??? Ford? Thanks!
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    Factory CD changer harness question

    I have read many threads on the 'often discussed' topic on factory CD changers and if they will work in cars not equipped from factory with the changers. I understand they will. I just bought a '97 XLT with the premium (not JBL) AM/FM cassette with CD changer controls in the head unit, but...
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    2003 cobra vs explorer 1/4 mile

    Troll, you hiding in here... Where you at? I'm gonna take you down.