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  1. Z

    USB Hub upgrade?

    Can you guys post pictures of the installed hubs? I'm a bit confused on the different variations of the plug and how they look with and without the "holder". Thanks.
  2. Z

    Will ford release Sync V 3.4 on the Explorer

    Have you noticed any major changes other than the UI? I was tempted to do the upgrade and then upgrade the 2x USB ports in the center console to one that has a USB-C port so I can fast charge my phone while using AA.
  3. Z

    USB Hub upgrade?

    Did you ever get a chance to install this and try it out?
  4. Z

    USB Hub upgrade?

    Thanks, I'm assuming you purchased the one in your link as opposed to the first post since it had compatibility with the Explorer? I look forward to seeing how it goes!
  5. Z

    USB Hub upgrade?

    It shows on the chart that this is compatible with my '17 Explorer. Have you gotten a chance to test to see if usb-pd charging works? I have been interested in adding this but wasn't sure if android auto would be supported via the usb-c port. Thanks.
  6. Z

    Sync V3.0 to V3.4 Upgrade

    Looks like there were some instructions posted on F150Forum to upgrade V3 to 3.4. I don't have the time to try this just yet but anyone else interested in taking the plunge? Upgrade Sync 3 V3.0 to V3.4 instructions - Ford F150 Forum - Community of Ford Truck Fans
  7. Z

    New v3.0 Build Available

    Here is the response I received when contacting Ford:
  8. Z

    New v3.0 Build Available

    On step 4 I get the error that Owner.ford.com is temporarily unavailable. "This website will be or currently is being refreshed. Some content may not be available. Thank you for your patience during this maintenance period."
  9. Z

    New v3.0 Build Available

    Did anyone here who updated manually via owners.ford.com have an issue reporting a successful update? When I get to step 4 of 4 it gives me an error and I can't upload the file to the site.
  10. Z

    Rear Bumper Protectors

    I've used this one for 2.5 years and it has held up fine with my power liftgate. 2016-2017 Ford Explorer Rear Bumper Cover Protector Guard
  11. Z

    Solved Cabin Air Filter

    I changed my air filter about 7-8 months ago and I did not put the pins back in.
  12. Z

    Tesla Style Headunit

    Can you clarify why it was junk and what you didn't like about it? Thanks.
  13. Z

    Tesla Style Headunit

    This is the one I'm referencing: 12.1" Android Navigation Radio for Ford Explorer 2011 - 2018
  14. Z

    Tesla Style Headunit

    I know I have read something on here where a few members have installed the Tesla style screen to replace the stock headunit. How is it holding up? Do you have any regrets? Was installation pretty straightforward? I am curious to see how it has held up.
  15. Z

    Thinkware F750 front & rear dashcam hardwire install (Ford Explorer 2011-2017)

    As said above, it had a converter in it and it worked great until one of the pins broke off. Unfortunately it seems as though it hasn't been available for a while so I just had someone hardwire it for me.
  16. Z

    Roof Rail Separating

    I have this issue on the rear of the driver side as well. I believe it has been replaced once already through warranty and I will be bringing it up again when I go in next time. @BradleyFord did you have any luck after you had it replaced?
  17. Z

    Noisy Tires 26k miles

    My OEM were worn at ~18k mile and they gave me $130 credit per tire towards any other tire I wanted.
  18. Z

    Newbie to Infotainment- Where to start with setting up Sync 3?

    Sorry I may have misread your post, are you saying when you connected the USB cable you had the option for AA AND Waze? I've always had to go through AA to access Waze but I believe others have had the option show up in the Sync menu for them, I'm not sure how as when I scan apps it doesn't...
  19. Z

    Newbie to Infotainment- Where to start with setting up Sync 3?

    Did you check the following: Is the app on the phone updated, set up and enabled? Is AA enabled in Sync 3 settings? Have you tried using a different cable to connect the phone?
  20. Z

    Dash rattle

    Sorry, I was talking about the piece that is attached to the windshield that the RVM clamps into.
  21. Z

    Dash rattle

    Take a look at the rear view mirror, I thought I had a dash rattle but it turned out it was the piece that is taped onto the RVM.
  22. Z

    Forscan question

    It's up to you, I backed up all of my modules initially (prior to any modifications) just in case something happened. After I started making changes, I did not back up any and the only backups I have are the stock settings.
  23. Z

    Fog Light or High Beam Memory

    I have Bambi mode enabled and I can run my brights with fog lights staying on.
  24. Z

    Sync3 Navigation question

    I'll have to verify this but I believe mine saves the information if I go off route and turn off the engine for some reason (ex: to go to a grocery store to pick something up on the way to a destination).
  25. Z

    Auto seat heaters with remote start don't work?

    I used my remote start this morning and it was 48* outside. Once I pressed brake+start my heated seats were on (didn't quite pay attention before, I will next time).