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    Resonator Removal on Sport

    This is some of the BEST advise you will ever get.....best regards Plum
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    Explorer Sport - fuel?

    Interesting, I believe I mentioned this before about our 2013...... "JUNK VEHICLE" I agree 100%.....best regards Plum
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    Explorer Sport - fuel?

    WHAT A PUTTS ! Even the Shetlands think so.....Plum
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    Massive surging issue

    There is a pending law suit on this very same condition against Ford and the EcoBoost motor you should look in to......best regards Plum
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    Quality is not job 1

    Who Cares? Pretty obvious not you and not Ford. Ford should be ashamed about the poor quality control on the Explorers. And, You should know better! best regards Plum
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    Quality is not job 1

    Some Folks like to "blow smoke" I prefer to say what I mean, and mean what I say. And here it is: I've said it before and I'll say it again. Quality is NOT Job 1 at Ford, they know it and that's most likely why they stopped using the slogan.........best regards Plum
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    Quality is not job 1

    Outsourced parts, paint issues....That is NOT the "Question" The Question is "Why does Ford let the poor quality control CONTINUE ??" best regards Plum
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    Blackberry QNX to Replace Microsoft

    Well now you finally got it! Pretty much Ford saying so long Sync owners. Or wait, may be that's Sucker owners.....best regardsPlum
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    2011 explorer need advice, P0300, P0301, P0305

    It's 4 years old. It's never going to be "right". Dump the vehicle as soon as you are able. Best regards Plum PS I'd consider a different brand for your next vehicle....
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    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    This thread is so funny....It just keeps going on an on while Ford continues to do nothing to fix the problem........Happy Holidays Plum
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    Quality is not job 1

    Our 2013 EXP XT remains a POS..........best regards Plum
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    RPM fluctuate

    Funny I thought emission components were covered for something like 50,000 miles....I'd do some follow.......best regards Plum
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    Ford Explorer: Are Your Rear Brakes Dragging... Most Likely Yes!

    Perhaps you and others should report this problem to NHTSA
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    Whats With All The Censorship?

    Forum Censorship: Swearing, flaming, whatever, Ya sure, but disagree with the Moderators or mention Ford's poor quality or poor customer service and it is wide open as: "Simply the modern electronic equivalent of "book burning". best regards Plum
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    electrical problems have me ready to sell my 2011

    If your local Dealer seems clueless and unhelpful as you say, your gut feeling may be true and it's time to find a different Dealer with a better staff of techs.....It sounds like a failing ECU to me....especially if the electrical power failure comes and goes.....best regards Plum
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    Leave the "Stickys" alone. They are not hurting a thing. Stickys are the mark of concerned and dedicated Moderators...........best regards Plum
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    Why not call a Dealership and ask them ?
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    A5 Nav update now available on our site

    This is so funny ! You buy a Garmin for about a hundred bucks, which works much better than the Ford system, and get free lifetime map updates....or you buy a $40,000 Ford and then have to pay for map updates......WOW Best regards Plum
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    2.0 Ecoboost engine noise when let off throttle

    I've not heard any such rattle from our 13, 2.0L EB. I'd suggest taking it to a Dealer and demonstrating the problem sound for them during a test drive....I doubt it is a "normal" sound.....best regards Plum
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    Glove Compartment Came Apart

    If it were me, I'd look at a product like Devcon Plastic Welder, an epoxy plastic bonding material, easily mixed and applied....available at most hardware stores.....I've used it and had good success on a number of projects.........best regards Plum
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    2012 Explorer - No AC at low speed - idle OK?

    Surely when you had it in the Dealer checked for the proper amount of Freon ? The short cycling of the compressor indicates low Freon may be a cause.....
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    Explorer hitch wiring

    I would not try and tap in to the wires yourself. It's a sure way to get troubles....Most places that sell the hitch also sell a wire loom that is plug and play, and very easy to install. I'd check out etrailer.com.................they show them and are a good source for such...
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    Clock & Temp will not update on Touchscreen

    Or you could have tried the "Sticky: MFT Acting Up, try this" at the top of the page....I've used it and it works well, without the data loss of the Master Reset....Plum
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    Ford really does not care about "Quality is Job One"

    This is just the very best advise, I've seen on this Forum for sometime. It's too bad, but Ford just doesn't care, and that's most likely why they don't use the slogan "Quality is Job One" anymore. best regards Plum