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  1. J

    Ebay Indiglo Gauges-Buyer Beware!

    I did pay with PayPal and have already filed a complaint with them, but I haven't contacted eBay yet. Bill Kemp- the gauge faces don't line up at all with any of the "idiot lights" on the the cluster. For some reason now also, when its cold in the mornings my speedo and tach needles stick...
  2. J

    Ebay Indiglo Gauges-Buyer Beware!

    I am new to this forum, but I thought I might forewarn everyone to watch out for a certain product. Buyer Beware of the indiglo gauges sold on eBay produced or sold by Initial K Concepts or I recently bought a set for my 96 X and receive a bad set. They didn't fit...
  3. J

    Help!! Gas Mileage Problem!!

    I drive it conservatively, not gunning around town or anything. mrboyle: the plugs were just worn, nothing melted or coating them. The fuel filter was changed.
  4. J

    looking for a remote starter

    Sorry dude there is no way to wire a remote starter into a 1996 keyless entry. Your best bet would be to buy a decent alarm system that allows that as an option.
  5. J

    Help!! Gas Mileage Problem!!

    Ok, I know there are a ton of threads on gas mileage problems, but I need some help in finding my specific problem. I have 1996 XLT and I get about 14 MPG city and 16 HWY if I'm lucky. I only have 65000 miles on the vehicle. I had a full tune up done about 5000 miles ago and there was no...