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    EGR valve

    Make sure you remove, and clean the tube going from the exhaust man to the egr as well. Also peel back the wire loom on the harness, and make sure the wires aren’t crumbling. My 06 had sections of wiring at various pigtails that were brittle, and the wires were touching.
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    Halp! Running rich, and rough

    The plugs were done spring 2016 last. The coil is still the original.
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    Halp! Running rich, and rough

    Hey everyone, I’ve run into a driveability issue, and was wondering if anyone can help me. I have a 2006 xlt, 4.0 150,000 miles recently it started stalling, and running rough on me no codes, no lights. I haven’t done anything crazy to it, and haven’t changed anything since last year when I did...
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    Retro number....i forgot

    what fogs are those?
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    Retro number....i forgot

    Damn that's clean! Is it a pain to do?
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    KKM first impressions

    I also have 128,000 miles on an 06 xlt
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    KKM first impressions

    I mean 17.5 miles. Sorry for the typo. That's just my work commute, I didn't feel it was necessary to breakdown my drive completely. Also this is only after one week of driving with varying temperatures, in a city with inconsistent traffic. So take the data for what it is, just my experience...
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    KKM first impressions

    I've been monitoring short term, and long term fuel trim, as well as O2 readings, and haven't seen anything to suggest that it's running lean. Keep in mind that I have a V6, and unhooked the battery to reset the PCM. My Matco scanner is pretty cheap, and the data refresh rate isn't quite as fast...
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    KKM first impressions

    So I received my KKM intake last Monday, and figured after I week I'd let everybody know how it's been since. Over all installation was easy, took maybe 5-10 minutes. As far as performance, I've notices fuel mileage has improved more than anything. My commute is primarily highway for about...
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    2006 Eddie Bauer Explorer Overheating?

    My fan clutch is always spinning. I think the clean clutches on these are computer controlled, not relay controlled like fans that aren't run off the water pump .
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    Vehicle engine stopped at 70 mph

    Sounds like mine, it's at the dealer now. Turned out to be the engine control module
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    Plasti-dipped my wheels

    Go to they have a list of all the colors avaliable
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    what kind of explorer do you have and how many miles on it?

    06 XLT V6 roughly 104,000mi runs like a champ!
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    what was your first mod?

    Sound system was my first. Pioneer GPS touch screen, JL mono amp, and 10" kicker solo baric L5 Oh and a shorty antenna =)
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    Plasti-dipped my wheels

    Here's a pic of mine with the center cap done. Dirty I know. Only suggestion I have for anyone looking to dip wheels, have them static balanced first with tape weight if possible. Otherwise if the weight comes off you'll see the original finish underneath. Trial and error lol need to rebalance...
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    4th Gen Explorer Pictures

    Here's a few pics of my06 XLT
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    Plasti-dipped my wheels

    Are you going to dip the center caps?
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    How to: painted head lights quick & easy

    I used plasti-dip on the insides. Been almost a year, and still no problems
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    06 V8 Explorer coolant leak.

    Pictures are helpful. On the business end of the plugs, or the side that the wire slides over?
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    Need help bad - shaking, sputtering.

    How many miles? V6? V8?
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    Need help bad - shaking, sputtering.

    Check fuel pressure with a mechanical gauge.
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    Got code P0353 So I.... 2008 explorer EB v6 4.0

    Make sure you wrap those wires up real good with wire loom. If they're still rubbing a little piece of hose cut down one side, and slid over the bracket should help. Sounds like you may have figured it out, can you post a picture of the wires you repaired so we can get a good idea of where, and...
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    Just moved to Vegas

    I think there are a few places with 100 octane still
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    Squeaky belt!

    You could change your belt, and tensioner. That'll fix it.