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  1. 410Fortune

    Salton Sea is back in the news - Source of lithium for batteries

    What about sugarcane? Makes a good biofuel and re grows quickly, Brazil has Made good use of it. Woodgas and pellets not a good idea to fuel our cars lol
  2. 410Fortune

    1995 Explorer XLT Instrument cluster malfunction

    They lied to you the 95 computer has absolutely no idea how Many miles You have traveled there is no internal odometer in memory Did the cluster come from the same exact year? It is possible the abs light is on because cluster came from a slightly different model? Compare the bulb location to...
  3. 410Fortune


    4 bolts go vertical into cover from oil pan After that you have to really pry the cover off because it has to come off of the locating dowels and also come up out of the oil pan at the same time, it takes lots of pressure There is a spot on the timing cover where a pry bar will go without...
  4. 410Fortune

    5.0 Explorer lower radiator hoses- cannot locate

    You may consider ditching the oil cooler if you plan to keep this truck for a long time The 96-97 5.0 had the oil cooler in the lower rad hose, they are a failure point and can mix water w oil when they go bad. Ford did away with it in 97.5-2001 and so do I anytime a 96 comes through the shop...
  5. 410Fortune

    Bkennedy's SAS and Rebuild Thread

    1/8” toe in per side or 1/4” toe in total is what I also run on my bii, even with ttb she tracks straight as an arrow. Excursion (37s), f350 (35s) are also set with 1/4 “ toe in Have you tried rolling the truck on flat ground in n? Does it roll easily? (No brake drag)
  6. 410Fortune

    Salton Sea is back in the news - Source of lithium for batteries

    Article this am Tesla asking Texas owners to limit charging their cars during Texas heat wave….. so now depending on the weather and the demand on the grid you may or may not be able to access the “fuel” needed for your new ev And since it’s hot you will need your ac everywhere you go...
  7. 410Fortune

    Shop says my explorer is finished, is this true?!

    I don’t think it’s your cat converter causing lean code I think the mechanic who did the repair of the fuel injectors sucks and is clueless how to repair these engines Your misfire code was caused by a faulty injector. To access the injectors they had to remove intake manifold. Lean both...
  8. 410Fortune

    300,000 mile report

    Love the 302 trucks half ton engine three quarter ton transmission in our beloved 4 door suv! Thank you ford!!
  9. 410Fortune

    1992 Explorer wont start once it is warm

    In my experience with the ohv a no re start when hot has always been fuel related
  10. 410Fortune

    Creepingnet's 93' Sport

    I like your style Can’t wait to see the x!
  11. 410Fortune

    98 awd to 4x4 transfer case mods?

    If it helps, I carved a stock 4r70w tailhousing out to accept the np205 and twin stick shifters many moons ago All of these t cases are 31 spline input 6 bolt pattern they all bolt up. I have had to shave 1/4” off the end of a output shaft before to get a full seat I think that was also with...
  12. 410Fortune

    Fit 2 mufflers photos??

    Why do you want to add a crossover?
  13. 410Fortune

    1992 Explorer wont start once it is warm

    Did you find the spout connector?
  14. 410Fortune

    98 awd to 4x4 transfer case mods?

    More info and it details where the popular misconceptions came from My apologize for the incorrect info we learn something every day Many years ago there was a ranger rwd prerunner built with the 3.8 supercharged. Version he pushed the engine way back into the firewall for balance, eventually...
  15. 410Fortune

    98 awd to 4x4 transfer case mods?

    Interesting! I was just going by what I have seen with 3.8 sc going into rangers I guess it was incorrect or are these two different 3.8 engines With conversions like this it will be up to you to make some parts very likely
  16. 410Fortune

    98 awd to 4x4 transfer case mods?

    3.8l is a 5.0 missing two cylinders You need explorer 5.0 mounts and engine plates, I bet those would work and place the new engine correctly You can use any 31 spline, 6 bolt drivers drop t case np205 np208 1356 or 4406 are the popular choices
  17. 410Fortune

    Stuck With An OBS Chevy

    Egr valve issue and 02 sensor circuit issue Usually with a circuit issue the heater in the hego is fried Do a visual inspection of the parts and wiring Check fuses Likely just needs a new 02 sensor
  18. 410Fortune

    Stuck With An OBS Chevy

    It looks like you have a Tbi intake there, the round air filter is Tbi and 95 was the year they switched to mfi (vortex plastic upper intake)! so they are half and half I would plan to rebuild the Tbi injector assembly if it was my truck when they get old they leak fuel But first let’s fix...
  19. 410Fortune

    Stuck With An OBS Chevy

    Those air horns are not going to cause lean codes You need to sort out the codes asap Running lean is not good This is a 96 correct? Is it Tbi or mfi fuel injection? Remove the air cover and we can see The fuel injection systems on these old chevys can need some work otherwise fuel leaking or...
  20. 410Fortune

    1992 Explorer wont start once it is warm

    Ha! Sheesh I think I was smarter then… I have forgotten a lot of this crap lol
  21. 410Fortune

    1992 Explorer wont start once it is warm

    Spout circuit open I believe that means the Timing pil has been pulled and the computer cannot advance/retard timing Chrck your wiring harness and find the timing pil Need to clear and see if it comes back Is that a koer or Koeo code?
  22. 410Fortune

    1992 Explorer wont start once it is warm

    Yuck! Might want to check fuel rail and injectors more then once I have seen debris clog injector intake that would explain misfire but not no start
  23. 410Fortune

    Stuck With An OBS Chevy

    Looks like a older suburban or Yukon overhead console but I’m not sure Our 99 1500 outside looks almost identical to your new obs and no overhead dude like that!
  24. 410Fortune

    Manual transmission oil

    Mercon / dextron iii and it takes about 2.5 quarts use the fill plug and stop pouting when it comes out. You can fill it with a pump or through the shifter hole Getting hard to shift like hard to get 1st or reverse is usually a leaking slave cylinder, there is a clutch inspection cover you can...
  25. 410Fortune

    1992 Explorer wont start once it is warm

    Dry fuel system maybe some debris made its way up to an injector You need to solve that misfire, check codes replace Light bilb Or use obd1 scanner 32-34 psi is acceptable gotta check it when the No start condition occurs too