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    *OFFICIAL* MFT - MyFord Touch v2 Software Bugs and Fixes Thread

    Well that didn't last long. Got the APIM module swapped. It worked well for a couple days. Then I started seeing the symptoms some on here have... presets on dash changing on every startup, system becoming slow to response with voice, nav screen going black occasionally, minor freezes that...
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    Manual Install of Upgrade and Fuse 29?

    Hey everyone. Really enjoy the help on the forum and reading through all the other posts. To make a long story short... I upgraded my MFT software on my 2012 Ex Limited. Everything was great... no errors or performance issues. Then my APIM module had to be replaced last week. Since then the...
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    *OFFICIAL* MFT - MyFord Touch v2 Software Bugs and Fixes Thread

    An Update here. I took it in for service this morning. The APIM Module needs to be replaced. On order and will be fixed tomorrow. Service Advisor says it didn't have anything to do with the upgrade and that 'these things happen'. At least it's under warranty...
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    *OFFICIAL* MFT - MyFord Touch v2 Software Bugs and Fixes Thread

    Upgraded manually about 2 weeks ago. Got in the explorer today and the screen was black and the buttons on the dash was unresponsive. Climate can be controlled via steering wheels controls. No radio, navigation or phone. On to fuse pull... *sigh*. Everything has been great until today...
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    Steering Wheel Arrow Buttons.. Right is Up?

    This seems to be happening more and more frequently now. The buttons on the steering wheel that control the two in dash screens seem to have a mind of their own. I press 'right' and the control moves up. I press 'up' and the control thinks I have selected to move to the next menu. These are...
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    Rearview Camera Active Guidelines

    I guess w1kedz is correct? I checked this morning on my way to work and I don't have any option for active park assist. 1) it's not standard? and 2) how is the active park assist included, what package? Cory, can you help?
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    Rearview Camera Active Guidelines

    Appreciate the help! I own the manual and have read through it once... time to read through it again (or use the index!) Thanks again
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    Rearview Camera Active Guidelines

    When I put the vehicle in reverse the backup camera comes on with the guidelines. I could have sworn that the guidelines moved when I turned the steering wheel on the test drive... mine doesn't since I bought it and don't know if it's a setting that I am missing. Can someone confirm? Full...
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    2012 Ecoboost owners

    I'm sitting almost at 1,000 miles. Just did ~300 mile road trip avg'ing 25 mpg. Average speed was 70 mph. Overall I think my mpg is 19.5ish with city and highway driving. I'm actually pretty happy with it!
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    Low audio volume and poor sound performance

    You know... I noticed that as well. What type of transmission (HD, Radio, Sirius) makes a HUGE difference too. I still can't figure out why 'stereo' is set from the factory over 'surround'.
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    My Ford Touch - Rebuild PDF- Very detailed

    You know... I noticed that as well. What type of transmission (HD, Radio, Sirius) makes a HUGE difference too. I still can't figure out why 'stereo' is set from the factory over 'surround'.
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    Ordered my Limited on Friday!

    Yup make sure you have order number and VIN#. Then contact Cory. There's also a sticky on the forum page for how to view your window sticker online. It will let you know when you're build date is... approx 1-2 variance there.... it's the numbers in the bottom right of the window sticker...
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    Default Sound Settings?

    Just purchased last week and got to dig into the owners manual and settings a bit. I noticed that the default setting for the sound is 'stereo' instead of 'surround' which surprised me. I would think that surround would trump stereo... am I missing something here? Anyone educated in sound...
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    Rear Camera - No Guidelines Show

    Hmmm that is really odd. I'm not sure... but on the same topic.. did your guidelines move when you turned the steering wheel? I thought they did in the vehicle I test drive; but don't in the vehicle I bought!
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    MFT Text now working

    Dell Venue Pro. Can't see many consumers have it.... hence I wasn't surprised when it told me I had compatibility issues :p:
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    2012 XLT Finally In.......

    Almost there! Congrats! I searched the forum for a delivery checklist and took it with me to make sure I checked EVERYTHING out.. I would recommend considering doing that!
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    MFT Text now working

    Mine has done something weird as well. When I try to initiate a text I get a msg that my phone is supported. However since Wednesday I have been able to hear and send texts audibly when I never could before. Hmmm... I like it!
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    Best trunk liner for pet(s)?

    From these pictures, it doesn't look like it. Pictures
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    Just ordered 2012 Limited

    Hope this may help you... I ordered 10/10/11 and took delivery on 11/12/11. Took ~ 1.5 week to get a vin number.
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    Extended Warranty - Did you get one?

    Bought insurance from a dealership that is highly recommended on this site (just search for extended warranty and it won't be hard to find). 7y 100,000 Warrant. 1 Dar Car Rental, $50 Deductible $1240
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    Sirius Channel Browser

    Yea not sure what it is. It's hard to pinpoint why it works sometimes and then other times it will show loading... and then just show the genre screen again. :(
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    Anyone gotten a brochure and $750 coupon lately?

    I received 3 brochures for Eco over a 3 mo time period. No $750 for me :(
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    Neighborly Connection

    Was flagged down today while my garage door was closing. Turns out a neighbor down the street from me just took delivery on Friday; I took delivery on Saturday. From the same dealership too! I pointed him to the forum... what's up Eric? Good to meet you today!
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    IAMA New Explorer Owner... Ask Away

    Yea I'm actually watching the MPG meter now halfway making a game about how well i can do. However sitting at 19.1 now with 170ish miles.... I don't think I made the wrong choice until I know what MPH the 6V is getting...
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    Best trunk liner for pet(s)?

    Found this on a review of the WeatherTech option: Shortly after my mom got her '07 Explorer, I bought the Cargo Liner from Ford. It was flimsy and ill-fitting. It didn't even fold up/down with the 3rd row seat. I decided to give WeatherTech a shot recently and ordered the Cargo Liner for her...