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  1. project92

    double checking my resarch 02 v8

    Craps I need to update my explore list it's grown by 4 more and yes I'm looking for direct bolt in got a chance to buy wrecked 4.6 02 model for the mine I don't want to have to do a lot of part swapping
  2. project92

    double checking my resarch 02 v8

    Okay I've searched here and the internet Got a 02 limited v8 with horrible Knock sounds like tc tensioners But truck is losing oil and not on ground New motor time since its a 02 with W in the 18th Digit of vin only v-8 the will direct bolt in is another 02 With V-8 and w in the vin correct
  3. project92

    may be back in explorers soon but need help

    since my wife killed her 00 eb (t-boned) it been on the back forty well today I may have found 2 explorers to get me back in the game first is a 97 sohc xlt second is a v8 limited (2 for one price) here is my delima the 97 sohc was only supposed to be missing the t-case(ca) model but tranny...
  4. project92

    help....98 tranny in a 99

    okay put a motor and tranny out of a 98 (less miles and remanufacter tranny) the new tranny didn't have the rear speed sensor so I found the sticky about the wires so we used a paper clip took the open loop code out but tranny wont shift out of first did fine in the 98... I searched for a hour...
  5. project92

    Disappearing transmission fluid.

    plan on getting messy... easy way to check it is pull the vaccum line off the modulator and see if it has tranny fluid in it ... my first ex use to use a quart a week....
  6. project92

    Never marry a woman with big knockers!!!! Here's why

    :thumbsup:what he said ... no serial numbers on ones thats a factory option!!!
  7. project92

    What have you done to/with your X today?

    started my 94( running on 5cycl. and the tranny is still locked in all foward gears) went in the field and cut some donuts...
  8. project92

    divorced t-case for "project92"

    yeah the old ford high boys and dodges did but I'm looking for a smaller on to fit the explorer... I have one out of a ford and a dodge but they are almost as wide as the explorer:D
  9. project92

    divorced t-case for "project92"

    thanks anymore?
  10. project92

    divorced t-case for "project92"

    can't explain the whole swap but I need a divorced t-case out put shaft on either side (ford-chevy) I have both big ones (dodge-ford) but im looking for a smaller one for size.. I heard thatthe nissian/datsun ex cabs had divorce case is there any other ones out there... PS it going to be a...
  11. project92

    Explorerforum on Powerblock TV?

    project 92 is there
  12. project92

    Boom, then oil gauge went nuts... won't run

    guess it has a 4.0 sohc? if the tensioners went out and it sound like that you are in bad shape but if its a 4.0 ohv maybe not as bad...
  13. project92

    reschool me on my d-44's

    acutally why I asked is I have a extra "free set" of ford eight lug rotors and free 373 posi 3/4 rear but a 373 1/2 ton front end...so my whole ideal was take the rotor and slap them on the chevy axle... thanks for all the info... just waiting on the guy to buy my motor out of the sport so I...
  14. project92

    reschool me on my d-44's

    let's just say a wild project... and yes it would be on the wrong side if I was using the ford t-case.... seeing by his one bearing chart a 79 chevy ford is the same so I went to autozone web page and it seems the 87 uses the same bearing...
  15. project92

    reschool me on my d-44's

    been away from the d-44's for a while... my question is I got a chevy 44(87 model) and a set of rotors off a ford 44 (3/4 ton 78 model) I'm wanting to make the chevy 44 a 8 lug front for a project does any body know if I can just put the ford rotors on the chevy axle?... I know I can do this...
  16. project92

    Inspection - "recommended" services

    find a good shop to do the work... I do alot of my own work on my trucks and after doing my first set of balljoints I said never agian... I have a good shop with good labor rates and a great front end alignment just got both side done one upper balljoint(moog) a 2 new rotors new caliper and...
  17. project92

    How to: 3rd row seating in a 1st & 2nd gen Explorer

    nice seat I just picked up another seat (aftermarket) lady paid over 300 bux for it I got it for 100bux... it's removable also
  18. project92

    correct parts #'s 4.0sohc guides & tensioners with pics...

    okay you see most has there part numbers but her is a rundown... F77Z6K297BC. BS GUIDE $11.77 2L2Z6K297AA.MAIN CHAIN GUIDE $10.85 1L2Z6L266AA. BS TENSIONER.$19.30 YL2Z6L266AA. MAIN CHAIN TENSIONER. $42.78 F77Z6020AB. TIMING CHAIN COVER $ 10.83 Other parts of interest... YL2Z9461AA...
  19. project92

    correct parts #'s 4.0sohc guides & tensioners with pics...

    okay I did not have the left/right cam problems mine was the main chain and balance shaft trouble was finding the parts numbers I searched on here the internet and the Ford dealers... finally found One out of 5 Ford dealers that knew what I need so here we go
  20. project92

    Thinking about selling my wrecked truck. Need opinions.

    sell it to a friend for a 500.00 bucks get your check and buy it back from him a few months later yeah it may cost you a few bucks in titling fee's but hey... or tell them to pay the 3k and give you a salvage title and keep driving it...
  21. project92

    HELP are these the right parts

    okay looking on a parts sit the bottom chan is called a BS chain and the prime chain ??? yes I did search the last two weeks..
  22. project92

    HELP are these the right parts

    are these the right parts for my motor the ford dealers look at me dumb when I asked for these parts... 2000 eb sohc had death rattle but when tore down it is NOT (looking at the motor ) the front right chain (to the cam ) or the left rear chain... my casset broke on the main chain and took out...